“as his kilt rises…”

I think this is one of those rare things that can be equally enjoyed* by those who have context, and those who don't.

'As his kilt rises.' Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton as Codex and Fawkes in The Guild. By Greg Aronowitz.

*for very disturbing values of 'enjoyed'

129 thoughts on ““as his kilt rises…””

  1. ok, that photo is just wrong! I know it is a parody of romance novels but please, why is everyone trying to put fake muscles on you Wil? It’s like the same as retouching womans photos to look thinner. I find it insulting.
    When I was teenager I would rewind your movies over and over just to get a good look at your actual sexy arms, the way you twisted your wrists, and flicked your hair. Your real arms are one of the biggest turn ons, besides your neck, your innocence and mischief, all knowing eyes, and excited smile. Being sexy is a whole package deal, so when you alter yourself for others(who won’t love the rest of you anyway), you lose appeal to those who appreciate the full beauty you were born.
    I vote that a fantasy romance can be fantastic with realistic people who are confident in their own natural attractiveness. It’s the confident gaze thrust upon Codex, that is enough of a sword to pierce her armour. I know I certainly don’t need or want some big man capable of crushing me with his huge muscles. A loving embrace is good enough, a gentle touch can mean so much. I don’t live in a time when I need physical protection from a man. Mental stimulation, common goals, and shared amusement is so much more valuable these days, so those are the things that become turn ons.
    I guess the women who read romance novels are the type who are not assertive and dream of being swept up under masculine control. Other women prefer to do the taking, of the sweet and innocent boys. No matter what type, be proud, be sexy, be you!

  2. So, Wil, if you had to kiss a woman on screen, what would Anne think?
    (Reading the reviews of SDCC I understand this to be a joke and based on your description of how cool your wife is, she’s probably OK with this imagery. But, I still have to ask the question.)

  3. Whoa, so hawt! And OMFG, how in the Codex-loving world do you manage to prevent Anne from getting jealous over this sort of stuff? Most mortal men would never survive. ‘Nuff said.

  4. This even made my wife burst out laughing… It was the first Geek-Points from forum people when she shared it with some friends at work. They gave her +1 Silliness Point and +1 When did Will Wheaton get Ripped? Point. Yay The Wife!

  5. You must make a giant, double life size print of this, frame it in gold and hang it your foyer as the first thing people see when they walk in the door.

  6. ARGH. Stupid flickr. I can’t see this because flickr is banned here. (Dubai) I’ll assume it’s something like what I could see in the episode. *muttermutterfreejmutter*
    — skip

  7. I know I’m late to this party, but my lady just watched this episode of the Guild and she wrote to me regarding the kilt:
    I am very curious if he goes au nautural when wearing it
    So, Wil. Care to share?

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