Dogshaming Marlowe. Again.

I woke up this morning to the sound of Anne making the awful noise you make when something you like is destroyed by your puppy.

Anne, being the amazing person that she is, turned this particular troop of lemurs into lemurade:

Of course, I can’t be too mad at Marlowe, because Anne did do this to her while I was out of town this weekend:

I’m calling this one even.

39 thoughts on “Dogshaming Marlowe. Again.”

    1. I can’t, because I don’t own it.

      However, now that you mention it, someone should make dog-sweater versions of it. Because OMG right?

  1. In the antler pic Marlowe has the “Am I doing this right?” look.

    Cute – even if she did have to wear antlers.

    My dog once destroyed our couch cushions, and we couldn’t afford a new couch right away so we just had to turn them over.

    I miss that dog though!


    There’s also a kid variant, of course.

    My favorite story about putting pets in ridiculous costumes was the long haired dachshund that my parents had when I was in high school. They put these little red boots on him. He clearly hated them. After humiliating him for a while, they put them back in the box and put the box on top of their dresser in the bedroom. Some time later, they noticed odd scratch marks on the dresser. It had been so long it took them a while to figure it out. The dog had gone in there and launched himself at the dresser until he was able to knock the box down. He utterly obliterated the boots and most of the box. They found parts of the box in another room. So, he had not only achieved jumping to heights that we’d never seen him manage. He also knew to destroy them so completely that he’d never have to suffer that humiliation again and moved the evidence. He was definitely one of our smarter pets. RIP General, you cagey boot hating bastard.

  3. Okay, now do you have any small humans you want me to pull?

    Poor Marlowe looks so ashamed of her exuberance in the first photo. Poor thing, just thought there was something inside.

    1. I’m pretty sure that abomination was made my a machine that was killed with fire when the last one rolled off the line.

      1. Wait–the Infamous Clown Sweater was made by an Embroider-Bot? That’s so cool! They’re basically 2D CnC computer-driven sewing machines that can embroider any pattern that you want. The machines come with software that will render a photo as a pattern and then sew it.

        But yeah, a doggie Clown Sweater would cool, or a dog (or cat) Westley Crusher-collection Iron Maiden sweater. Hmm…

        1. Goddammit, you people are making me want to knit a dog sweater. This is a wholly unique sensation. I live in Texas! Dogs don’t wear sweaters! Dogs look at our sweaters and say “Dude, why do you even own a sweater?”

          1. What part of Texas do you live in? I was born and raised in Texas (DFW area and the Houston) and, believe me, you can bet my Pibbles wore sweaters in the brief winter we had.

  4. Sir Wil, as I sit here enjoying a Brasseurs du Temps “Diable au Corps” Imperial IPA after a gruelibg day at work, I marvel at your ability to rain mirth and merriment down upon the World. All I can say is “Thanks dude. I so needed that.”

  5. But now Marlowe has learned a very valuable lesson … sweaters that appear to be empty, most likely are empty.

    However, due to puppyhood, her ability to recall such lesson at a future date is most decidedly non-zero. Sorry Anne. :-(

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