RPGs to play with your kids

I just found out about the latest Bundle of Holding, which is a collection of amazing RPGs that you can play with your kids. This is the perfect way to introduce your children to roleplaying games, and you can do it for about five bucks.

Check it out:

Adventurer! The fellowship of Friends and Family brings you a large assortment of tabletop roleplaying games especially designed to introduce young players to the joys of roleplaying. With these .PDF ebooks, parents can teach these introductory games to their kids, and the kids can learn and play some of these games all by themselves. For just US$5.95, you get all the rulebooks in our core collection as DRM-free .PDFs:

  • Hero Kids: An ideal introduction to fantasy roleplaying for children aged 4 to 10.
  • Mermaid Adventures: Exciting undersea adventures and strange mysteries. (Ages 6-11.)
  • The Princes’ Kingdom: Young heirs to the throne of Islandia, visiting the citizens of their land and solving problems. This bundle is the first .PDF version of The Princes’ Kingdom sold anywhere! (Ages 5+, plus an adult.)
  • Happy Birthday, Robot!: The charming storytelling game by Daniel Solis for families or classrooms. (Ages 9+ — and especially good for grownups.)

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $13.06, you’ll level up and receive our entire collection of bonus games:

  • Adventures in Oz – Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: A loving journey into the lands of L. Frank Baum. (Ages 8+.)

  • Camp Myth: The RPG: Third Eye’s adaptation of the Chris Lewis Carter YA novel series about mythic creatures at summer camp. (Ages 8-13.)

  • Project Ninja Panda Taco: Jennifer (Jennisodes) Steen’s game of competing Masterminds and their biddable Minions. (Ages 8+.)

  • School Daze: It’s high school the way you wish it could be. (Ages 13+.)

  • The Zorcerer of Zo: Chad Underkoffler’s classic game of fairy tales set in the Zantabulous Land of Zo. (Ages 5+.)

There’s just about 20 hours left on the sale, so get on this while the getting’s good, as they say in those old movies.

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    1. If we can get funding for season three, I would LOVE to do an episode that features kids playing games for kids. A family episode would be really great.

        1. Seconded, definitely.

          Then again, the current crop of episodes has stocked my shelves with at least five games bought for the kids in the near future. 9 loves Munchkin and Kings of Tokyo. 5 and 7 like Catan (junior), 5 loves that Takenoko panda.

      1. Awesome idea but, if you did that, all I would hear is ” Mommy, I want to be on Tabletop”. She loves your show.I even posted a pic of her to SeenOnTabletop.She was playing Pandemic with her stuffies.

      2. My niece (7) and nephew (5) adored your Castle Panic episode, and we’ve played the game a few times together. I’d love to see what other board games you would aim at kids!

  1. Hey, have you played the new Firefly game yet? I’m wondering how it will be for my 11-year-old.

    Also, I concur with the Tabletop for Kids episode (or three.)

    1. I got to read the rulebook for that at a con recently but didn’t get a chance to play it. My experience of “adaptation” games is 50/50 mixed. Any good?

  2. those of us around in the early 90s might also have the rulebook of “Toon” lying around on a shelf…and if not, SJGames might have a few leftover (or you can buy the PDF)…

    …or did kids not watch enough of those kinda cartoons for that game to be funny anymore?

  3. I tried introducing my kids to RPGs last year with Hero Kids and it’s a good game. I think my kids would really get into it if I weren’t such a shitty DM.

  4. I’ve played several sessions of Hero Kids (part of the bundle) with my 8 year old daughter, and yesterday my 4 (almost 5) year old daughter joined us! It’s a great game for kids, and I heartily recommend it. This is a great deal if folks are looking to get their kids into RPGs.

  5. Now I’m mad, because I bought a Bundle of Holding as a gift, and it wasn’t until after the sale that they made it clear they won’t be offering the bundle that I purchased to my gift recipient, but whatever package they happen to be selling when the recipient redeems. :( I’ve asked for my money back instead.

  6. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been wondering when a good time to introduce my 5 year old to RPGs was, and lo and behold, there’s a few in here for that age group. Bought this bundle, and the Settlers of Catan Junior game, so I know what we’re doing as a family over the holidays.

  7. I started my (then) 10-y-o off with the D&D Starter Set that was out a couple of years ago. He’s progressed nicely into 4th-ed over the intervening 2 years, also enjoying Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds at conventions. I’m running a campaign for a friend, her kids and my son, but the next step is to get him to DM for his friends himself… (frees up time for me to brew more beer!)

  8. Just bought this! I love this so much! My son is 8 years old and we’re trying to get him into RPG gaming. We just recently had him make a FATE character for a game my husband is trying to get enough players for. My son, David, loves the idea and I know he’ll really like these kid friendly games.

  9. This is awesome Wil – I’ve been searching a long time for some RPGs I can play with my kids (I have 4). I’m purchasing the bundle right now.

    On a side note, I know you mentioned some time ago wanting to do a “Tabletop-like” show that featured more RPGs. I’m a writer for the Shadowrun rpg – I wrote the GM Chapter for the latest rulebook – so if I can help in any way to make that happen and get Shadowrun involved let me know!

  10. “Wil Wheaton: Bringing Families Together Through RPGs”.
    Good man, Wheaton. Good man.

    By the way, I have a series on my blog called “5×5 With The Hook” that I started to shine a positive light across the web in an attempt to dispel the darkness cast by those nasty trolls that seem to be everywhere these days.

    5×5 poses five random, whimsical, just plain fun questions to guests.
    Interested, Wheaton?

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