dftba records and me

It's What You LoveI just realized that I didn’t tell the Internet that I recently joined forces with Hank and John Green, and have some cool merch at dftba.com, like Don’t Be A Dick t-shirts and It’s What You Love posters.

So now you know, and if you’re of a certain age, you’ll insert the appropriate GI Joe line here.

10 thoughts on “dftba records and me”

  1. You kind of did. You mentioned in your “various things including beer, w00tstock, comicon, and the humble bundle” I loved some of those posters. I would be AWESOME if you sold them at your table so they could be signed as well.

    PS More GI Joe references plz

  2. I hope the It’s Not What You Love design will be available for t-shirts! I would like to get one for my daughter – the little nerd girl from the panel in Denver. I think she would live in that shirt. Ever since Denver, she’s watched every episode of TableTop, and every Sunday, we load up in the car and head to a local gaming store to try out a different game with some of her buddies.

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