I forgot to mention that I’m coming to Australia

This Friday, I'm heading to Melbourne to present Video Games Unplugged with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. The show is going to be amazing: the MSO will play music from games like Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, and Final Fantasy. As the music plays, they'll show the games on a huge screen. And did I mention that it's presented by Scott, Kris, and me? Yeah, that too.

I'm also going to be at Supanova in Melbourne April 13-15, and at Supanova Gold Cost April 20-22.

I've never been to Australia before, and though I'm a little unsettled by the idea of a 16 hour flight, I'm currently about 55% excited, 45% teetering-on-an-anxiety-attack-about-the-whole-thing.

Because of the International Date Line, I leave on Friday, but I don't arrive until Sunday. Then, on the way back, I actually land in Los Angeles four hours before I take off. I'm considering wearing a bowtie and a fez for the trip.

60 thoughts on “I forgot to mention that I’m coming to Australia”

  1. Welcome to the future! Here, cookies are called biscuits, teddy bears are real (but have pointy bits) and we have this stuff called veg-emmitty that looks like axle grease but tastes like yum if at least 3 of your ancestors are convicts.
    Also, dude come to my area next time, and I can arrange bebeh koala loves. For srs.

  2. AVOID VEGEMITE AT ALL COSTS!!! It is truly and thoroughly DISGUSTING!!!
    Everything else about Oz is amazing, lots of rugby, beach, barby (BBQ) and beer, beer, beer.

  3. I’ve done that trans-Pacific trip more than two dozen times (and never once as close as to or from LA – it’s always been ‘get to LA then spend another 5-9 hours sitting in airports and flying around the US’).
    My advice for the Pacific leg is ‘work on destination-time from before you get on the plane, and try to get as much sleep as you can – you’re going to need it to deal with the jet lag’.
    Best of luck and I hope your trip is a fun one – Efrique

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