67 thoughts on “the last eleven years, summed up by one .gif”

  1. When the series finale of TNG was aired and a new series called Voyager was announced, I speculated that it might wind up being the adventures of Wesley Crusher after his . . . (is “transformation” the correct word?)

  2. I finished “Just a Geek” last week and afterwards I was thinking “Wil should write another book, or at least start blogging regularly again…” Hoping to hear stories about Tabletop, Eureka, and BBT. Welcome back!

  3. Mr Wheaton, great to see you back to true form, you have made a WELCOME comeback to popular culture in the 21st Century. I will never forget the first time I saw your acting skills in STAND BY ME, and that alone is worthy of immortality, but you have grown, and more importantly, related to your fanbase. :) For that Mr Wheaton ( can’t call you Wil, don’t know you personally yet . . yet . . :P)

    ALL the best on your future projects and I look forward to your next spot on TBBT. 😀

  4. Yes! And proud to have been camping along with you and every one else as you traversed the InterToobs.

    p.s. I’m a wordpress user, too. Looks like you’ve done pretty well! Don’t forget to install the best security plug-ins you can find.

  5. I assume Star fleet does not allow beards? Way of showing rebellion or being that higher being. As a guy who hates the ritual of shaving and my beard good-o to you Wesley.

  6. Welcome back! I’ve been with you since before the exile and I think the new look is awesome! I also think you’ve been mighty savvy with your overall social media strategy, pre-planned or not. :)

  7. Congratulations! Nice to see you’re on WordPress. It’s easy enough, but allways keep in mind it’s easy enough to bust it as well! Especially that database when it’s on mysql! Keep backups! (i speak of experience. Actually our site (wasted-clan.nl) is busted up right now after me trying to remove an addon that dissapointed in its performance. and guess what…. the backup is gone…)

    Have you thought about if you’d like a small sample of the d00mshine you inspired me to make?

  8. Welcome back, wilwheaton.net. I was definitely reading the blog when you went into exile. It’s good to be reading now when you’ve finally clawed your way out of the grave and back among the living.

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