epic wil … ll … ll


That's me, Will Hindmarch, and Will Schoonover, making the most epic Wil … ll … ll gang sign, ever. I loved that, because I only have one L in my name, I had a hand to make the W. (I don't remember who owns the hand making the I, but I'm pretty sure it's not someone called Wil(l).)

(Photo by Dammit Liz, our w00tstock Dungeon Master, who kept me company at GenCon and didn't get her copy of Munchkin because I needed to get geeky soap.)

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  1. You didn’t let Dammit_Liz get a copy of Munchkin? But she hand-delivered BEER to you and others ONSTAGE! The fragment you’ve given us of that story sounds uncharacteristically selfish. What happen !!

  2. We walked all over the con so I could do some geek shopping, and by the time we got to SJGames, they had just sold the last copy of Munchkin. It's a really funny story when Liz tells it.

  3. I was the ‘i’ – stayed off camera to maintain the epic-ness. But you really needed a vowel. I was the ‘Wok Star’ designer. It was rad bumping into you on the floor!

  4. AH! Yes, I'd blanked on that. Your game is being shipped back to me, and will arrive on Friday with my other games. I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for being a vowel for us!

  5. Awesome! Another good birthday year for me! I Promise I will try not to stare awkwardly at you while you’re trying to play games this time. πŸ˜‰
    I’m out of books for you to sign however, since you were so nice at Comicon Phx!

  6. Are you coming to Hawaii-super-mega-fun-with-added-sun-and-sand-con?
    Okay.. I made that one up on the off chance you might visit these fair isles, but doesn’t it sound like an awesome convention? Though sun and sand don’t usually fit in with the stereotypical geek, I’m sure we could pull it off somehow.

  7. So Wil, you’re kind of the best ever, and so is this picture. I totally still watch you as Wesley on TNG on a daily basis… and I wish I’d been at GenCon. Lucky you.

  8. That IS an epic photo. I think I remember demoing “Revolution” with Will Schoonover at the Steve Jackson Games booth last year. Totally nice guy and great demoer–if there’s such a word!

  9. Are you going to be at PAX this year? My friends and I are trying to start a T-shirt making business and I’d like you to have one. If that’s OK, what size should I bring?

  10. One day my Munchkin will come.
    It’s ok, you poured my beer and got me Cthulu dice to make up for it. At PAX you get to go with me to the exhibit hall and carry my stuff. πŸ˜‰

  11. Just checked your schedule…
    Are you doing the beer garden book reading in San Diego this year?
    Any charity poker events coming up?
    Enjoyed watching the Big Bang Panel Questions on Facebook (but not all of the ads) LOL

  12. I got the 2600 cart, and d20 on a rope. Over at GeeklyClean, I got some ZomBGone, the TARDIS, and Cure Light Wounds.

  13. Wil~
    I have E-B, too, and always caught every bug that came down the pike until last year. The two things I did that have kept me completely flu/cold free for nearly two years are:
    I had my D3 levels tested – and yes, I know you live in sunny CA, but you are also (dare I say it) very white, so your levels may not be up to optimal levels – to protect from various bugs, cancers and etc, your D3 levels should be between 70-100. If you need to raise your levels, take the gelcap or liquid D3 in ‘cholecalciferol’ form (NOT powder capsules or tablets, those don’t absorb right for many people). For more info, check out:
    And for folks with immune disorders such as E-B, a really good immune system regulator is Low Dose Naltrexone. My energy, pain, and mood levels have been hugely improved since adding this to my regimen:
    Using these I’ve been able to have constant and close contact with family members who were sneezing and coughing and feeling like the walking dead… and stayed flu free throughout.
    Just a thought – so that you don’t have to fear if someone insists on hugging you or coughing on you when you’re trapped in the elevator. Good luck!

  14. I guess I Facebook too much, because I immediately tried to click “like” on your picture, and there was no “like” button. So… “like,” and stuff.

  15. Good luck with that. I keep asking all my friends who work at SJG for one of those, and they aren't giving them up unless you're an MIB.

  16. I hope you do not mind me asking but since you brought it up….Why are you Wil with on “l”. My husband is Wil with one “l” but it is actually short for Wilhelmus. I was just wondering if yours is short for something too or if your folks knew you would stand out? :)

  17. I was at the Indie Press Revolution booth with Will Hindmarch on Saturday. He’s a great guy!
    I was the guy who gave you the blue speckled d6 when you stopped by our booth. :)

  18. I’m sorry to add this random comment to this string and the two have nothing to do with each other, but……. I’m really sorry I invited you to be on my Skype account. I had no idea it would offend you. I’ve since taken your “new” name off my contact list. No worries and I wish you the best.

  19. My dice had to be shipped home from the con, and I had to come up to Vancouver for Eureka before the shipment arrived. I won't be able to take that picture until I get home from work.

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