Hey look! It’s the promo for my episode of The Big Bang Theory!

Holy. Carp. Wil's Mind = BLOWN.

This is the coolest thing I've seen all day. I can't believe that CBS chose to make the promo for next week's episode all about me! It's a huge honor, because it means someone at CBS thinks I'm worth audience. 

I've also heard from two friends who have seen screeners of the show, and – even though I like to always keep expectations nice and low – they both said that the whole episode is hilarious.

(via htbhomas on Twitter)

113 thoughts on “Hey look! It’s the promo for my episode of The Big Bang Theory!”

  1. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jim Parsons and Sheldon Cooper? Yes? Well I’m mentioning it again! GOD I am so jealous of you, Wheaton!

  2. So… you are playing yourself?
    I don’t know…
    Based on the few seconds I saw in the promo I’m not sure I buy you as you. Did you consider maybe studying the character a little more closely? You know, really get inside his head?
    What? You said that is a heightened reality version of yourself, but not actually you?
    Just ignore what I said before. I was trying to be funny and not insulting.

  3. Gah! There’s something about the words “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions” that really grinds my gears!!!!

  4. Sadness that i can’t see it in Canada, but i’m hyped you’ll be on the show!
    i’m also really sorry to report about how crappily the Leafs are doing this season. Us Torontonians are totally ashamed LOL

  5. My god it had to be just great!! They seem like they all just click with each other so good. Well I hope you get to work with them again too, because you just fit right in with them all. Now Sheldon has Nemoy’s napkin(awesome episode) + a visit fron TNG’s very own WIL WHEATON!! Doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks for the response man! The best to you:)
    P.S. Just bought your book and CAN”T wait to read it!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve been reading “Just A Geek” the past few days (I know, I’m probably the last person to get to it) and I honestly have to say that you TOTALLY deserve this! It looks like it’s going to be a great episode.

  7. Wil, having not checked in for awhile (read: I’ve been AWOL for the past four years because fell in love and got married to the most amazing man), I must say I am completely delighted that you continue to do well – you are so deserving! (too gushy? sorry). Thrilled to hear about BBT. Love that show. (still gushing?! dang!)

  8. I LOVE BBT and have been looking forward to your episode since you first mentioned it!! Whoever it is at CBS that is acknowledging your Copious Amount of Awesomeness surely deserves a raise!

  9. I was lucky enough to get audience tickets for this episode – it was a riot – especially when… Ha! Don’t need to wait for Monday to know you did a great job, Wil. And thanks for the autograph!!!!

  10. Hey you guys with country restrictions… i used an “Anonymous Server” and it work just fine. 😀 … i will be a great episode!… lot of love from Venezuela Will 😀

  11. Exec1: “What can we use to sell next week’s ‘Bang Big Theory’?”
    Exect2: “You mean ‘Big Bang Theory’?”
    Exec1: “Whatever.”
    Exec2: “Well, apparently the episode is about some sort of game, and there’s a guest star from Star Trek.”
    Exec1: “Who is it? Captain Pickard? Lieutenant Spot?”
    Exec2: “……. Uh. No. The guy who played Wesley on Next Generation.”
    Exec1: “Am I supposed to know who that is? Can we market him?”
    Exec2: “We’ve been monitoring our Nielsen families carefully and during the 7 years Wheaton was on screen, viewer eyeball focus was up 90%.”
    Exec1: “Wait a second, was he that annoying kid? That everyone hated?”
    Exec2: “I’m not going to lie to you, Marge: Mmmayyb… Yes.”
    Exec1: “….Well, at least he’s not that Nathan guy Fox keeps hiring. Make the ad and play it.”

  12. Seeing an older, bearded Wesley Crusher ask Sheldon Cooper what is wrong with *him* just made my head explode. That is perhaps the most amazing thing that’s happened on episodic TV ever.

  13. for all the “Non US ppl”
    you can watcht the Promo if you go to google.video.com and search for it. No restrictions…
    IP blocking is internet cancer…
    Very awesome promo.. can’t wait to watch the episode :)

  14. Can’t see it, wrong nation. Which is a shame, but not as big of a shame as what happened to Aeofel. Check out Wil’s D&D podcast for the full horror of what happens when you forget to munchkin.

  15. TBBT is the home of cool t-shirts.
    To Wil: Looking forward to seeing you on my favorite show. As part of Bill Prady’s Twitter Army, I have done my part to make Monday’s ep the most watched ever.

  16. “It’s a huge honor, because it means someone at CBS thinks I’m worth audience.”
    You know, I never watched Criminal Minds until you were on it. Now I love the show, but would have never even tuned in if not for you.
    When you showed up on Leverage, I squealed.
    I can’t wait for Monday night

  17. Very off topic for this post (even though I am *really* looking forward to your Big Bang Theory episode!!)
    Wil, I would totally put a purple ribbon magnet on my car. Totally.
    I won’t say anything else for fear of spoilers.

  18. Hey Wil,
    Why do americans hate Canada so much? We love The Big Bang Theory here and yet, somebody somewhere up the line (I’m not blaming you) said “Thou shalt not see the promo from outside our borders”. I found it elsewhere, but it’s really, REALLY f&%king annoying to have to go looking elsewhere every time a suit thinks he/she is being clever by ‘sticking it’ to us. Now that you’re ever closer to overtaking Stern as the king of all media, perhaps you could remember us northern neighbours (yup, that’s how we spell it) when you reign supreme.

  19. Dear CBS – us Canadians all have CBS as part of our cable packages… Why are you excluding us from watching your promos on Youtube? That is just silly. Oh well, I know I’ll be watching the episode on Monday any way, Wil.

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