“as his kilt rises…”

I think this is one of those rare things that can be equally enjoyed* by those who have context, and those who don't.

'As his kilt rises.' Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton as Codex and Fawkes in The Guild. By Greg Aronowitz.

*for very disturbing values of 'enjoyed'

129 thoughts on ““as his kilt rises…””

  1. And lo, there was much rejoicing, and much Photoshopping of geeks’ faces, as they desired a rippling six-pack and a flame-haired beauty of their own….
    Just don’t post the results on Flickr. Please. Seriously.

  2. Mmmmmm, yes. A shirt would be beyond awesometastic. I would totally buy the shirt and wear it proudly where ever I went.

  3. Although I am of the breed that actually prefers the geek physique to the rippling muscles and bulging veins, I do have to admit that this is a thing of beauty.
    This is one of those occasions where you see something you never knew you wanted, but when you see it you’re not quite sure how you ever lived without it.
    I will buy this on any merchandise presented to me.

  4. You’re right — I enjoyed it without context first, then followed your link, watched that, and then enjoyed it again with context. Twice the fun (although I hear a little Scarecrow voice in my head piping “some people go both ways!”)

  5. Let me guess…the cover to the historical romance novel Felicia is writing, starring Fawkes and Codex? My, my, Wil, have you been working out? =8->

  6. Someone is going to find this in the rubble of the post-apocalypse and use to it restart the world’s mythology. I, for one, am glad. All hail the deities of the new world!!!

  7. It’s like the cover to the best bad romance novel ever. I’m sure the total number of embarrassing Fawkes / Codex fanfic will have mysteriously doubled by morning.
    Seriously, Wil? Cawkes? You are such a twelve year old. 😉

  8. I am so buying this, framing it, and hanging it on the wall in my computer room. Its just so awesome. How much you wanna bet the pegakittycorn is all stretched out sleeping in one of those sunbeams? And I just bet that somewhere off to the right (follow the point of the sword) there is a double rainbow in the distance…

  9. LOL forever at TeamCawkes.com
    I may have to take my friends up on working a booth at Gencon just so I can say hi and get an autograph if I get a print of that painting.
    Was the original done in actual paint/oil or is it CG?

  10. Wil,
    You need to stop right now, or…
    Your feeding my crush on you. Its not funny when I do have long red hair, and similar to Felicia in appearance.
    *ultimate sigh*

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