19 thoughts on “I Will NOT Apologize for Making Another Stupid Rick Grimes Dad Joke Meme.”

    1. I was trying to be low key and not be that person that points out the typo by being cool about pointing out the typo so that not everyone else came here and pointed out the typo, oh forget it… This isn’t even the right log in picture. My legacy shall live on!!! Also, typo.

  1. Reminds me of my dad’s favorite, every time we used to drive past a cemetery: That place is so popular people are just dying to get in there!

  2. My dad’s (still to this day) favorite is:
    Me:”I’m going to run to the store”
    Him: “It’d be easier/quicker if you drove.”

    PS: Love all the dad joke references! Where’s all the mom’s who be representin’?

  3. Darn you Wil. I think you have damaged my sub-conscience. I keep having random flashes of “MARTIAN Van Buren. Carl…”

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