The 2012 Wiggle Waggle Walk

We got back into Los Angeles late Saturday night (well, early Sunday morning, if you’re going to be all technical, like my parents were when I was in high school and missed my curfew by two goddamn minutes. I FLY THE ENTERPRISE MOM AND DAD I CAN STAY OUT PAST MIDNIGHT GOSH.

Um. Sorry. Yes.

So, we got into our house a little after midnight. It took about an hour to unwind (and snuggle the hell out of our pets, who we missed almost as much as they missed us, if the laps they ran around the house are a unit of missed-you-while-you-were-gone measurement). We woke up at 6, and blearily made our way out of the house around 730. The pets were confused, but Marlowe was excited to GO FOR A RIDE GUYS GO FOR A RIDE GO FOR A RIDE!

We joined a few thousand pet owners and their dogs — almost all of them adopted, and many of them adopted from Pasadena Humane Society — for a walk around the Rose Bowl.

Marlowe had a great time, and with a little help from me, she made a video about it:

I got something in both of my eyes when I made that video — er, I mean, when I helped Marlowe make that video — not just because I stopped to think about how much I miss Ferris and Quincy, or how much joy our rescued pets have brought into our lives, but because thousands of people from all over the world made small and large contributions to our team, helping us raise over $15,000 for pets just like ours.

As of today, all the walkers and teams raised just over $300,000 for the Pasadena Humane Society. More money will come in for the next few days (including another $700 from us for my autographed Stand By Me DVD), and all the money raised will make it possible for countless pets to find forever homes.

So thank you, from everyone here on Team Wheaton, for all your support over the years. You made it possible for me to create some great memories yesterday.

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  1. Great to see people rescue pets – they always deserve a second chance. I’m on my third rescue dog now and although they’re rescue “for a reason” it’s worth the effort to give them this chance of a better life.

  2. I got a little something in my eyes, too.

    What a sweet video. I think if everyone knew the love shelter pups (and kitties) bring to your life, there would be no more shelter pets looking for their forever homes.

  3. Awwwww. What a great video!!! I laughed a lot. Marlowe is such a baby! I mean that in a good way. Going from 100 to 0 and back to 100 in a split second.

    And I teared up for Ferris. I never even met Ferris.

    I virtually binked Luna’s nose. Love me some black cats!

    And I awwwww’d out loud at the picture of Seamus, Watson, and Luna on the couch.

    Great video. Glad your community could help them out so much. :)

      1. You replied to me. That shouldn’t make me so happy, but it seriously did. Thanks.

        If I wasn’t so far from you I would so offer to dog sit when you’re away. I’m a cat person, but I LOVE other people’s dogs. We had a dog visit this weekend. She’s a mopey nervous dog. Not fun like Marlowe. And I bet our black cats would be friends. Mine has the best personality ever. He has two moods. Purring and asleep.

      2. Perhaps Marlowe is part ferret – they are known to have only two speeds, as well. I can attest to this, having been owned by an aptly-named ferret, “Rascal”. The video is wonderful, as is your commitment to rescue animals!

  4. I love that video! Marlowe is a good filmmaker! I kind of wish I didn’t watch it at work – I got something in my eyes too. I hope someone doesn’t come ask me a question for a few minutes. Great job on the video and raising money for PHS.

  5. Loved the video! When I heard about the event, I wanted to do it, but between the distance from us, and the time frame, it just wasn’t doable. Our dogs weren’t rescues (both gotten from friends/neighbors) but they’re both at the center of our hearts. I wish every pet has a good a home as your dogs and ours have.

  6. I’ve had a hard day programming. You (as in the “collective” you) made me smile! Thanks…I feel better now. Guess The Dot and I have waited long enough…time to find a couple of new kitties at OUR shelter!

  7. I’m so proud to have been a part of this. Great video, too. It’s seriously heart-warming to see rescue pets so well-loved.

    I was also pleasantly surprised when the PHS sent me a thank-you letter. All the way to New Zealand too!

  8. Wil I’ve got to say Marlowe is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. I love Tabletop and Eureka *God I miss that one* and I just started watching TNG because of you. Not sure if I’m just a bigger geek now or was just overly prejudiced before. Either way love the show and getting to see you grow up on it. You seem like a really great guy and I am so happy for your success in life. Keep doing wonderful things like shelter support programs and we’ll be behind you all the way.

  9. Very cool video. If PHS doesn’t ask to use that on their site, they are missing out on something (I say this as someone involved in dog rescue myself).

    But I do have to wonder…how much were you noticed or hassled or whatever when you guys were walking with Marlowe? You had mentioned not being able to go on vacation without the stalker photog taking pictures of you. Are you able to do walks like this with your family as just a regular guy, or are people going, “OMG, look! It’s Wil Wheaton!”

    1. The reason that douche in Hawaii was so upsetting (beyond his snotty attempt to be an intimidating bully) was that that sort of thing never happens to me. People are kind and respectful, everywhere we go. At the walk, our pets were the real stars of the day!

  10. Great video…fantastic as always to see responsible caring pet owners promoting awareness about shelters and rescue animals. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos lately of A Famous Dog Trainer (and other so called ‘trainers’) doing things to dogs that are simply abusive. The kinds of things that create behavior problems that land dogs in shelters every day. As a trainer that promotes positive training methods (in my small slice of the world) it gets a bit depressing to see these traditional training methods back in the mainstream when we know there are much kinder and more effective methods of teaching our pets. I feel rallied and hopeful seeing Team Wheaton (and all of the other participants) do so much to raise money and awareness. Adopt, train & LOVE. Thanks guys!

    1. @Stephanie, hear, hear!

      I’m a positive reinforcement trainer, too (in my very own small slice of the world). Talk about depressing, I had a student who was told to use a shock collar on their 4 month old Lab by a *vet* because it wouldn’t stop jumping up!

      A 4 month old pup!

  11. Loved the video! Our kitties are from our local humane society, and it’s wonderful to see such support for animals! Great job on the fundraising!

  12. I got something in my eye when it went to “So dogs like Seamus..and Riley..and Ferris”
    Definitely a great video – and cookies for Marlowe for making it the whole 3 miles without falling asleep!

  13. What a great video, and a great event! It’s so nice to see people pulling together to make shelters better places so more animals can find permanent homes. All my animals are adopted, too, and there’s nothing better than giving a home to a wonderful, loving creature who just didn’t get a great start in life (but lives in the lap of luxury now!). Thanks to you and Anne for being such good people and caring about all the animals so much! (And I would have taken Marlowe home, too, if I’d been in your shoes when they brought her in — what a cutie!)

  14. We have a soft-coated Wheaton terrier named Cody, and he’s just like Marlowe: 0 to Warp in no time. One of my favorite things to do with him is nap (I am a recently-diagnosed thyroid cancer patient, so I have low energy all the time) and he is just a sweetie and he loves laying at my feet.

    I have to say though, your “shrill nerdy teen” voiceover voice is exactly what Marlowe sounded like in my head in that video.

    1. Wheatens are awesome, aren’t they? My Chloe went from near-sleep to warp-9.6-on-my-lap within about 5 seconds of Wil’s video playing.

      (It was kind of hard to take a steady photo. And I had a smudged screen afterwards. Pics: )

      (And I may be a bit biased about Wheatens. :-))

  15. Congrats on supporting a great cause.

    On a side note, I’m not sure if you’ve been made aware, but your site takes an awfully long time to load. It seems to get stuck loading something from as it consistently gets stuck on that for about 45 seconds everytime I visit your site regardless of computer, browser or OS. You might want to possible fix that. I’ll still wait through it to read your posts, but others might not have the patience. :)

    1. That’s really weird. I don’t have anything here that should be loading from that site. I’ll look into it, and if I can’t solve it, I’m sure Mysterious Kevin can. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. Wil, loved the video. I have 2 dogs rescued from the street, one of them after being hit by a car in 2003. They are AWESOME! It’s really nice to see other people doing so much for their pets.

    Now I’ve got a comment about the site. When I click on the comments button of every post (from the home page) the layout looks different, like a mobile theme. Maybe it’s a bug, I don’t know. (I’m running Chrome on Linux Mint 13).

    Here’s a screenshot:

    1. That’s so strange. It doesn’t do that on Chrome for me.

      I have a setting that will autodetect and render for mobile devices, so maybe you have a setting in your browser that’s making the site think you’re mobile?

      Also: Mint is great, isn’t it?

        1. I deactivated the offending plugin. Maybe try clearing your cache and trying again?

          Also: I installed Ghostly on Chrome, and it is as life-changing at AdBlock and NoScript. I can’t imagine using a browser without it.

          1. holy cow….Ghostery has the potential of blocking freekin’ everything! I think I unchecked a total of about 20 out of the 1,056 items one can block in there. Will this really make a difference? (still selecting items as I type this…)

  17. First: Adorable video. :) You have the cutest pets. And love that the cats have figured out dogs are portable hot water bottles.

    But also: How weird, your site formats differently logged in to comment (I’m in Chrome) than not logged in. Formatting works better logged in. I find this strange and peculiar. (not logged in the video was too small to see without making it full screen. Now it looks like a normal YouTube embed.

    Post Comment: I squealed at Anne’s gameboy phone case. Adorable!

      1. Thanks for sharing this video – last December my wife and I rescued a brother and sister cats from our local humane society – they were dropped off there when they were 3 days old – we got them when they were 7 months old – now they rule our lives I had forgotten how animals are more than pets they become family especially when they wait at the door for you to come home – thank you for all you do to raise awareness for pet adoption some famous people pay lip service but you truly live it out in your life!

  18. Awww….cute. Thanks for helping the critters, Wil! You’ll have my support any day. As my rescue dog sleeps under my feet right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. I’m glad that the money went to a local shelter and not HSUS. So many people get them confused and HSUS gives less than 1% of the donations they receive to actual shelters! Thanks for bringing attention to shelter pets!

  20. Adorable video! Is Marlow’s nose really that long or is it the camera angle? Cause it just begs to be booped. Also, why didn’t you take Seamus with you? Just curious.

    And big round of applause for getting up so early after getting home so late from vacation to do the walk. That is what awesome is made of.

    Now excuse me, that thing that seems to be in everyone’s eye has made it’s way here and I gotta go find a tissue.

    1. Seamus is recovering from elbow surgery, so he has to take it easy for another 3 to 4 weeks. He was with us in spirit, though.

  21. I love that video you made. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the ones you lost. I still miss my cat Charlie and it’s only been 5 years since he passed away.

  22. Awesome video. I love that you support rescuing animals… most of my critters have come some shelters, the others were rescued directly off the streets. Totally got something in both of my eyes, thinking of all the ones that have crossed over + how precious the ones still with me are.

  23. That’s nice! It’s nice with cats and dogs! I have three cats, Smulan, Bamse and Sessan!

  24. My heart melted right away at the first image of Marlowe. What a sweetie.
    My husband and I were fortunate to be found by our dog Duke. He was running down a country road, starving and filthy. My husband opened the van door and he jumped in and laid down. We were his people from then on and he is the best most loving dog ever. People who love and care for pet friends are quality people so kudos to you both.

  25. I often judge a man by how he cares for his pets.

    I judge you as ‘Awesome’.

    Hey, I see you are a Linux Mint user? What do you think of Mint 13? It’s the first time I’ve had trouble setting up dual boot, and I’m not a big fan of the Cinnamon fork of Gnome 3. Not customizable enough.

  26. That was priceless and I, too, got a tear in my eye! What a wonderful thing you and Anne do for them……

  27. Great video….there are a couple of 5k Fun Runs for rescue dogs here in Seattle, always a lot of fun.

    Now, for the wordsmith in me – Marlowe is an alumnus of the Humane Society, alumni is the plural. (Alumna is the feminine).

  28. What a great video, gotta a little teary eyed at the end. Thank for helping raise so much money. I am a volunteer for the Pasadena Humane Society, and we talked a little bit as we walked. Like Marlowen said at the end of the video, it is all about finding their forever home.

  29. I watched this video with my 3-year-old adopted kitten asleep on my arm. Thank you for supporting your animal shelter, and getting the word out to others.

    Shelter pets are terrific friends, and worth the effort.

  30. Dude, I don’t know what you put in that video to make my eyes water,but I couldn’t figure out what was in both my eyes!! :) I’m so happy to see rescue pets find their forever homes…and when celebrities use their influence for the betterment/happiness of homeless pets…well…dammit! I have something in my eyes again! Thanks to you and Anne for being awesome and sharing this video!

  31. I know i’m completely missing the point of this entire post but i have to say that “I FLY THE ENTERPRISE MOM AND DAD I CAN STAY OUT PAST MIDNIGHT GOSH.” just elevated your awesomeness to levels to rival the medichlorine levels in Anakin!!

  32. Great video! I now have a new favorite song! Perusing all of Joy Division’s stuff and earlier New Order now. Turns out even Radiohead did a cover of Ceremony. Thanks!

  33. It must be like, super dusty in my apartment, because I think I got something in my eyes, too. What a great video. It made me think about when we got our kittehs, Mr. Bojangles and Flower, from a local HS, and about how much I miss my Flower now that he’s gone. Damn you, Wheaton!

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