a crazy idea

People keep asking for a book of my stupid Twitter conversations with my pets and other things that shouldn’t be able to actually speak.

If I hired some of my cartoonist friends to illustrate them, would you spend cash money on that book?

Also, this is (I think) the first “aside” I’ve done in WordPress. I don’t know what that means in this context.

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  1. Depending on price, I would be interested in this. They would make great single or three paneled comics. If not a book, they’d make great occasional comics to post on here.

  2. Would you consider opening it up to random fly-by cartoonist attacks?

    And do you have a central repository of the specific twitter posts, or do we need to filter through ALL the twitterawesomenocityness of Wil Wheaton?

  3. Sadly, I would not buy a physical book since I don’t live in the US and I don’t like paying more for shipping that for my purchase itself.
    But if you give us some digital version, I’m in.

  4. what if you did it in the style of “Convos with a 2 year old” and instead of people, you use taxidermy with voice bubbles. I’m sure Bonnie & Jenny can help you with casting.

  5. How about a collection of some of the ideas posted? Announce a contest that has people submit cartoons/photos to illustrate your tweeted conversations (with whomever) and you post your favorite. Then Compile a collection of the best that will be sold for charity (cuz seriously you must be living pretty high off of that big bang theory cash by now).

  6. I love four panel comic books (yes, in book format) and the idea of your pet tweets illustrated sound interesting, so basically just Shut Up And Take My Money!!!!

  7. As much as I do enjoy reading them on twitter and FB I don’t think I would buy a book of them. Regardless of how well drawn or animated the pictures were.

    I follow you because I find the more provocative thoughts you have in regards to social issues or even the interactions you have with fans and haters to be worth my dollars. I will gladly purchase your next collection of blog entries because they give me something to consider and think about at times. When I saw you in Calgary and you signed my copy of “Just a Geek” I thanked you for the passage you shared about your aunt passing. It related so well to myself and when my mom passed.

    Trivial tidbits like “Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? BALL!!!” I don’t feel are your best work. Entertaining for the moments but that’s it. A friend of mine would call it “Jelly donut reading” Good while you read it, but you don’t feel full when your done and don’t really want another.

    All that being said if you could finance it on say Kickstarter, go for it. Get people to put their money upfront and that way when you hit your goal you can know that your putting out a product that people really want and you can have fun while your doing it.

    Thanks Wil


  8. I know you are already in touch with amazing people in your industry, but may I be so bold to direct you to the wisdom and awesomeness of Kevin Smith (yes, the guy who made Clerks – I know, THAT Kevin Smith). He has amassed a wonderful collection of ways to make a living off of just being himself in the most efficient way possible. The people that love Kevin Smith aren’t just the fart joke people. There are people who love him for his “realness” in an industry that can eat you up if you let it. They like hearing from him, they like sharing his life in a non-direct interactive way much like your blogs, videos and tweets. If you’re looking for ways to start a solid “for when I’m old and gray” fund in an easy, natural manner see if you can take a meeting with him and talk about how he does it. I imagine the basics would be the same. He’s done exactly what you’re thinking about – creating a way for someone to enjoy all your thoughts and your life by condensing it into a volume that can be purchased by those who can’t necessarily access the Twitter stream every day.

    About the book idea, I’m SURE if you put it to a Kickstarter vote, you’d get the support you need to make it a reality. :)

  9. I really would like to give you money for the audio version of “Just A Geek.” I bought the CDs many moons ago but have found I lost a few of them and didn’t save an MP3 backup. I really would like to give you money for an MP3 version so I can listen again with my SO who hasn’t had a chance to read it yet. I have a physical copy of the book (signed by you in Brookline, MA in 2006!) and an incomplete set of the CDs right now. Any chance you’re going to set up a way for me to buy your audiobooks? Please? I really would like to give you money and would love a chance to buy your other books I don’t have. I suffer from chronic daily migraines, so physically reading things can be very painful. I adore audiobooks and loved listening to “Just a Geek” back in the day and would love a chance to listen again. Please consider finding a way to host the MP3 downloads or let me know if there is any possible way I can give you money for a copy. Thanks, Wil.

    Happy birthday from the future! (on the East coast it is your birthday already!)

  10. I have to echo some of the “honest answers” below and say, if I’m honest to myself, probably not.

    I think you’re quite entertaining. I think the idea is good, because you’re rather witty and you know some fantastic cartoonists. I’ve also seen similar ideas, sans célébrité, with different context, and it was quite amusing.

    But I just don’t see myself going out of my way to buy a copy.

    But a website, something I could add to my almost-daily check-ins via Google Digg Reader? Absolutely! And if said site produced a book, and a link to purchase said book was posted prominently on said site for some length of time, said me might eventually be arsed enough to click through and buy a copy of said book.

  11. so if they piss you so much so why go to them especially Chiller because it would better off without you and the rest of stars just maybe it could gp back to the orginal show which was for sci-fi and fanasy modeling with a few scream queens added on.

  12. I agree with most of the above comments. If the price is kept low enough, I’d buy it! :) Maybe even do separate ones, one for the dogs and one for the cats. Also, Anne needs to do one for her Vandeleyes!

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