I am *so* easily amused.

See, because mushrooms are a fungus, and the plural of fungus is fungi. Which is a homophone for fun guy.

Good morning, Europe.

Good Afternoon, Australia.

Go to bed, North America.

19 thoughts on “I am *so* easily amused.”

  1. True Story: we had a teacher at upper (high) school called Mr Mold and whenever we had lessons with him I’d say to my friend “he’s a fun guy to be with”. Unfortunately my otherwise very bright and clever (she has a PhD in chemistry) friend never got the joke until a couple of years later. Naturally, I’ll never let her live that one down.

  2. Yes that oldie is growing fungus on it! haha…

    Hey a bit off topic but I watched s7e10 of big bang. always enjoy your scenes. 1. Not allowing the whistle was too harsh. would have been nice to see a good gesture for a change. 2. Is that writer dialogue or is there truth in the star trek part of the scene? I for one always liked your character and all crew not withstanding, absent yours or spiner’s character NCC would have perished plenty of times… Was it that harsh for real? People need to get a grip. You were hysterical in “the naked now” tribute remake episode. Plenty of great footage and considering you gave up a lot in your childhood to provide the filming it’s kind of ungrateful to be critical towards you. My two cents anyhow…

  3. maybe it was the whole filtered edge equipment in Asia that got the omission? (possibly would have been in vain?) lolz Don’t worry, USA to follow very soon!

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