FedCon Day 4

I don't drink at cons. I mean, I'll have a beer or maybe a glass of wine with dinner, but I don't go out drinking the way young people go out drinking, even though I usually see people I love and it would be a lot of fun to go out to a pub for some pints. I figure that I'm already pushing my body past its regular limits just by talking for hours at a time, and I don't see a lot of benefit in taxing it further with the introduction of excessive amounts of wonderful, wonderful booze. Besides, I have a responsiblity to be fresh and 100% present when I'm meeting fans and performing, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

So last night, I went to a special FedCon reception for everyone who was appearing here. It was a great time, and I enjoyed the conversation and company (along with two drinks) over about four hours. When I realized how late it was, I said my goodnights, and went back to my room. I suppose it was about 1am.

I got ready for bed, and looked at my laptop … its wallpaper is the Aperture Science loading screen from Portal 2. "Oh, I'll just play one or two levels before bed…" I thought.

The next thing I knew, it was 3am. "Oh shit. Okay, it's not the worst thing in the world. I don't have to do anything until 1pm tomorrow, so surely I can get my 8 hours of sleep and I'll be ready to go."

I logged off (by the way, GLaDOS really holds a grudge, doesn't she?) and jumped into bed. My mind replayed the level I'm currently stuck on — the hallmark of a truly great game — and I guess I drifted off to sleep after about 15 or 20 minutes.

The next thing I knew, Stephan was knocking on my door. It was 12:45pm.

I jumped out of bed in a mostly-awake panic, and flew to the door. "I overslept," I said. "I'll be ready in 10 minutes."

I showered as fast as I ever have, and put myself together in 12 minutes.

"I guess I'll have to add 'don't play video games late at night' to the list of things I don't do at cons," I thought with a tired grin.

I woke up in the lift on my way to the stage, and any residual cobwebs were thrown off by the reception the audience gave Marina and me when we walked out on stage.

For the next hour, she and I told stories about working together, answered questions from the crowd, and had a really, really good time. I loved every second of it, and I couldn't help but remember how nervous and anxious I felt years ago when I spoke at The Galaxy Ball. Man, what a long, strange trip it's been since then.

Now I'm relaxing with a cup of coffee and Matthew Sweet on the CBGB I Heart Radio station while I write this up. I'm going to head down to the vendor's room to get a birthday present for a friend, eat some lunch, and then relax until the closing ceremonies tonight. I'm looking forward to going home to my wife and our pets, but I can tell that I'm going to miss being here.

FedCon has been amazing for me. I've had a wonderful time, and I hope I am invited back again.

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  1. Hi Wil,
    this is Kai (webmaster) from the BIG BANG FORUMhttp://www.big-bang-forum.de/ – “BBF” for short, which is THE German “The Big Bang Theory” fansite and geek/nerd community.
    We already tried to get in contact with you at the FedCon (among others through Brigitte Scherr, FedCon official) in hopes of you having 3 minutes of your time you could spare for us to receive an award we wanted to present to you (and also an honorary membership in our forum, where you get your own special member account).
    The reason was that we recently started a poll amongst our BBF forum members on who is their most popular supporting actor on the show “The Big Bang Theory”, and as it turned out, the vast majority voted for you! :-)
    And because we knew you would be present at the FedCon 2011 we tried to arrange a short meeting through the above mentioned FedCon official to be able to present you with this award in person.
    Unfortunately the whole communication thing with the FedCon officials turned out to be a bit difficult, because they are all, understandably, pretty stressed and I just heard that even some prior arranged meetings, for whatever reason, got canceled shortly before and the like.
    Anyway, I really hope you are reading this while you’re still at the FedCon to make you aware of what we had planned, and maybe thus you could find a way to reach out to the FedCon officials who then would get you in contact with us, to make this short presentation possible.
    But if your schedule is just too packed to make a short meeting possible we really would like to forward you the mentioned award to an address of our choice, maybe to your agency or wherever you see fit that it is ensured that only you personally receive our parcel.
    Here are two images for you to check out of what the award we created looks like:
    As you can see, we really put a lot of geeky love and effort into creating it. :-)
    Therefore, it would be a real shame if there were no way to send you this cool looking award.
    If now no opportunity arises to hand you the award in person at the FedCon would you then please be so kind and contact me personally to let me know to which address in the States we should forward you the award.
    My e-mail address reads: webmaster [at] big-bang-forum.de
    We, of course, are following you on Twitter with our http://twitter.com/#!/BigBangforum account, so that would also be a possibility to get in contact with us, via “Direct Messages”, if you then would follow us.
    At this point I would also like to thank you very much, and on behalf of all German “The Big Bang Theory” fans, for your brilliant contributions to the show, YOU ROCK big time! :->
    Wil, I really do hope we can make something feasible so that you will receive your well-deserved award. :-)
    Like I said, as a last resort please contact me personally (e-mail/Twitter) and we’ll then send you the award within a parcel to the States.
    Best wishes from Berlin (Germany),
    (webmaster, forum nick: “Dr. Sheldon Cooper”)

  2. Have a good flight home Wil. Did you get a pod? I hope we get to see you at a UK con soon. One organiser I know is already talking about you.
    Take care

  3. I’m glad to hear that in the end you seem to have enjoyed yourself. The first blog posts sounded a bit like you were miserable and trying not to sound it.
    Düsseldorf is very provincial and doesn’t have as much to offer as, say Hamburg or Berlin has. But then again, that makes it a lot more representative of Germany.
    What we do have in Düsseldorf is a big Japanese community. It used to be the biggest Japanese community in Europe. Which means Cosplayers are a common sight around here (not just Japanese kids but I’m guessing they were the ones who started it). On any given day, you’re likely to run into groups of teenagers dressed up as Manga/Anime characters, and they come out in force on “Japan Day”.
    We are glad you came and we were very happy to have you.
    So I do hope you come back and someone will show you the countryside and the neighbouring cities like Cologne! Maybe next time you can come and stay for the Japan Day celebrations (which always take place in May, except this year–they have been postponed because of the tragedy in Northern Japan).

  4. Sounds wonderful Wil!
    Seeing as you’re one who really appreciates the way people change over time, I was wondering, how odd was it spending time with someone who a younger version of yourself had such a crush on? Were you able to cram it right down, or is such things divorced from the regeneration you are today?
    Speaking of which, have you been able to watch the two new episodes of Doctor Who yet? If not, Moffat is about to blow your mind hole.

  5. Hi Wil,
    great to read that you enjoyed FedCon in Germany!
    I just phoned a friend of mine who watched your panel with Marina. She’s not a Trek fan, but she says, she’s now a fan of yours, because she liked your panel so much. I wish I had been there to see and hear you, too!
    Have a safe trip home!

  6. I haven't felt miserable, or even mildly unhappy, the entire time I've been here. I was tired at the beginning as I got over jet lag, but I've had an absolutely wonderful time at FedCon.

  7. So you want to come back? That’s great! You were very entertaining and very nice to everyone and it was clear to me that the fans liked you, even the ones who didn’t like Wesley Crusher very much. I’m sure many people want you to come back for another FedCon. I’m glad you had a good time in Europe and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
    PS: I just got home from FedCon. And right now I’m going to watch the second ep of Doctor Who.

  8. Hey Wil!
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed FedCon, I had a wonderful time at the convention, too.
    It was awesome to have you here and I just wanted to thank you for coming all the way to Germany. It was really a dream come true to finally meet you and I really hope it doesn’t take too long until you are invited again :)
    Oh and thanks for twittering about my Codex costume! It was so great that you have done that, you’re just awesome!!

  9. Hi
    watched your Panel with Marina on Sunday and enjoyed it a lot :-) Your blog/books are very entertaining, too.
    just wanted to say thanks for both. Since you said you’re reading the comments, i’m taking the 2min for a quick response 😉
    looking forward to seeing you again some day
    and btw cool t-shirt ^^

  10. Speaking of which, I totally slept through my alarm this morning, thinking it was Sunday. I wound up calling in to work a half hour late to let them know I was on my way as I threw on pants and a collared shirt; damn research paper has been affecting my perception of reality as of late, it would seem.
    Glad to hear you had an awesome time at the Con! I’m also pleased to see that you take your time with your fans seriously; that’s a refreshing change of pace.

  11. Hi Wil,
    You were absolutely amazing at the FedCon, I was truly impressed. I really hope you will be back. :)
    You mentioned that you were playing Pokémon Black – my fiancé and me wondered if you would give us your Pokémon friend code? And did you ever get a German charger for your DSi in the end? *g*

  12. So Wil, I’m sure you mostly just want to catch up with family and sleep for days (not necessarily in that order!), but I hope you happen to read this post and have time to answer.
    I haven’t hit the site over the last few days, so this morning I read Fedcon updates 2, 3 and 4. It really got me thinking about the way the internet in general, and blogging specifically has changed the actor-fan dynamic. Growing up I can remember the pedestal I put my favorite actors on. They weren’t really PEOPLE, they were ACK-TORS (note the pronunciation!), these amazing creatures with the ability to fascinate and entertain.
    Now we fans can hear about your ups and downs (those you wish to share), your views, beliefs and what you had for lunch today. It really is humanizing, and to me at least a leash to the uber-geek inside me. I used to think to myself, “If I ever meet [insert actor’s name here], y’know see him/her in a restaurant, I’ll be cool, I won’t interrupt or pester them, just a mellow ‘I love your work’ as I leave to make him/her know I appreciate their efforts”. Who was I kidding? Had I seen RDA, Mira Furlan or yourself, as that younger me, I would have annoyed the hell out of you. I’m sure most actors take it graciously and put on a good face, but really, can’t they just have a meal without interruption? =)
    About 20 years ago, my wife was downtown (Winnipeg MB, yes I’m sure you’ve never heard of it heh) and spotted a blind man who looked a little turned about. Being the kind, caring soul that she is, she asked him if she could be of any help. He was looking for his hotel but got lost in our amazingly convoluted street system. So my wife walks him back to the hotel and says her goodbyes. At this point the man started chuckling and says “You don’t know who I am, do you?” My wife of course has no idea and says so. “I’m Jeff Healey” (insert mandatory mental Peter Griffin “ROADHOUSE!” here). From what my wife has told me, I think he appreciated the fact that she helped him out because he needed a hand, not because he was famous. I always tell her I “hate” her for this story, since she didn’t know who he was and I’m a HUGE fan of his music, but really I’m proud my wife is such a kind person.
    The point of that last story is this: You ever out and about (at home or travelling) and just enjoy not being recognized (if that happens), or appreciate the (sometimes) restrained fans who keep their adoration to a simple nod or thumbs up?

  13. Heh. I’m glad I’m not the only one this kind of thing happens to. Although, with me, it’s just as frequently a good book as it is a game or the intertubes in general.
    Damn day job. :)

  14. Hi Wil.
    I´m the friend “dorian” was talking about. *lol*
    First of all i want to thank you for the fun i had during your Panel on Sunday. You were great. And Marina too. It was my first Con and you two were part of which made it unforgetable.
    I´m glad you enjoyed your visit in Germany and that you had fun.
    Hope you came back home safly.

  15. Hi Wil!
    Great and awesome to have met you at FedCon and so totally cool to read in your blog how us fans appear to you from ‘the other side of the stage’.
    Please ponder some more about what we talked about during the first autograph session, i.e., you maybe getting involved in writing for Star Trek Online. Now that would be totally awesome! Hope you had a safe homecoming and I am already looking forward to your next FedCon appearance.

  16. you wrote “…and I hope I am invited back again.”
    And, well I hope that really really too!
    You were just great at Fed Con.
    Even though Marina said, you just wanted to show off and outplay her 😉 I really was touched by your answer to the question, what makes you happy (taking a walk with Anne).
    I wish my hubby would talk like this LOL

  17. Honestly, I don’t know how Anne feels about going to a con like FedCon, but I feel like if you got the chance, see if you and her could spend a few days in Germany together (as if you hadn’t thought of that). It really is an amazing country.

  18. Honestly, we ordered the weekend tickets for FedCon when you were announced. Since we have the same family constellation as you (two sons from another man, I married a geek) I really liked your blog, follow you on twitter and read your book “Just a geek” and that’s why I was looking forward to meeting you.
    It’s strange, but sometimes I have the suspicion that I only have to mention what I want and the universe gives it to me. And I don’t know why I deserve this. Same with your stay at FedCon: I said “I want Wil Wheaton” and a couple of weeks later you were announced. Isn’t that crazy?
    I am glad that all FedCon visitors treated you nicely and that you had a good time in Germany. It would be great to have you again here one day :-)

  19. hey wil,
    trust me i am not saying this just to kiss ur feet, but really, u, marina and esp both of u together, rocked that fedcon stage the hardest! thx to both of u for coming over, sharing those tng and tbbt stories with us and PLEASE come back anytime soon. i could listen to u for hours and hours and hours. it was amazing to have u guys.
    xx SanDee

  20. Just a note to say that I don’t drink at cons, either. I’m an attendee, not a guest, but seriously…to those fans who can do panels all day, rock a stifling costume all night, dance like crazy and pack away the liquor all the while? Wow. I don’t have the stamina. Maybe ten years ago…but I doubt it.
    I’m with you, Wil. I tax my body a lot harder at cons than otherwise, so I’ll stick to the soda, thanks.

  21. I don't know if I would ever bring her to a con that far away, but I would very much like to tour all through Europe for something like two weeks with her, some day.

  22. Hi Wil,
    it was great to finally meet you! Loved reading your recap! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself at Fed Con! I laughed my ass off when you turned gamer mode at the end of your single talk and would go on and on…. completely immersed in your own nerd bubble! awesome!!!
    Also, great to hear that you would have liked to talk more during photo and autograph sessions, that’s what I miss too… I know there are a lot of ppl, so they have to hurry.. still…. it’s annoying. I briefly tried to talk to Robbie during the photo sesh and got shoved away not so nicely.. but that’s what I’m there for.. so I completely ignored staff during the autograph sesh and talked to him for almost 4mins… not much of a convo of course, but a lot during an auto sesh.. Got everything on tape and left a very happy fangirl!
    Also, I had tears in my eyes reading about the River signature poster moment! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hope you’ll be back!
    Cheers, Jules

  23. I hope you will come back, it was amazing to meet someone who loves The Doctor as much as I do…since this time no one from New Doctor Who or Torchwood was there you’ve been the next best thing really 😉 Kinda hoping we’ll get David Tennant one day and you will be there then as well.
    And okay sounding like crazy fangirl, so I better stop now. 😉

  24. About 15 years ago, the owner of “my” comic book-shop told me, that Mr. Wil Wheaton will never, ever (and he really said NEVER EVER!!) come to Germay, because he hinks that Germany sucks.
    Well, even though I never (Yes, also NEVER EVER, Sir) believed him, I mentioned, that there was really no chance for me to see you here in my home country. And there also was never the chance for me to meet you in the States, too. Because whenever I went there, I was at the wrong place.
    And now you finally went to Germany and once again I couldn´t get a chance to see you, because somebody in my family got terribly sick.
    Anyway, I hope that you liked Germany. And just by the way.. Alt Bier really isn´t what other Germans would even call beer. :-)

  25. What a liar! I never thought Germany sucked!! I just didn't want to fly for 12 hours to get anywhere.
    Sorry I missed you, but if I get invited back to FedCon, I hope we can say hello in the future.

  26. As I said.. I never believed that. That´s why I am a fan of you and not of him. Was the last time I went to that store :-)
    Anyway, I also hope, that we can say hello someday. And if it´s not Germany, than maybe it will be the USA.
    Take care….

  27. Hi Wil, this is OT, but I thought you might like this Star Trek Poster (if you haven’t seen it already):
    And I’m glad you liked your stay here in Germany – I’m really sad I couldn’t make it to FedCon but I too hope you’ll be invited again!

  28. It was so great seeing you at the Fedcon. It was so much fun and interesting listening to you, and it was very funny seeing you with Marina (who is so adorable).
    But i have to make a confession. I have to admit that i was one of these ignorants who could not seperate between the fictional character Wesley Crusher and the real life person Wil Wheaton. For me you always have been this kinda annoying kid from TNG. In german Wesley would be called a Klugscheisser (it´s something like a smartass).
    One of the friends which went with me to the Fedcon said: Come on lets go see Wil Wheaton. And first i thought something like “Is he drunk. Why should i go see Wesley Crusher?”.
    Thank god i let me talk into this. And from minute to minute i was getting more fascinated of the man standing on the stage. Your appearance was surely one of the highlights at the Fedcon. After then i was reading some of your blogs and liked what i´ve read.
    And it was a great example for to broaden one´s horizon and look behind one´s prejudices.
    So i´m very sorry for doing you wrong and thank you for a good show back there in Düsseldorf.
    Hope to see you again in Germany, hopefully next year on the Fedcon.
    Take care

  29. Hey Wil,
    I was following what i could on Twitter and noticed you passed through England. I didn’t realise it was just a passing at the time and was so overly excited.
    I was just curious was there any plans to do anything over here in the UK in the future?

  30. Wil, if you ever need a co-op partner for Portal 2 give me a holler. I just got it the other day and I am the same way. Just one more level and I swear I will be done because I have school at 8 a.m.. I look at the clock and its like 2 a.m. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU.

  31. Hi Wil! I found a couple of videos of questions that you answered while at Fedcon.
    “FEDCON XX Porn Holo Deck ? Marina Sirtis Wil Wheaton Gigaset question” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byqnprRinyw
    “WIL WHEATON RTL Question at FEDCON XX” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mce5iinI_Nk – cool note on this video, back in may I asked in the comments of the above video if anyone had more videos of your questions and innov8ion was kind enough to post another one, which would be this one. :-)

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