a crazy idea

People keep asking for a book of my stupid Twitter conversations with my pets and other things that shouldn’t be able to actually speak.

If I hired some of my cartoonist friends to illustrate them, would you spend cash money on that book?

Also, this is (I think) the first “aside” I’ve done in WordPress. I don’t know what that means in this context.

145 thoughts on “a crazy idea”

  1. Yes, I would.

    And I would also love to contribute a comic (for free) if you’d find it good enough, just because I adore those conversations. (I’m sure many a fan would love to contribute, sort of like that charity comic “Team Cul De sac”)

    I registred just to let you know.

  2. Yes, indeed. I have always loved these little scenes, and I think they’d turn into something quite fun and special if all brought together.

  3. I would happily give cash money for that, your talking dog tweets are the best. I read them to my dogs to ask what they think. FYI they usually agree with your dogs.

  4. That would save me a whole lot of Christmas shopping!!! I am always trying to share your “conversation” tweets with my family. So, a book would be a great way to bring it to life for them.
    And I love the idea of tying it in with an animal fund raiser.

  5. I agree with a few others here, I would definitely buy the book and I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for a fundraiser for an animal shelter (I know you frequently work with the Pasadena Shelter) . I love the idea too of including photos of the animals with little voice bubbles maybe a mix between that and cartoon drawings.

  6. I like the pet charity idea – make sure to put some in your pocket for the work? I’d also like to nominate the twitter where Anne put in fireworks with lots of pew pew lines and thingies and you responded with BUTTS in the same fashion. Because I’m twelve.

  7. Yeah, that sounds genius. I’d especially love to see Mary Cagle of Kiwi Blitz in there. Check out her tumblr, cubewatermelon.tumblr.com. Very anime, positively adorable.

  8. First: I agree with the suggestions of including conversations with Anne and/or Ryan. It could fit thematically, too: Adventures in Wheatonland or something.

    Second: I also support the portion-of-the-proceeds-to-charity idea, though I’d like to see you get some pocket lining as well.

  9. I am one that has tweeted you about this in the past, and yes, I would kick it, or buy it, or whatever it is the kids do these days to obtain merchandise online.

  10. I’m not sure a book is the right medium. Please consider this: Place around with the idea of a weekly cartoon. Partner with an animator, see what people’s reaction is, fine tune-the work and then publish a “best of” book once you’ve got things moving.

  11. Have you considered also taking submissions from nobody cartoonists who arent your friend yet? See how I said yet there? I am pretty alright and I draw the crap out of a sheep

  12. Yes.

    Here’s my wallet. Take what you like, give back what you think I should keep. ThIs way, I get a book out of it. When the IRS does it – not so much. Although they do give me a very nice (albeit boring) booklet on *how* I’m supposed to give them my wallet. So there’s that…

  13. Two thoughts:

    1) From a market research perspective, please remember that these responses are heavily biased toward those who would say “yes.”

    2) To help balance it out: honest answer? No, I wouldn’t spend money on it. I would, however, regularly view an (advertiser-supported) website/app that displayed and/or serialized them. (hint, hint…)

    1. You could always do both. Most web comics print a book of the online content plus bonus content. Many people who follow web comics still like to hold a book while reading.

      Just a thought.

  14. In a heartbeat! Those are hilarious, and I’ve missed so many due to the transient nature of Twitter.

    Btw, I tried registering to comment from three different locations (work computer, iPhone on 3G, and home computer) and all failed due to “banned IP” and “blocked by Sabre” errors. Twitter registration worked fine. Just a heads-up.

  15. I would spend debit money on it. I don’t like cash money, it seems to disappear as soon I have it. Debit money does too, but I don’t have to watch it disappear. In short, yes I would spend money on it, but not cash. :) It sounds awesome. Like Garfield, only good.

  16. I would buy a book rather than encourage a web-comic (for lack of a better word) because you have the material for the book already. But, it is a finite amount with randomly occuring additions as the mood/pet strikes you. This is great for a book. However, I can’t help but feel that if you were creating a website, after the initial finite number of events were transcribed to it, that you would feel pressured to come up with more as opposed to just letting them happen. This would, I feel, lessen the joyous spontaneity of them.

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