tuesday morning

It was just after midnight, but thanks to the heatwave we’re having, it was still unseasonably warm. I walked comfortably in my T-shirt along a tree-lined street, the scent of orange blossoms filling the air.

A few miles away, cars on the freeway created a sort of white noise that I could pretend was a distant river. I looked into the sky, and saw Mars, red and beautiful above Vega, so bright it nearly outshone the brilliant white star.

I walked through the warm night, replaying the incredible events of the last few days, marveling at how lucky I am to be who and where I am. I walked into my house, and my dogs greeted me at the door. After inspecting me in the usual fashion, they trotted back into my bedroom, where I’d soon be competing for a spot on my bed with them. My wife was asleep, and I gently kissed her forehead before I got ready for bed.

I woke up this morning before my alarm, my head resting against my puppy’s head, who was sound asleep and snoring to my left. I moved, and she grumbled, stretched her legs, and snuggled back into me. From the foot of the bed, I heard Seamus’ tale thump, and I heard Riley walk into our bedroom, her nails clicking on the wood floor. I opened my eyes and looked to my left. Anne was already out of bed, and likely out of the house. I arched my back, stretched my legs, and kissed Marlowe on her little puppy forehead. Riley had arrived to the side of my bed and looked at me with her I’M A DOG face.

I stayed in bed for a few more minutes, before getting out, petting my dogs, letting them out, making coffee, and getting into my office to start my day.

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  1. That’s beautiful, Wil. I’ve taken a lot of things from the stories you post here, not least courage to engage with my own depression issues, and seek help with them. Then once in a while, you write things like this, and it’s a wee ray of hope that there are nice lives to be had, even in this bollixed-up day and age. Thank you.

  2. These are your blog posts that I love the most. The miniature looks into a life where you really seem comfortable in your own skin, and happy in your place in the universe.

  3. Sounds like an amazing way to wake up! Although Seamus’ tale creating a thump noise sounds oddly suspicious. Has city council mandated that all tales now create thump noises? If so, my blood stone circle isn’t as prepared for any tales being told as I thought it was…

  4. Reading this put a smile on my face. The sweetness of the little things in life. I know that starting the day with a kiss to my kitty’s forehead is a harbinger of good things to come. Thanks for the reminder that these are the good things we have been waiting for.

  5. Always nice when you can take 5 minutes to appreciate the good things you’ve got around you. I love the morning greet I get from our two little dogs. Many excited. Much happy.

  6. Lovely thoughts, as ever.

    Today’s post particularly reminded me of a friend who used to say that there were only three prayers: “Thank You,” “Wow!” and “Help.”

    Reading about your morning, I suddenly realized that you essentially have three types of posts – the same as those prayers. You express gratitude for the life you’ve been able to lead, the people and opportunities you have; you call our attention to something awesome, or describe something awesome you experienced, and; or you put out a call for us to come to the aid of a cause or person.

    Today, I want to thank you for this post of “Wow!”, and the implied “Thank You” that it invokes.

  7. Possibly Spica rather than Vega?? Could be wrong on my part. Having Torpedo Extra IPA #2 before dinner.

    1. Definitely not Vega — planets are (basically) only ever found in the constellations of the zodiac and Vega is in Lyra. Assuming it was this morning, it was Spica.

  8. Just a quick note (pardon the pun) but if you can hear a dog’s nails clicking on the floor, that’s a pretty good sign they need to be trimmed. Time for a Pawdicure…

  9. Hey wil i’m sure you enjoyed your walk i’m sure it was Pretty warm its Nice up here in Santa BarBara.

  10. A pleasure to read. I have 3 dogs–Buoy,Guiness, and Starla who herd me down the hall so I can feed them. They erupt in frenzied barking when our neighbor shuts his car door. Yet they totally missed the raccoon who’s moved her family to our attic!

  11. The thing most notably missing from your description of your morning? Anxiety and stress. It’s so impressive that you can be in the business that you are and still take the time to smell the roses. And not only smell them but describe the experience in a way that lets us leave our depression,anxiety, and stress behind and be there with you.

  12. Those are the best mornings. I work in rescue and it has been a rough month, hearing this just reminds me why I stick around. Love the peace and joy our fur kids can bring into our lives. Reminds me that the big picture is helping to create your kind of connection between animals and people. I too live with depression and Its these moments in life that make everything right. :)

  13. Beats how I get woken up by two Maine Coon cats. Reilly thinks he is Desi Arnez and plays bongos on the closet door. Sprite thinks she is Beverly Sills and sings Cat Opera off key in my ear…loudly. But still, I would not trade these fur people in my house for anything. Thanks Will!

  14. The amateur psychologist in me recognezes that you are enjoying all the external validation you are receiving lately! The trick is to remember you are the same wonderful guy even when no one else is noticing. Because you are.

  15. not the best plac to ask but, a question about the indiegogo/tabletop

    Dear wil/geek&sundry

    Like the show and happy to contribute. But can you tell us how you plan/think you can get funding for season 4, 5, 6 and so on. because we like to see more than just one extra season. but i don’t believe you can do a indiegogo fund raiser with the same success year after year. is there a business plan?

  16. @JenKubeck and Jeanne – AMEN! Or DITTO! Whichever you prefer.

    Thanks Wil, for this lovely little snapshot of your day. May you have many, many more like this!

  17. Trying to email a copy of this to several months-ago you, who was struggling with feeling like this wasn’t going to happen.

    If I can get it to work, I have a shitload of emails to send to past mes.

    Congratulations, on not only your success but on savoring it.

  18. Several years ago you recommended the website “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. Today’s picture shows Mars with Spica below it along with asteroid Vesta and dwarf planet Ceres. I still view this site daily. My dog Lulubelle is at my feet as I speak.

  19. I love these type of posts – it’s sometimes good to go for a walk when everything is quiet to remind you of how the world doesn’t suck all the time, and how life can be good.

    On to work though:

    “To that end, we’ve assembled a cast fit for Hollywood: Wil Wheaton and Ashly Burch headline, with industry veterans Yuri Lowenthal, Laura Bailey, Karen Strassman, Rachel Robinson and Cindy Robinson rounding out the fantastic ensemble.”

    Something you’d like to share with the class here, Wil, because this project looks awesome?

  20. It is Saturday morning on the East coast. From my deck, I can see the brilliant colors on the horizon from the rising sun. I can hear the birds waking up and smell the damp earth from last night’s rain. Maybe Spring is finally here. Depression has been lying to me all week but somehow this morning my eyes have been inspired to see differently; my mind to feel differently; my hands to type this reply.
    Maybe today I feel less alone. Maybe today I will be able to just hold onto today, this moment. Maybe today I will be able to inspire someone else.
    Thank you Wil. Thank you everyone.

  21. well, so glad that i had Saturday and your tues morning. Back to the same old world — one day at a time.

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