Christmas time is here…

We did our big Christmas thing last night, with a huge feast, the traditional live tweeting of A Christmas Story, and the joy of being with the people you love most (which is always a good thing, but seems especially joyful this time of year.)

The kids (who are actually adults, but will always be “the kids” to me) woke me up at 10 this morning, and I was grateful for the extra sleep. It turns out that, even when your kids are adults, you still find yourself awake after midnight wrapping presents on the floor with your wife. Holiday tradition and all that, you see.

While I drank my coffe, the dogs and cats got gifts from Santa in their stockings (yes, we’re those people) and accepted them in the usual manner: disinterest from the cats, and excitement measured in megatons from the dogs. After the dogs retreated to their particular spots with their new chew toys, we opened our gifts to and from each other. If you look really hard, you can see the greatest thing in the world that Anne got me.

While my kids opened their gifts, I replayed nearly two decades of Christmas mornings together.  I remembered their joy and excitement when they got a bike or a basketball or the new Harry Potter thing. I remembered being so exhausted from staying up most of the night to assemble something I could hardly see straight, but being so happy when Ryan or Nolan exploded with joy upon opening it. There were bikes and rollerblades and skateboards and basketball hoops and remote controlled cars, and even though all of those things are long gone, the memories we built together on every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — the joy of being with the people we love — endure.

I’m so grateful to be with my family today, and so proud of the young men Anne and I raised. All I wanted for Christmas was to be with my family, and Santa delivered. Big time.

9 thoughts on “Christmas time is here…”

  1. While I’m so happy and grateful to be with my family today, I keep thinking about the families in Newtown who were planning to spend Christmas with their little children, and how they’ll never get to do that, ever. I keep thinking about the unopened presents, and the hole that will never be filled in their lives.

    Take a moment today, hold them in your thoughts, and then hold the people around you. Hold them as tightly as you can.

  2. Well said, as always, Wil. I told my wife and son today that my best gift is their presence in my life. Sure, we exchanged some stuff, but time spent together is priceless. I am grateful that I have that opportunity, and am holding in my heart all those who will not be able to have their loved ones with them.

  3. Wil – I love that you share your happiness and thoughts with the world on these here internets. You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar.

    Here’s to another year of not being a dick! Cheers!

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