watched over by top men. Top. Men.

If you follow me on Twitter (thank you and I’m sorry), you know that I’ve been aggressively cleaning out my garage for the last three days. I’m building a pretty awesome homebrewery out there, and I have to get rid of all this stuff I’ve collected over the years to make space.

Most of the things I’m getting rid of are old clothes, books and CDs. I’ve also come across a bunch of obsolete bits of technology that are going to be amusing to take to the recycling place.

Mostly, I’ve had a lot of joyous memories as I go through these things. I’ve found things that date all the way back to the late 70s, things from all the stages of my acting career, and things from my writing career. Probably the best feeling I’ve had is getting rid of things that I don’t need any more, and reducing boxes of stuff I’ve hauled around since I was 23 and bought my first house from a dozen to half of one.

(Lots of people on Twitter thought it was hilarious to call me a hoarder, but I actually find that a little offensive. I had so much stuff from so long ago, I wasn’t sure I was prepared to emotionally deal with what I’d find, and it was pretty overwhelming to think about going through it all. Turns out making a brewery is good motivation.)

The best feeling isn’t actually finding these old things I forgot I had, though that’s been pretty great. The best feeling is realizing that there’s a lot of stuff in here I thought was really important to me, but just isn’t. Stuff that I held onto when I was struggling in my mid-20s because it reminded me of when I wasn’t struggling in my early 20s, and stuff I held onto when I was turning 30 because I wasn’t ready to completely let go of my 20s. I feel stupid to realize that I hauled around boxes of useless shit for 15 years for no good reason, except that it was a good reason at the time. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m so happy with my life and the people in it, I don’t need to hold onto something that was, because what is kicks ass. I’m grateful for that, and wanted to write it down before I got distracted by shiny things.

Anyway, I’m going to auction a lot of the things I’ve decided to keep for charity in the near future, so stay tuned if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you want to see whatever stupid thing I unearth next, complete with hilarious trenchant commentary, it’s happening on Twitter, where I’m @wilw.


64 thoughts on “watched over by top men. Top. Men.”

  1. Haters gonna hate, but in the end it comes down to doing what YOU need to do. Take delight in the fact that the wide majority of us are thoroughly enjoying the pics and commentary, and allow the negative comments to roll by. The folks who make those negative comments tend to be the ones who need to find some way to belittle others in a vain attempt to make themselves feel better, thusly running counter to Wheaton’s Law. Violators shall be shunned.

    Keep it up, feed on the vibes from the people who matter, and allow me to turn my avatar on the foolish haters. =)

  2. Wil, thanks for sucking away an hour of my time clicking through all of your 90’s pictures. Made me laugh, some great trinkets in there and you have had one heck of an interesting life. But really – an Atari? Where is your Intellivision or your Coleco? Really .. Atari?

    Kind of like watching/reading the VH1 episode of “I love the 90’s – proud Geek edition”. I did something similar when we moved to Japan a few months ago – doing a massive purge; cathartic and at the same time funny (and I found an old dungeon that I made as a kid too …. so much graph paper and so many notes .. and an old Twilight 2000 map that I made (LOL)).


  3. I have really enjoyed watching you go through your Garage of Holding +3.. You should bring out your laptop and make a video montage of you finding the best stuff. Someday they will produce “I Love the 90’s” tv show and if they didn’t call on you to be one of the experts, something is totally wrong. You : 90’s :: Mo Rocca : 80’s

  4. And here I thought it was your attic you were cleaning, but I guess a microbrewery in the attic wouldn’t be such a great idea…seriously (seriously), thanks for sharing your trip down Memory Lane. There’s nothing like watching someone else clean out their teens-and-twenties crap to make you feel better about your own. :-)

  5. Congrats on the hard work clearing out things that have accumulated over the years, it’s always tough but the goal of a brewery is a worthy one indeed. The stuff you auction for charity will just add to the awesomeness.
    The possibilities are many, more beer storage, dry hopping several things at a time. Perhaps you could even look into mashing your own malt, I do it myself and it gives a slightly more authentic flavour. It’s even rather fun mixing in different kinds of malt that compliment one another and the smell is fantastic.
    I’m sure wheatonbrew will be great.

  6. Be carefull not to throw out to much. I’ve got nothing physical left of the 70’s 80’s or 90’s and little from the 00’s. I am so sad i have nothing left from those days (fire sucks sometimes) and would give a lot to get some evidence i lived back then back. If only to be able to show my son.

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