Watch about a stupid live tour of my messy office, and hear me tell you a story.

I made a stupid cellphone video that was actually a live stream tour on my Ustream channel of my messy office. Then I read a short story. Yaaaaay!

The stream was broken once when Paul called me (way to steal focus, Paul!), so there are two videos:



If you watched it (live or recorded, please tell me), I'm very interested in your feedback. I'm considering doing more of these in the future, from various locations and events, and it's useful and awesome to know what viewers like, don't like, and want to see more of.

Thanks for watching and thanks for your feedback!

187 thoughts on “Watch about a stupid live tour of my messy office, and hear me tell you a story.”

  1. I watched the live stream via my cell phone as I rode the bus home here in Winnipeg. Great quality, although I’m a little disappointed I missed the big cat box debate because of the break…!
    I think it’s an amazing concept. Even though I could watch it recorded, knowing it’s live it felt so personal, and being at home in your office I felt that much cooler for just a few minutes. Well, as cool as I could be riding a city bus in Winnipeg.
    Five bucks you say?! I’m in!!

  2. That was fun! It would be cool to see you do a Google+ Hangout event, where you could actually interact with 9 other people. The folks at can stream it live for everyone else. (I have nothing to do with the hangoutparty peeps, but I’ve seen that combo work well for my sister’s events.)

  3. Watched the video. Enjoyed both. To answer the question if I am willing to pay for these – I used “feed the burrito” to donate a little. Thanks for the clips, I wish I was close enough to see your show, I have no doubt that the people going to it will enjoy themselves.

  4. Your office is way cooler than my office, however *I* have a Fawkes/Codex poster and a Serenity wallscape decal.
    How do you keep your D&D stuff so neat, I’ve got plastic bags all over the place!
    Also, “stupid and free” is awesome.

  5. I live-streamed Marian Call’s concert in Cambridge MA last summer at Pandemonium on my iPhone using uStream. The only issue was that people complained about the commercials that uStream adds to the feed.
    I’m going to start saving pre-1987 quarters for whenever you come to Boston next, partially because it’s nice, and partially because I’m REALLY CURIOUS what you’ll do with them when the can’s full.

  6. On the tech end everything played and streamed fine for me other than the noted phone call interruption. Maybe look into one of those gorilla pod (think that’s the name) tripods that hold various smartphones and cameras to make it easier on you when doing things like readings so you don’t have to hold the device all the time.
    Watching that stream was so much more interesting that one of those celebrity home tour shows on cable where homes don’t looked lived in or even touched. I’d love to see more videos and streams from you, someone who is willing to live life, have fun, and be honest about it. Side note, I enjoyed watching your call in during Desert Bus last week too.
    Oh and Schrodinger’s closet? I’ve got one of those too. I keep it closed at all times for scientific purposes >_> (The science being the force of gravity and poor stability on a stack of items threatening to fall on me if the doors are opened.)

  7. I watched your stream recorded since I was out when you were live. I really enjoyed the tour of your office. Thanks for taking the time to share that with us. I would LOVE backstage antics. It would have been funny if you had been able to record you and Dammit Liz backstage during the Portland show. I could see you from where I was sitting but it would have been funny to go back and see it for those who were on the other side of the audience. I would not mind donating to your show. I like the idea I saw before where you can do donate as you want or you could even have choices in dollar amounts. I know I’ve seen that around. Thanks again!

  8. I don't mind commercials (nothing is truly free), but if I did this regularly, and was able to get like $200 in small donations it would let me set up a channel without commercials or interruptions (except Paul calling, of course.) That's one of the reasons I asked about contributions.

  9. I tuned in from work and so had to quell my squeesplosion! This was very good for cell phone video on the spur of the moment. Everyone else has given you about the same feed back I would have. The camera did focus on the Stone Ale bottle cap but you didn’t hold it in place or it just didn’t keep focus long enough so I could actually tell it was a gargoyle.
    I’m old enough to remember black and white tvs and antennas and putting foil/metal coat hangers on to get the right signal. Realizing that you were doing this live while I was working (yeah I was working) was just beyond cool for me. I had a living in the future moment. (And I work in IT!)

  10. hhhhmmm—- You do live very much like the rest of us, but my closet is messier…
    Also, don’t know if you knew this, but kitties don’t like their litter boxes that close to their food/water. I guess your cat has not indicated that yet, as mine has, but if you have “potty issues” that may be why.
    Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your office!

  11. I spotted the post on Google+ and was able to watch the last 1/3 of it. Sound and video were good. The focus for small items was not the best. Overall, I would say the experiment works. Thanks for posting the recording for what I messed.

  12. I totally dig the concept of little live videos from backstage. Fun times.
    I noticed a Rubick’s cube in your closet with all yellow showing. Did you solve it or did you decide not to touch it and just leave it pristine (as I did with mine, since I know I could never solve it)?

  13. Hey, I enjoyed the tour, it’s cool to see the place where you turn your thoughts in to roving bits and bytes floating across the internets.
    I pretty much agree with everyone else, you’ll get better at holding it steady, lighting may be an issue, and the video was pretty low quality. I wasn’t able to watch it at all on my iPhone, but worked fine on the macbook.
    I wonder if the iPhone would take better quality video? Like maybe do you have an iPod touch with hd video or borrow anne’s phone for a test?
    Would also be totally fine with throwing some coins in the hat, and a suggested donation is helpful.

  14. Oh also, we moved the cat food and litter into the laundry room… is that a viable option? Then your office doesn’t smell like litterpoo. Ew.

  15. Wil, this is so incredibly important. I mean, awesome for the fun aspect, but per the OLA experience, we absolutely need more people able and ready to livestream on short notice.
    It’s also a somewhat more important step for people like you, who have the fame, however large or small the audience, because livestreaming from “average” people goes as far as a regular twitter/facebook friend circle will take it.
    In contrast, it will go quite a bit farther into mainstream viewing when YOU (and other big names like you, say Neil Gaiman, or his lively lovely wife, etc.) are the one streaming the report.
    News stations talking about your tweet, by way of example. They’ll ignore swarms of pesky nameless internet users, but they simply cannot pass up the temptation to point at you or another star, even if in mockery. Mock as they will, it gets the tweet(livestream, etc) farther afield …
    and THAT spreading of The Citizens Press is key to our collective survival.
    Thank you!
    (ok, I’m also picturing the hilarity of the Bloggess posting a link to you livestreaming you collating papers!)

  16. Loved it! It’s worth investing in something to help things stay steady (well, steadier), and to go forward with this. I enjoy reading your blog, but I know it’s been frustrating having to hold off talking about your awesome-super-secret-can’t-talk-about projects until after they’ve long passed their prime in your mind. Please remember that your blog is what got people excited in your adventure to begin with, an I still think it’s the main way you can connect with those of us in far away states. Adding live feeds and video is even more super awesometastic. We love tuning in, and would love to hear what you have to say!

  17. I just watched the recording, and it’s awesome! I appreciate that you added 30 sec at the beginning for the stupid ad. :) I will be at the rescheduled Largo show (sqwee!), so I’d greatly appreciate watching the backstage recording once I’m home.
    And I totally agree you can never have too many dice! (Oddly enough, I collect d4’s…) If you decide to do this and put money in it, I would definitely financially support with a couple dollars to help offset costs.

  18. That was awesome – loved the impromptu spur of the momentness that you created. And pretty nifty to get to see where you work. So I learned that 1) I’m not the only guy who has a large monitor hooked up to a MacBook in his home office and 2) I feel much better now because your office is waaaaaaay fucking messier than mine is (but seriously it is still quite a disaster). :)
    And thank you for revealing the identity of the Mac+ (I was thinking SE, but hey, they all look alike).
    I would totally be down with donating a few bucks to help fund future projects. Possibly in vintage quarters too. :)

  19. I saw the tweets late, so I watched the recorded versions.
    That was really super-cool. It’s very neat to be taken behind the scenes of someone’s life. It’s a very sharing thing and very cool and generous of you to do.
    I would absolutely throw money over the wall to see that sort of thing as a performance piece. Back-stage at a concert or something would be a great venue.
    And as cliche’ as that is, it IS very cool to see where the magic happens.
    Thanks! I hope you do it again! If you give a bit of warning I’ll be sure to watch live!
    Bummer about the show tonight. Hope the re-schedule goes well. Everyone stay safe!
    Craig Steffen

  20. A number of factors keep me from attending events that I would like to attend live, so I think that live stream is one of the best things that the internet has offered the world.
    Thank you for giving us this intimate look into your creative world. You kept saying it was “stupid” but I loved it. It felt just like it would feel to be at a friend’s house, getting the tour of his favorite space, so thanks for that.
    I did have a much different picture in my head from listening to RFB as to what your workspace looked like, so it will be nice to be able to accurately envision your surroundings when I read / listen to your blogs / books / podcasts.
    And thank you for offering it as a recorded stream for those of us who COMPLETELY MISSED THE BOAT on the live stream. I would have been really disappointed to miss it entirely. :)
    Please do more live stream in the future for those of us with crap geography / hostile schedules that don’t allow travel / stupid grown-up responsibility crap that gets in the way of getting to do fun things in person.

  21. Appreciate the invite into your personal space; I watched it as video on your blog. Audio and video were fine for me (though I can see why people suggest using a tripod).
    It strikes me that the goggle-thing Sony wants you to review for PlayStation looks an awful lot like the piece on STNG’s “The Game” … I presume it’s just as addictive. πŸ˜›
    Kudos for having the guts to show your Schrodinger’s Closet!
    The last shot — is of the ceiling! So retro! :)

  22. Watched the recorded video. Tried loading it on my iPhone, because I saw your blog post from my RSS reader – opened the post, followed it to UStream and got a weird error from the iPhone saying “This content is currently not online.” Opened the laptop sitting right next to me (am lazy and often browse from my phone) and could get in fine. Dunno if it’s UStream/iPhone, or my RSS reader/UStream.
    Also, when I loaded it on the laptop, it played a commercial, played one second of the video, and then played another commercial. That was vaguely annoying. (Mac Lion, Chrome.)
    Technical stuff aside – I totally dug it. Rationally I know that “celebrities” are just people, too, but it’s really cool to see inside your life and the fact that you’ve got a normal office like a normal guy – makes you even more accessible (although, to be fair, you’re really accessible in general, which is one of the reasons I follow you on Twitter/RSS). And I loved seeing things in your office that I own – I was totally psyched to see “Ticket to Ride” (which I’m currently staring at) and your Cult of Done Manifesto, which my bf has on the back of a clipboard that he uses for brainstorming ideas. In fact, I interrupted the video a few times to show him stuff. Seeing that stuff makes you much more relatable (but, again, you’re really good about that in general – as a fellow geek, I often find your content relatable).
    Re: subscriptions, etc – I’d totally pay a few bucks to see backstage at events and other cool “behind the scenes” type stuff. In part because I’ve never made it to any of your events, and they sound like they’d be a lot of fun – but also because you’re one of the celebs I like to follow, I generally enjoy your stuff, think you’ve got a good sense of humor, are likable and I love being distracted from my work in small 5-10 minute chunks πŸ˜‰

  23. I had no home phone, Internet or cellphone service at all today, but managed to pick up wifi in a grocery store parking lot. Saw the tweet and arrived for the beginning but I got booted off just as you were explaining the greatest lover towel! (I didn’t try to get back on.) Love the beer stuff, I did the home brew thing for a couple years (just extract and steeped grains) now I just work p/t as a brewmaster in a u-brew and get paid to cook my beer πŸ˜‰

  24. Wil
    Loved the ustream of your office. My wife (@mile19) watched it live and told me about it so I watched it after work while sipping an Arlotini (search youtube). It provided me a peek into the view of a celebrity’s life; rendering it real. Thanks.
    As a home brewer, since 1991, I loved and appreciated your setup at home. I almost fell off my chair laughing when you panned from the kitty litter box to the fermenter. These are issues I can identify with over the years as well.
    Anyway… you asked for comments so here you go. Keep up the good work. I would watch more and consider paying a nominal sum to support more of your home grown media.
    aka @sonear

  25. Loved it! I just watched it now, since for SOME reason I’m not at the Largo watching you guys on stage at the moment – some act of nature or something. This was cool, and I hope you do more and I’d certainly support a suggested-donation model.

  26. That was fun. You DO have a lovely voice, so anytime you want to read me a story, just say so! (we can keep Anne and my husband in the dark!)
    Live stuff backstage would be a great idea. Our time difference would prevent my enjoying it live, but I would check out the recorded event if you post it!
    Thanks Wil!

  27. Thanks for the tour Wil! I was brushing my teeth when I saw your tweet and took the phone with me in bed to watch your stream. (Yay! I had Wil Wheaton in bed, hope my hubby doesn’t read this… >.< )
    Living far away (Sweden) makes me miss out on the awesome stuff, like ComicCons and such. This was a way to get “closer” to the action and also… Seeing your messy office was quite endearing. Yay for mess! And Yay for dice! It is true, you can never have too many dice!!!
    Keep it up! It was silly, but fun to watch and I will watch again if you stream more!

  28. Okay, I loved the whole deal and would throw a few bucks at more fo sho. Assuming a job or some sort of income falls into my lap by such a time.
    I agree with the tripods for reading and such, but I think the jiggity quality adds to the feel of real actual life happening. It was frustrating not to be able to view the recordings on my iphone or ipad as i don’t often get much time on my comp until the way late. Such is the price of beauty and sleek sexy pods, I suppose.
    Do more. Making beer, backstage(ps btw, how did I manage to miss the Ptown show? You gotta pimp that shit on your blog, yo.), Comicon.
    We geeks are legion and we want more.

  29. I just missed it, but was very glad it had been recorded so I could still catch it! I think what many folks said, a little more stability would do wonders, but I’m not so picky as to need more than that!
    I generally like the fun and lighthearted feeling behind this and the silly YouTube short posts! Readings are also much appreciated, as I love them so much in podcast/YouTube or live show form!
    I would also appreciate more behind the scenes and live show stuff if possible, as I can’t travel around and catch all the shows (but I try super hard to see as many things as I can locally!).
    It is also much appreciated that you let we fannish folks in on more personal moments of your life, I imagine that’s been really difficult with some of the more notable abuses this year. I for one really dig getting a more balanced view of you as a whole human being, in your own time and of your own choice (vs., you know, un-reality TV, glammed up plastic bobbleheads, and that weird dubious ethics/unprofessional vibe that comes along with.) – hooray modern tech and DIY ease!
    I also hop on to the missing RFB train. Toot toot.
    P.S. Mrs. Wheaton video-bombs would be spectacular! She’s AMAZING on Twitter. :)
    P.P.S. Cats always win at internet.

  30. Is it wrong to say that you were so nerdly-ey adorable & nice & normal in this video that I was proud of you? There are those of us that are older than you who’ve, to a great degree, watched you grow up. Your parents must be so proud of the decent person that you are. Please thank them for us.

  31. it was awesome! I came in about 5mins late but getting to see your office and stuff was so cool!and the story was fun too! and odd…but in the way it’s supposed to be. there were a couple of points where there stream dropped for me but it re-connected fairly quickly. i love that it’s just you being a real person at the camera and not scripted or anything. seeing celebrities when they’re relaxed is *awesome* and you’re one of my favourites, so thank you!

  32. That was fun – caught the recordings when checking the site this morning. I love that the beer bucket has a TNG snuggie. Fantastic note on Kevin Smith too. Would be happy to kick in some bucks to support this ongoing.

  33. I loved having an inside look at your home and would also loved to have seen your dogs. The jiggling was fine. I’m not picky. I didn’t listen to the short story but that’s just because I don’t care for them in general. Nothing to do with you.

  34. It’s always fun to see someone with a messy office. I don’t stand alone heh.
    I enjoyed the story. Even the subtle hint that some of what the guy thought was his own interpretation not reality. (or I should’ve waited until i got home to see the saved videos since I was so tired at work)

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