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  1. Doggie cuddling couch comic-reading companionship.
    My doggie is taller and weighs more than I, so I have
    Doggie cuddling king-sized comforter on floor comic-reading companionship.

  2. Aww, I love this! How lucky for that sweet dog you guys came to his rescue. He looks so sweet….we have one like him we are trying to adopt out.
    I bet he loves to hear you read, huh? 😉
    Good memories in the making.

  3. Note: I was going to post this as a comment under MotFC, but the comments were closed there.
    So last night, my darling husband mentioned that he was listening to the Memories of the Futurecast podcasts while walking our dog, and that he is “really enjoying them because he [Wil] is kind of a dork.”
    To which I innocently reply, “yeah, I really liked listening to MotFC because he reminds me a lot of you.”
    He says flatly, “wow, thanks honey…”(annoyed that I’ve categorized him as a dork)
    And I say, “what, I love dorks?!?!” *grin*
    Cut to a couple hours later, while playing WoW and on vent with my husband and my best friend (which really should demonstrate how dorky we all are…) and my husband says to her, “you’ll never believe what Kris said earlier,” and recounts the whole discussion.
    She says- “ummm, that sounds like a compliment to me.”
    She’s married to a dork too. We <3 geeks. :)
    Thanks, Wil, for giving us good things to listen to and to read.

  4. He's a Great Dane mix. We think there's some American Staffordshire Terrier in there, too.
    He is seriously the sweetest, most affectionate dog in the whole world, and we just love him to pieces.

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