one of the simple joys in life

Marlowe Fireplace

Last night, Marlowe discovered the simple joy of falling asleep in front of the fireplace. Anne and I binged on four episodes of Mad Men, and I think Marlowe got up once the entire time.

12 thoughts on “one of the simple joys in life”

  1. I know Marlowe enjoyed it. I myself enjoy reading while sitting by the fireplace, a glass of wine at hand and my dog at my feet. Although, once she was nearby when I lit the gas logs and the Wooosh! scared her so much that it took 20 minutes to get her to come back and lay down.

  2. There’s nothing quite as content as a pet snoozing in front of a fireplace. We haven’t done a fire in a couple of years because we’d gotten three new kittens and I was afraid one of them was not bright enough to not try crawling into the fire. Maybe now that they’re older and calmer, we’ll have to have the chimney cleaned/checked and give it another try. I know the elder cats would be thrilled to have a chance by the fireplace again. Plus, I’m a firebug and love staring into a roaring fire too.

    BTW: I think that your blog has a case of dandruff, Wil. 😉

  3. There are very few things in life as wonderful and lovely as sitting by a fire and feeling the warmth cover you like a blanket. I have to tell you that that picture is perfect!

  4. I love sitting by the fire and listening to Christmas carols. My dog, Lulubelle is by my feet and my cat, Cat, is in my lap.

  5. As a child I had a dog that loved to sleep by the fireplace. Eventually we had to change the fireplace and installed a woodstove. My dog continued sleeping as always until one day he burned a small patch of fur. Yes, he did sleep too much close, and yes, he didn’t care.

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