26 thoughts on ““Look at your God. Now look at me.””

  1. BWAHAHA! Once again, Mr. Wheaton, your timing is perfect. If I ever needed a laugh, right now would be it. My Lupus is currently trying to kick my ass worse than it has in close to 4 years. But now at least I can laugh through my tears. UGH, shut up, Jules!
    That was wonderful!

  2. Awww… I saw the premise and immediately laughed. Then I saw the video and stopped… It was both too random and not random enough to work as a solid parody. The jokes were “things mentioned out of nowhere with no connection to anything whatsoever and break the flow.” In the original, they were completely random but sort of had an illogically logical flow that tied it all together. Things never stopped EVER in the original. This one is, “I’ve said something.” pause. “I did something random.” pause. “I said something else.” pause. “I did something crazy.” pause. “I did something crazy again.” Pause.
    The random things, I felt, should have been worked into a continuous flow. “Look at your god. Now look at me. Now back to your god, now back to me. Sadly, he doesn’t smell like me, but he could if he used this Great Old Spice body wash. Look in my hand. it’s the necronomicon. Where are we? We’re at the mountains of madness where insanity will wash over you like my Great Old Spice body wash. Now back to my hand. The necronomicon is now an unspeakable horror. When you smell like me, anything is possible and it will probably rip your sanity from the feeble empty shell you call reality. Great Old Spice body wash. I’m on a horse.”
    Oh well… It’s the internet. I’ll stop complaining about it.

  3. “Brain in a Jar”!
    I was waiting for the inevitable internet parodies, but I didn’t think anyone would make a Cthulhu one. :)
    Damn, this just makes me want that SJG “Game Over Cthulhu Wins” shirt again!
    Hey, speaking of which. Wil, did you ever take a picture of all those dice people gave you? I really wanted to see that. 10lbs of dice must look pretty epic. :)

  4. Well, shiver me timbers, this sonuva biscuit eater looks like he came up from the bottom o’ the sea from me pal Davey Jones locker (which is a really bad segue for) — Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, ya scurvy scallywags — arrrr!

  5. Totally off topic, though that vid was worth quite a few laughs, but just wanted to let you know:
    iPod Stopwatch started when you blogged about yours, stopped when new iPod implemented. Time: 4409:51:26.3

  6. I saw this (and immediately shared it) on Facebook, last week. When the unspeakable horror turned out to be Hello Kitty, I truly lol’ed. Also, I love the fact that he makes us take a sanity roll right off the bat!
    Also, I tried to wear my “Tweet of Tweethulhu” maternity shirt earlier in the week, but I had washed it, and now, I’m too big to wear it (due on Friday). I still laugh at the idea of incubating a human behind Cthulhu (quoting you at GenCon when my husband and I ran into you on Thursday afternoon in the exhibit hall. Thanks for that!).

  7. “this is such a great post! It will really help me. Thank you!”
    How the world ends: a spam bot, having recently achieved sentience, combs the internet looking for answers about God and finds what it’s looking for in a YouTube post about Cthulhu.

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