epic wil … ll … ll


That's me, Will Hindmarch, and Will Schoonover, making the most epic Wil … ll … ll gang sign, ever. I loved that, because I only have one L in my name, I had a hand to make the W. (I don't remember who owns the hand making the I, but I'm pretty sure it's not someone called Wil(l).)

(Photo by Dammit Liz, our w00tstock Dungeon Master, who kept me company at GenCon and didn't get her copy of Munchkin because I needed to get geeky soap.)

60 thoughts on “epic wil … ll … ll”

  1. WTF? Could I look more bored in that photo? I was just trying to play it cool in the face of such overwhelming epic grandeur, I guess. Such a good time.

  2. I also just now realized that the Willlipede is also a diagram of Reverse Beard Evolution.
    As a variant Fibonacci Sequence, the next man in the sequence should be a clean-shaven fellow named Willl.

  3. Ok. We’re getting ready to go to our first Con ever-DragonCon. What advice would you give a noob? What to do? What not to do? What to wear? What not to wear? What is Con etiquette?
    How do I get the most enjoyment out of my first Con?

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