minor #PAX schedule change (Friday and Sunday)

I got a call from Enforcer Mojo this morning, advising me that the Expo hall at PAX doesn't open until 10am on Friday, so trying to start a signing at 10 seemed a little silly to me, because people who couldn't get into the giant line for Expo hall early enough could potentialy have a sadface (again, this is not a "Hey, everyone, look at how great I am!" thing, and I feel weird even talking about myself like this, but it's just based on my experience at every previous PAX).

So I've made a schedule change to Friday's signing, and I'm moving my Friday signing from 10am to 1pm.

And as long as I'm moving things around and potentially making a non-zero number of people even more unhappy with me, I realized that I'm likely to be out very late on Saturday night at the JoCo concert, so starting a signing at 10 on Sunday seems like a recipe for disaster, as well. To ensure that I'm not a crabbyface, I'm moving my Sunday signing to 1pm as well.

tl;dr: My Friday and Sunday signings at PAX have been moved from 10am to 1pm. The Saturday signing is unchanged, and will remain at 10.

Charge up your DS and get ready for loldongs, guys, PAX is less than 24 hours away!!

15 thoughts on “minor #PAX schedule change (Friday and Sunday)”

  1. While I can’t be at PAX I think it’s great how considerate you are being of the fans who want to meet you even with your limited schedule.
    (Long time lurker, new poster.)

  2. Wil, I hope you have a great time at PAX. Smart move to limit your meet/greet time, so you can actually enjoy the con. One question: why did you decide to do PAX and not Dragon this year? Ahud

  3. Yes! On a selfish note, now I don’t have to pick between you and the keynote! You were going to win anyway, but doing both is double the awesome. Thanks for the update :)
    Will you have any sort of purchase-able swag @ your booth?

  4. Is this not in the plans for 2010?
    we combine wil wheaton, books, and beer. (mmmm … beer.)

    Last year, I went to the Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens for an event they call Book and a Beer. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: I read from my book while people drank beer. Then I signed my books while I drank beer.

  5. So people can start to line-up at 12:45, when can people start to line-up for the line-up at 12:45? (You all know it’s going to happen!)

    Gawd I hope someone records the D&D Live session so that we don’t miss out!
    Many dragons have been sacrificed for Aeofel, so I can’t see how it can go wrong…

    you know…

    Apart from him coming back as an undead monster that will roam the lands and spread terror to all the call him “Al”…
    But they wouldn’t let that happen.
    Well maybe Binwin would….
    Don’t think Jim would care either way…

    Omin! HE would never let that happen! =)

    Good luck and have fun!

  6. Hey – My friend and I met you at your signing yesterday but you didn’t have time to take a picture.
    We can’t show up to the signing on Sunday because of work.
    It’s her birthday in late September – do you think you might be able to sign and send an autographed picture for me to give her for her birthday?
    She is such a huge fan and spent all day talking about “her Wil Wheaton moment”. Any help would be HUGE. Thanks so much. Good luck today at your signing.

  7. Wil! I didn’t get a chance to meet you @ PAX — but my wife loved the ‘nerd adjacent’ tag in last night’s panel. She wanted me to tell you her own ‘nerd adjacent’ story.
    Recently, I made her watch “The Guild” with me. During the first episode of season 3, I got up for something, then heard her shriek from the other room: “HEY! THAT’S WIL WHEATON!”
    I returned to the room with a special sort of adoration in my eye. After a moment she seemed to realize something, and her pleasure at your appearance was replaced with irritation. She explained: “I know who Wil Wheaton is. YOU’VE INFECTED ME WITH NERD!”
    I’m pretty sure the irritation was a facade, though. When I mentioned this morning that I was going to try and get you to sign something, she wanted me to tell you this story and talk you into a note along the lines of: “Dear Ashley: I’m glad you know who I am. Love, Wil.”
    She also kicks my ass at Scrabble. Awesome wives are great, aren’t they? =D

  8. Hey there. Stupid to ask here, I’m sure, but I was interested in contacting you about an article about Poker and Geek Culture for WPT Magazine (www.wptmag.com). Feel free to send me an email at mcwaldron (at) gmail.com or just send the contact to your agent. I was hoping to be able to do an interview before/after w00tstock in SF. Would you also be interesting in meeting the SF Brewers Guild?

  9. This non-zero person was super excited you were there! I’m sorry there were so many silly geese ignoring your pleas for some normalcy in your PAX experience. I was thrilled to see you meader the floors generally unmolested (the brief glimpse I saw) and floored that I still got the opportunity to stutter nervously for an autograph. I hope to see you at PAX East 2011!!!

  10. So hey. You might remember me from such PAX appearances as “Girl who asked to hug you in 2008″ and “Girl who asked you to sign her moleskine in 2009″.
    Well, this year I stepped up my game, sir.
    Boob signage.
    Infinite grins and lawls.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire little ol’ geeky writers like me. And for signing my boob. And my sexy DS case. #groupie

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