I’m ready for dream time, Mister Bubbles

I continue to have way more fun with my Makerbot than I ever thought possible.

A few days ago, I printed out a Big Daddy figure, from one of my favourite video games of all time, Bioshock. I used a glow-in-the-dark filament, and the result looks like this:

3d-printed big daddy

3d-printed big daddy glows in the dark

I got the model from Thingiverse. It took 16 hours to print, and I used supports, 5% infill, .1mm layer thickness, and 2 shells. I sliced it in Makerware.

You may notice that some of the pipes around his head are messed up. That’s not the fault of the model, that’s my fault. When I was cutting off the supports, some of them snapped off (probably because it needed more infill to be stronger) and I had to put them back together with epoxy. I don’t really mind that those pieces are a little weird, though, because it gives the impression to me that this particular Big Daddy has been stomping around Rapture for a really long time.

Eventually, I’ll start making practical things, but until then, I’ll be busy making beautiful toys and models, because I can.


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  1. Probably not. However, if we get funding for season three, I think it would be cool to print a custom trophy for each episode, with something that’s thematically relevant to the game we played.

  2. Wow, a custom trophy sounds amazing! Glad you’re having fun with the printer – I’m having a great time seeing what you create. I loved the Maltese Falcon – was it as tall as the one from the movies?

  3. Maaaan. I’m pretty sure I need to get myself one of these. Yet another multi-thousand-dollar unavoidable expense. Sigh. Do you recommend the Replicator 2 or the Replicator 2X? Is the dual-color ability really worth it?

  4. I have the 2, and I really like it. I suppose having the dual color ability would be really great, but since I’m only building from existing models, I don’t know how much of a difference that would make for me, since I don’t know how many dual colour models are available.

  5. Screw practical. 3D printers are obviously quite cool. Your best thing is still the Maltese Falcon you made earlier.

  6. I don’t mean to pry if you don’t want to answer, but above, you said “[…] if we get funding for season three [of Tabletop][…]”. Is there any reason to be concerned, or is it just a matter of ‘G&S hasn’t made any decisions about next season, so while it’s likely it will get renewed, you don’t want to assume anything’?

  7. thanks to tabletop, received castle panic from wife and daughter for christmas. just happened to be browsing thingiverse the other day and found this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:139402 . lucky for me, the tech ed department at the school i teach at has a replicator 2 and i’m hoping the tech ed teacher can set me up.

    also, if you’re up to it, check out edh (or commander) for magic. 100 card singleton decks that are of your own making and a ton of fun to play.

  8. What sort of useful things do you think you might make?

    Also, the Maltese Falcon was a McGuffin. That means your MakerBot is a McGuffin generator and if you were to print out an egg, you would have an Egg McGuffin.

  9. You’re not our bitch, and you’re not a machine, and I don’t mean to dictate how you spend your day, but PLEASE try your hand at Sparks McGee when you decide to start making your own designs. Enjoy your new toy!

  10. I want a Makerbot to make spare HO scale locomotive and railcar shells so I can custom paint them for my own fictional railroad.

  11. Hey Wil, does the Makerbot support water-soluble support material? If it does, it can drastically reduce damage to the model because you simply drop the completed hulk in a bucket of water overnight and the supports just dissolve away. I’m an engineering technologist, and this has always been the easiest way to instantly produce better prototypes.

    1. The Replicator 2X does. That’s the primary new feature moving from R2 to R2X, the dual-nozzle ability. I think there’s an automatic setting to print the model in real plastic and the supports in the water-soluble stuff.

  12. You’re a big kid wrapped in an adult’s packaging, aren’t you, Wheaton?
    Good for you!
    Have you given any thought to my “interview” request? (My 5×5 series)
    You’re eternal optimism and childlike sense of wonder would be a perfect fir for my blog.

  13. Are you willing to trade/share templates? If you’re concerned with (and it’s understandable) maintaining credit, is there a way to place identity so it is obviously YOUR work and lock that “signature” down?

  14. Right in the feels, Wil. I remember when I started looking at my stepfather less as a parent and more as a peer – it was a wonderful feeling; I just wish I’d matured enough mentally to do so far sooner. You are both very lucky.

  15. Fir?
    My apologies for referring to you as a tree, Wil Wheaton.
    But my request is still valid, I hope.
    Your presence would buoy my readers’ spirits.
    I’m sure all five of them would appreciate it.

  16. This would be great to use for replacement board game pieces! You could make cool little guys instead of the coloured wooden blocks you sometimes get.

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