Axis of Anarchy RULES!

A few months ago, Felicia Day asked me if I'd like to play a character in Season 3 of The Guild.

The conversation went something like this:

Felicia: So, I wrote this character for Season 3 of The Guild and I wondered if y—


Rob Reiner's Mother: I'll have what he's having.

Felicia told me that she and the other producers wanted to keep my involvement in the show and the the details of my character a secret, because they planned a big reveal at Comic-Con.

So all those times I told Twitter some variation of, "Holy crap if I could tell you what I'm working on right now, you'd be all 'OMG NO WAI' and I'd be all 'WAI' and you'd be all 'awesome!' and then I'd be all, 'I know, right?'" Now you know one of the things I was talking about.

We started shooting a few weeks later, and after some 31-hour shooting days, my work on the show was done. I still can't get into specifics about my character or the story, but I think it's safe (and totally unsurprising) to tell you that working on The Guild was as fun and wonderful as you would expect, and every single person on the cast and crew was an absolute joy to work with.

As I said on The Guild panel at Comic-Con, I've known, written, and performed with a lot of these guys for years, and I'm not surprised in the least that everyone loves them so much. It rules to see so many people in the world (millions per episode, I guess) finding out for themselves what I've known for years.

Season 3 is going to kick thirteen different kinds of ass, and I'm thrilled to be a small part of part of it. I'll talk about each episode a little more after it's released.

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  1. BBT, It’s gotta be that show. Read my long-winded pitch a few replies after this one. It’s just too perfect a combination that Wil not doing an episode of BBT should really be considered a crime at this point. I actually wrote the entire episode in my head months ago, then forgot about it, and then remembered it again today. How much would it rock if Wil were to play himself on that show? My head asplode just thinking about the possibility of it happening.

  2. “My good buddy Wil here has put up with a lot of shit from me over the past five years, so I highly doubt that one infraction on your part is reason enough for you to think he’s running you out of WWdN:IX.”
    Good to know.

  3. Seriously, he’s a really nice guy! I just adore the crap out of him. He’s like my slightly older geeky brother that I tease the crap out of, and he’s always been such a good sport about it. Wheaton’s a freaking saint for letting me get away with all of the things I’ve gotten away with in the past five years. But I promised him that I’ll try to behave myself from now on, so this is about as well behaved as I can get…

  4. I’m so sorry I missed your visit to the Studio Foglio booth! Cheyenne said he used his mind powers to get you to come over and say hi.
    Instead, I got to be there when Cheyenne looked up and said, “Hey! There. . . goes. . .Nathan Fillion”, meaning I got to see the back of his head. :)

  5. I was an extra on the second to last day of filming, and I totally lost my shit when I saw you there sitting around in the morning Wil. Thanks for being such a genuinely cool guy to shake my hand and offer some kind words (and a polite warning to not spill the beans).
    I sort of tripped out how you ARE your online persona. Getting to see “10 year old me[Wil]” trip out over a glow in the dark Ghostbusters wallet was definitely the highlight of my day.
    Can’t wait to see S3 premiere next month!

  6. ****SO LAUGHING!!!*** I just found out what the Guild is! *ahem* Yeah. Newb. Is. I. *big grin* Now that’s you Wil! *sigh* ok back to watching …. o! Congrats to you Wil! *hugs*

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