You can tell that this is Wil Wheaton Prime and not Evil Wil Wheaton, because I’m not trying to sit in his spot.

It's laminated and everything, so you know it's serious business.

This afternoon, while we were in between scenes during our run through, I asked Kaley and Jim if they’d take a picture with me for the Internet.

I expected Kaley to say yes (she’s all Internetty like I am), and I expected Jim to politely decline (he’s a very private person). I was very surprised when Jim not only said yes, but thanked me for including him.

I was just going to do the “turn the phone around and mush together” picture, but Kaley pointed out that those always look like you just turned the phone around and mushed together, so she got someone to take this picture for us:

Wil Wheaton, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons on the set of Big Bang Theory
You can tell that this is Wil Wheaton Prime and not Evil Wil Wheaton, because I’m not trying to sit in his spot.

You can see so much about how each of us is on the set in this picture: Kaley and I are goofing off like crazy, and Jim is just quietly awesome. I really love these guys. I’m so lucky they’re my friends. Spoiler alert: Jim and I have some fucking fantastic scenes together in this episode.

LeVar Burton is also in this episode, and when we were at craft service this morning, I said, “Check us out. 25 years later, we’re hanging out together in the morning at crafty. This is awesome.”

LeVar high-fived me and said, “it sure is, W.W.”

And I know I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again: thisย is awesome. I get to work with people I love making a show that I’m proud of, that is one of the most popular shows in the English-speaking world.

When you love what you do, the saying goes, it isn’t work … so I guess I wasn’t really at work today. I was at … play?

Whatever you call it, I’m grateful for it.

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  1. You are so lucky to have been on so many awesome shows! I miss Eureka so much it makes me want to scream, but Im glad you landed on BBT! You are awesome on it!

  2. I can’t help myself Wil but since I’ve seen you in your sexy sexy Bermudas all I can think about when I see that picture is rainbows and dolphins and Velociraptors with RPGs and your that hot bod of yours, formed by carefully picked homebrews. Yum.


    Nah I just thought about that other picture because you are making that awesome face again when you are having fun. You looked so happy on the beach with Anne and you look happy again here and every time you post stuff like this it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Damn now that reminded me of the last time I said that when you posted that pic with Anne on your anniversary in wine country.

    And now I feel like a stalker. Gah! *hides*

  3. It strikes me as particularly special when cast and crew come together so coherently as a unit. That you fit in so nicely with the regulars is a testament to them and to you, and we the audience thank all of you for your efforts. Cheers!

  4. [I apologize in advance for gushing, but… It’s just going to happen.] We’re grateful to see you on it. My sister and I have actually had several conversations about how the Sheldon-Evil Wheaton dynamic just WORKS, and how the minor evil of your character makes for a perfect nemesis for someone who thinks of himself as a major force in the world. The caliber of the people who work on that show – from cast and guests to writers and basically anyone who touches it – shows in every episode, which is why it’s so popular. Can’t wait to see your episode!

  5. Wil – I think it’s pretty awesome that LeVar calls you ‘Dub-Dub’ and ‘Double-Dub’, as I’ve seen on multiple videos. Just like people always say (and we tell out young kids) that the nicknames from your real friends will last forever. :-)

  6. Not that I don’t already love Big Bang Theory, but now I’m extra happy knowing they’re going to have cool guest stars again this season! The episodes where they invite our favorite Sci-Fi actors are the best! I have to agree with Gregg Barnes on this…I miss Eureka and it sucks knowing those characters won’t be able to come out and play any more. They were so much fun, just like Big Bang Theory. You always do the best shows.

    In a way, you’re really lucky how your life turned out. You were able to spend time with your family and STILL do something that you love. Thank you for sharing these really cool moments with us and thank Jim Parsons for being rockin’ awesome. I love pics where people show what a great time they are having while they are creating greatness! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. “Jim and I have some fucking fantastic scenes together in this episode.”

    *headdesk* Please, Wil, don’t give the slashers anymore ammunition. I beg of you.

  8. Whew! I remembered my recently changed (from the silly original character string) password! Anyway. Have fun, Wil! I’m sure we will when we see the episode. Evil Wil Wheaton is always a blast, and Fun with Flags, too?!? Fantastic!

  9. Its great seeing you back again, not only at your original home, but on one of my favorite shows.

    Also sad I missed you at PAX, I was so busy working in Expo that I never got to catch up with you. I wanted to drop off a few of my Das Ein’s (Strawberry Wheat Ale’s) that I had made for you to try. Maybe next year!

  10. Wil – Just so ya know: I had never seen an episode of the following shows – until you guest-appeared on them:
    * Eureka
    * CSI
    * Criminal Minds
    * Big Bang Theory
    (I was less “out of touch” than I was forced to watch cooking shows and Sponge-bob with my kids all the time.)

    You have exposed me (sounds dirty, I know) to so many great works of television. Thank you for that. Also – as an ancillary benefit – my (83 years young) mother has been exposed to BBT and absolutely loves it (even though she doesn’t get half the jokes)!

    Don’t forget that I owe you a bottle of Guiness, next time you’re in South Florida.

  11. Wil,

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. It’s posts like this that remind me no matter how shit my life might be “now”, that if you work hard and your kind and chase your dreams you will eventually end up doing what you love. Getting to see that being celebrated publicly is just… it’s pretty inspiring.

    Thank you.

  12. Haha, this is such a great photo – love how it looks like Jim is about to laugh, because he saw Kaley’s somewhat shocked expression after she saw the script that Wil rewrote…and thus Wil is happy because his elaborate plan of making Jim laugh (through shocking Kaley, by the new script), is working. Like I said…looks like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I showed this pic to my mom when it popped up in my twitter feed as she really likes the show. She kindly asked me what else you’d been up to since your Star Trek days (she and my dad both love TNG) and my first response was he makes some awesome looking (and presumably tasting) homebrews. Nevermind your books and other tv work which I did tell her about after the fact…

  14. “Spoiler alert: Jim and I have some fucking fantastic scenes together in this episode.” – Well, duh, of course you have some fantastic scenes together! It’s Wil Wheaton and Jim Parson together again! By definition, it’s fantastic :)

  15. It’s quite popular in Germany, too, but it’s dubbed and everybody sounds horrible and the same (as usual in dubs, everyone has a neutral German voice, there are no individual inflections or regional colourisations). Here‘s a youtube video of the Bowling episode. However, I’m not sure if they used the voice actor who did Wesley in TNG.

  16. Can you please ask someone what that thing is hanging on the post in the background of most of the shots of the living room? It looks like it could be something out of a piano or a deconstructed accordion of something. Noelle and I are goin’ nukinfutz trying to identify that thingy :)

    1. It’s an old fusebox thing. Bill Prady says that all the old electronic stuff around the apartment belongs to Leonard, because that’s stuff he likes to collect.

      1. AH! Thanks! (it’s as if a weight has been lifted off my head). It’s been bugging Noelle and I for a long time – and on “it’s not even!!!” proportions. (that’s something we say to each other to justify finding completion on, pretty much, anything in our home) [having a happy]

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  18. I don’t earn my living acting but I do a lot of community theater and I know *exactly* what you mean. This past spring I did a show where I was nearly running into the rehearsal hall.

    And … is it Thursday yet? Is it?

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