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19 thoughts on “@stepto: YEEESSSSSSSSSSS”

  1. It’s yet another one of those times when I have to say, “What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t occasionally do stupid things with it?”
    Also, not that it matters, but Stepto and I are friends. So there.

  2. huh? hockey? no. See I was looking at my lucky charms bowl and saw nothing but STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRS. I have no idea what Wil was looking at.
    That’s my story.

  3. “Holy Christables.” That’s a nice new one I can add to my repertoire. I’ll practice it a lot now, so I’m ready to use it in 31 days (who’s counting) ON ACCOUNT OF THE DODGERS SOMETIMES MAKE ME WEEP. Sigh.
    Oh. Hockey. Sorry.

  4. Wil,
    This may be more than a bit off topic, but please bear with me a moment as I figured this would be the best way to contact you.
    My name is Ricke (Not normally spelled with an e at the end, but sometimes when I type my name, my finger involuntarily moves and types and ‘e’ at the end… I like the way it looks, so I normally keep it, but for your own internal monologue, the ‘e’ is silent). So, not all that long ago, I met this girl, and she was pretty much the coolest girl I’ve ever met in my entire life. Her name is Amy (Normally spelled with the ‘y’ on the end which is not silent. Anyway, allow me to continue). So, I met this girl and she was so awesome that I decided to marry her, took like a month to come to this conclusion and then another month after the proposal to do plan the wedding (which was lovely, by the way). We’ve been married about a year now. I’m sure you’re wondering by now where I’m going with this… almost there (If I’ve managed to keep your attention this far, I figure I’m doing pretty well.)
    So, I’m in the Navy, which is to say I spend a lot of time out to sea (I’m going to go with my better judgment and eschew the obvious star trek parallels…), especially in the past year which is consequently the first year of our marriage. So, I’ve seen her maybe 60 days out of the last 365. I have found that a terribly important part of marriage is making your partner feel loved and special. This is especially true when you never really get too be with that person too often. So, I like to be creative with it, I like to find new and exciting ways to say, ‘I love you’ besides just sending her multiple emails throughout the day that say ‘I love you’. So I thought that maybe I could put something nice for her somewhere unexpected that she is sure to read. So, my wife, Amy, enjoys reading your blog and following you on twitter (not in the bushes) and so I thought that maybe, you could help me out (if you’re still reading this) by posting this letter on your main blog page just so my wife will know that when I met her, I rolled a 20… and also I think she is the greatest. So, if you could maybe find the time to do that for me and maybe send out a little shout out for her on your twitter (@losile), if it isn’t too much to ask, I would greatly appreciate it – and if not, I won’t hold it against you or anything, but if I ever see you in person (which I probably won’t), I will insist on calling you Wesley and talking to you only via imaginary Star Trek Communicator insignia.
    -Rick (without the extra ‘e’ this time)

  5. You know it’s a good day when the first thing you tick in your RSS reader is geeks discussing hockey.
    YESSS!!!! :) (I know, I’m a lurker – but hockey will make me come out of the shadows any day. Even that Western Conference branded stuff.)
    If only we could find a way to combine sci-fi and hockey (and not have it remind us of those awful robot graphics from the NHL on Fox days).

  6. RE: Christables Kings & Christables Stars
    “Crippled Christ in a Chrysler” or “Hammer-headed Jesus” would have been accepted as well.

  7. Hey, how cool that he did that. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar at Lucky Baldwin’s or the Olde Town Pub in Pasadena for quite some time, but I didn’t know if anyone would show up, or if it would be weird.

  8. Wil, if you did that in NJ (or even NYC), I’d *totally* show up! But wherever you did it, I’m sure people would show up. You *are* Unca Willie, after all!
    -Alicia (@aliciawag)

  9. You could do it on the same night as a Kings game, so if it gets weird you can just tell everyone, “Shut up, I’m watching the game”.

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