what is this i don’t even

Wil Wheaton Playing D&D With The Golden Girls. Framed in Bacon. From TheWeem.com

Apparently, a challenge was issued on EN World that went something like this:

I see your Betty White, your Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan, and I raise you ALL of them playing D&D with Wil Wheaton in the middle of an iconic D&D bar fight, framed in bacon…

Even though I haven't really done anything for games, gaming and gamers, it's equally weird and awesome that someone on EN World (a site I've read forever) thought to put me in such esteemed company.

(Discovered via Twitter, created by The Weem dot Com.)

37 thoughts on “what is this i don’t even”

  1. Replace the golden girls with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, or Victoria Secret’s models and you have a better betting chip. By the way, the bacon is a nice touch.

  2. Last night, I went to see John Water’s Christmas show and during it, he spoke of many things – including all the things he wanted for Christmas (the most depraved of which I longed to give him) and the things he wanted to give his fans for Christmas (the most depraved of which I longed to receive); however, that list has now been replaced with instead a seat at that table. Also, a plate of bacon.

  3. Maybe you haven’t done anything for gaming directly, but a lot of your tweets about games like Munchkin and others made me want to get back into it after a 30 year absence. I’m now playing GURPS every week with my wife and Tomb and D&D every once in a while. I’m sure a few gaming companies owe you some thanks for unintentionally boosting sales.

  4. This is the best thing… EVER! And I agree with Glitterisafoodgroup, cheesecake would make it that much more awesome… and probably blow up the world. I would TOTALLY buy this as a t-shirt. If anyone actually decides to create such an item please let us all know. :-)

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