you are hearing me talk

Boy, this week really got away from me, didn’t it?

I’m working on some of those exciting-but-secret projects I work on from time to time, and that means no brain cycles left to write the things I want to write.

So, rather than write nothing until I can write what I want to write, I will offer up a link to my friend Shane Nickerson’s podcast — helpfully titled The Nickercast — which includes me talking to Shane and his co-hosts for about 90 minutes. We discussed creativity, depression, Weird Internet Bullshit™, and how they all mash together to create the fabric of our lives.

Oh, and here’s a picture I took after a meeting at Geek and Sundry earlier this week. The cast of Learning Town was getting drunk for some reason.

Drunk Puppets



15 thoughts on “you are hearing me talk”

  1. I listened in and really enjoyed it! (thanks for the twitter link btw)

    I also wanted to call in, but chickened out. I have recently started to read Just a Geek, and am only a few chapters in. The strife and turmoil you had in the early years was a really hard time for you. Now though, things have turned and your life and career are in an upswing (to what I can figure). You’re finally one of the popular kids, or atleast one of the most popular in your crowd of geeks & nerds. I’ve heard you are “king of the internet” and to me, You : 90’s :: Mo Rocca : 80’s . There is no doubt of your fandom in all areas of what you do. I am curious as to what you think was the turning point or shift was that has made all the AWESOME that you are today, since those really hard days when you were younger?

  2. I listened live last night. I didn’t call in ’cause a) I’m a dork who automatically thinks I’ll say something dumb and b) the teeny kid was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him.

    Instead, I just sat there tweeting some of the awesome things that were said.

  3. Thank you all for the wonderfully honest and straightforward conversation about “creative types” and depression.
    Through the help of good therapists, I learned that I’m a “highly sensitive person” (a term coined by Elaine Aron), and my favorite way to explain what’s behind this is the Orchid/Dandelion Hypothesis by David Dobbs (Dec. 2009, Feb. 2012, March 2012).

    Thank you again and again for your honesty, and I’m very glad your fucks drawer is empty.

  4. Interesting and illuminating, as usual. I admire your candour in speaking openly and frankly about depression, you carry on the good fight, sir! You have changed lives, know that!

  5. I caught you on the Big Bang Theory and noticed you played yourself very well — especially sparring with Jim Parsons that had to be some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. Come across anyone like that in real life?

    1. I wonder if “secret project” is code for “opening my own brewery”. I would totally stop at Wheaton’s Ale House if I were ever in LA. There would have to be board games available to play, and the Wall of Fame on display. it would probably end up being some sort of geek mecca

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