The Force Will Be With Him…

My nephew will be joining Team Humans sometime in July, so today we're having a baby shower for my little sister (who, at 33, isn't little, bit if you're a big brother or sister, you know what I mean.)

My brother in law is awesome, even though he's Dallas Cowboys SuperFan Number One Top Guy Forever™. I know that my nephew (who I suggested should be named Batman, but will probably end up with a muggle name that's more socially appropriate) will get plenty of sportsball in his life, so it has fallen to me, his favorite uncle Wil, to share with him The Way of the Geek.

I'm starting him off early (and right) by giving the following gifts* at the shower today:

Bazinga Batman

I'm pretty sure he'll be on Team Sheldon, even though his favorite uncle is on Team Evil Wil Wheaton.

Geek In Training

By the time he's ready to use a computer, it'll probably be controlled with his mind… but this way he can confuse the 2 year-olds of the future, or at least holler at them to get off his lawn.

Starfleet Academy Cadet

I'm pretty sure they'd kick me out of the Star Trek family if I didn't get this for him.

I had this amazing fantastic idea to get him a Twilight Zone pinball machine that could live at our house, so he had something awesome to play with whenever he came over to visit, but Anne shot that down for some stupid reason that doesn't make any sense at all.

*I went nuts at ThinkGeek, for those of you who are wondering.

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  1. Let me reassure you that it is possible to be a die-hard Dallas Cowboys superfan as well as a geek. Though I do admit that we are a rare breed.

  2. Everyone needs a Geek Uncle. I’ve been collecting signed photos for my 2 year old nephew since the day after he was born. I just hope he likes Star Wars when he’s older!

  3. *sigh* My sister would never let her kids wear this stuff. She is far too “cool.” So I teach my niece about the Geek Side whenever she visits. It’s my DUTY.

  4. They really make baby-grows for everyone these days.
    Oh, while I have your attention, have you been approached by the producers of Community yet? You wouldn’t be the first Trek actor to feature and it’s a great show with geek references.

  5. I have to say that the principal at my kindergarten in Woodridge, IL (42 years ago) was Mrs. Batman(Or at least that’s what I remember her name being.). Also, more recently, friends of ours gave their baby the muggle name of Alexis but the cool name of Armageddon. I can’t say that I’ve seen her birth certificate but they both agreed that was her name.

  6. I’m pretty sure he’ll be on Team Sheldon, even though his favorite uncle is on Team Evil Wil Wheaton.
    ON Team Evil Wil Wheaton? I believe that you sir, ARE Team Evil Wil Wheaton.

  7. Aww! Oh man, I’m terrified for when someone I know has a baby. I’m going to go broke on adorable clothes as well as awesome kids books.
    Are you getting him some nerdy books for kids, too? Do you have any favourites?

  8. Very cool, I hope to be the geek uncle sometime soon too.
    Only slightly related, but also pretty amazing thing that happened today when I answered the door (wearing my red Flash t-shirt) to 2 Jehova’s witnesses. They were nice guys, not pushy at all and we ended up talking about superhero’s and comics because one of the guys recognized the shirt. This was of course after the obligatory jazz about Jezus.
    P.s. Jazz about Jezus is the name of my Kings of Leon cover band

  9. Our baby girl joined Team Humans in February, and her in-utero name was Spike. She’s got a muggle name, but we’re still going to use Spike plenty. We were going to get her one of the Starfleet onesies but we couldn’t decide on a color since my husband’s an engineer and I’m a scientist. But at least her first present was a creeper onesie from her grandma, and she’s got a copy of Introductory Calculus for Infants.

  10. Well, I wasn’t named “Batman” but it was my first word. No doubt I have my brother* to thank for that since he used to run around singing the TV show’s theme song all the time.
    *Somehow I don’t feel beholden to call him my ‘big brother’ while he prefers to call me his ‘little sister.’

  11. Congratulations to you and her daddy!
    (And my nephew got CADET because I didn't want to decide on a branch for him… though I would have chosen Science, because it works, bitches.)

  12. i love being nerd uncle. i had the best moment with my four-year-old niece just a couple of days ago. every once in a while, i show her scenes from classic “doctor who.” she loved the tractators from “frontios,” for example (, and thought davros was “funny” when i showed her a youtube compilation of his rants. at any rate, she walked into my room and this happened:
    niece: can we watch the doctor change into another doctor?
    me: what?
    niece: and see all his friends spin around him?
    me: oh! well, last time, we watched the fifth doctor change into the sixth. would you like to see the fourth doctor turn into the fifth?
    niece: yes! i want to see the fourth doctor turn into the fifth.
    i almost wept with joy.

  13. I’m pretty sure ThinkGeek is awesome and I’m kinda jealous that we only got Little Man a couple onsies from there (“I TCPIP but mostly IP,” for example). Perhaps as he gets older we’ll get him more fun things.
    We’ve also geeked out the niece(s)…

  14. I recently said to my friend (of 20+ years), “This is my nephew.”
    “Oh, yes, cool,” says he.
    Then I say, “No, let me restate that, that is my baby sister’s son… my BABY sister’s son!”
    To which he says, “Shiiiiit… we’re old, dude.”
    To which I reply,”iknowright?”
    Oh, and “Get off my lawn, you whippersnappers!”

  15. Oh no! Did Anne hit her head or something? I’m wondering because I can’t think of a single good reason why you shouldn’t have a Twilight Zone pin at your house for the occasional nephew visit. I have 2 pins in my living room (disappointingly neither are Twilight Zone) for the sole purpose of niece and nephew visits. They love me the most or one thousand times because of them. 😉

  16. you know Wil they DID make a ST:TNG Pinball mashine that MIGHT be a better way to go
    if i remember right it was Post borg because i definitely remember a borg cube being in it

  17. Nerdy babies FTW! I haz two of my own. Son (who you’ve met, at PAX when he was teeny weeny) is now 3 and is changes superhero outfits about 300 times a day. Daughter is 6.5 and practically runs her own D&D games, and is writing her own comic books.
    We are happy nerdparents.
    PS I think without the Twilight Zone pinball you will still be the awesomest uncle because DUH you have doggies and dice. Young children need barely anything else. (Food = optional.)

  18. Awesome! 33 is the best age ever. Yes, I’m 33, what is your point? My lil miss Claire got to wear a social distortion onesie and a pink dress with a skull head on it–she is a girl after all. Sadly, the onesie stage has come and gone. She will be two this summer. TWO.
    Oh, and her nickname at the hospital before she was born was Axl. The real name was staying secret. Before that she was “lamp.” #truestory

  19. My niece joined Team Human yesterday. I was told I had to buy practical gifts for the shower (which we didn’t have) but she has a Wonder Woman onesies waiting for her for when she comes home. My loot over at think geek includes the following JLA blocks onsies , Starfleet cadet onsies & rock paper lizard spock bib.
    My question, how long do I wait before I get her the Giant Foam Polyhedral Dice set?

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