something something giant balls


This picture was taken after we'd been working all day on all the scenes that take place in the bowling alley. It turns out that shooting pretend bowling sequences is really complicated, and just a few minutes of final cut takes several hours to film.

What you can't see is how Jim and I are trying like crazy not to crack up, on account of something that was said just before the picture was taken. 

…no, I'm not going to repeat it. I have to keep some things for myself, guys.

Obligatory Tune-in Reminder: The Wheaton Recurrence airs April 12 on CBS.


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  1. Can I just say thank you so much! Your appearances on TBBT make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The first time I watched Creepy Candy Coating I was laughing so hard my roommate called out to me from the other room and asked if I was alright. That thing stayed in my DVR for months. I would show it to people when they can over. My friends almost got out the Intervention banner.
    By the way, I was at ECCC. I was #19 on the Rock Band list. I want you know that I feel no ill will. It was an awesome time, my first con, a great event and if I don’t stop talking about it soon my friends might get out the Intervention banner. Thank you Wil Wheaton!

  2. I really can’t wait for ‘The Wheaton Recurrance’ to air! It’s so awesome that they brought you back. I really hope that this becomes a semi-regular gig for you, since it’s my favourite show.
    Also, on the topic of recurrances, will you be returning to The Guild for season 4?

  3. I saw them filming it, got excited, and asked them if I could be part of it. I was just young enough to not understand that I shouldn't have asked, but they were into it, and got permission from the producers of TNG to let me be in my uniform.

  4. wil,
    any word on if anyone else from tng has been contacted to make guest appearances? i know that they are beggin nimoy to show up, but for some reason, he doesnt want to play himself (this from the man who wrote, i am not spock)
    i truly love evil wil….just goes to show what tng was truly missing…evil wesley

  5. You should go to Universal Studios this Sunday, March 21, I’m going there March 21 this Sunday. Can you come, Please? It’s my first time ever going there. It seems like fun. That would be cool if I saw you there. XD, C:.

  6. You should go to Universal Studios this Sunday, March 21, I’m going to be there, it’s my first time ever going there. Can you go there? Please? C:, XD, that would be cool if I saw you there. :/, sorry if I’m not a good speller.

  7. Sooooooo……. why can’t your wear the T-shirt YOU designed? Or better yet… maybe Leonard should wear it one of these days. Ya know, not knowing that WFW designed it. But Sheldon could just get all cold, stoic and flabbergasted and walk out of the room while Raj and Howard just go “dude.” In the that-was-not-cool- voice.
    Just thinkin out loud…

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