Hank Scorpio would really appreciate it if you’d read this post

So, some of you may know that Evil Wil Wheaton is tormenting Sheldon Cooper again this Thursday at 8pm on CBS … but for those of you who don't, I made a stupid video to help you remember:

In other news, I did not book the job I auditioned for last week. The feedback I got was that I gave a good performance, but they "went another way." "We went another way" is usually a euphemism for "you sucked", but when it's coupled with "you were good", it usually means exactly what it sounds like. In this case, I'm not too surprised. I was older than everyone else there, and I wasn't as … edgy … as just about everyone else was. I know, I know.

The good news is that I didn't suck, and now that casting has seen me, they are more likely to bring me back for other roles on the show that are more in my wheelhouse. I hope this happens, because I really like the show, which is called Fringe.

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  1. Fringe is one of those cool shows I always forget to DVR. It’s on when my kids are still up so I usually can’t have monsters ripping people to bits on before bed time. lol

  2. Ha! I knew it was Fringe! I read so many guesses on the comments to the audition post and thought they were all wrong, that it was Fringe.
    Sorry you didn’t get it. I really like that show, even though I don’t watch it often.

  3. I don’t think you really have to catch up. I’d like to catch up myself, but I’ve only seen a few episodes and I can easily just sit down and watch and enjoy it. Actually, it may be better for me than for someone who’s followed the show because it’s so mysterious. It’s fun to watch not knowing what any of the characters are going to do or what the rules of the universe are. And the acting and writing really tell you right away who these people are.

  4. It’s a shame you didn’t get the Fringe gig, but your fantasic and have a good following here in Daytona Beach, FL so keep it up! BTW you have a Doppleganger here, lol he has been asked if he was you a few times now :)

  5. mr. wheaton,
    i must confess that i’ve not been a follower for “x” amount of years, or that i know much of you or your activities. i must also apologize for the public nature of this short communication as i could not find an email link due to either my lack of tech skill or just genreal ignorance.
    my first direct interaction with you and your material was during last years ECCC. our visit was a last minute decision and a six hour drive from our home. it was also a highlight in my family’s year this year. (my wife and i, along with our 3 children host 3 foster children, a trip to a comic book convention was FAR from normal for our fosters) we were able to meet my wife’s favorite web sensations from the guild, my son was able to interact with thomas jane, and i fufilled a life long dream and met stan lee.
    i don’t remember the particulars but at some point we ended up taking a break from the con during your rock band show, and i just enjoyed the hell out of it. i have since enjoyed your appearances on TBBT and enoyed countless hours on your site reading your updates.
    this is the first time i’ve come out of my “lurking” status, and i have done so to thank you for sharing your wonderfuly ordinary life and self with us. despite the following you have, you remain approachable and sincere.
    we hope to see you at eccc this year, so that my budding geeks will be able to meet THE evil whil wheaton, and i can thank you personally for being another ingredient in what makes my little family a cohesive unit.
    Marcus Hernandez
    Springfield, Oregon
    [email protected]

  6. I thought it might be Fringe when you mentioned the audition. Sorry you didn’t get it, but somehow I think it might just happen another time, you’d be a great fit on that show. Now, of course, I’m going to be guessing every time a new character appears – was that the one? How about that one? Maybe that one?

  7. I hope you get a chance to be on Fringe, or rather, I hope Fringe gets a chance to have you on it. The entire time that I was watching last night’s numbers station episode I was thinking “Wil Wheaton should be on this episode”!

  8. I don't think so. All the other actors in the room were much younger than I was, so unless they abandoned all the auditions, they probably went younger.

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