Is there anybody out there?

I’m not quite sure why my blog was a plain white screen, or how long it was like that. Hopefully, writing a new post will kick whatever bits need to be kicked, and it’ll look like a website again when I press publish.

New York wasn’t as bad as expected, though I was harassed by paparazzi pretty much any time I tried to leave my hotel, and that really sucked. My pure, raging hatred for those people is well known, so I won’t dwell on it.

It’s very good to be home, to sleep in my own bed, cook my own meals, and walk in my own neighborhood. I pretty much fucked off all weekend, got caught up on some shows, and drank way too much beer because it was there and beer is delicious and nothing makes you want to have a third beer quite like a second beer.

Today, I did interviews for Carson Daly’s show, Larry King’s show, and the New York Post. I’m starting to get tired of the sound of my own voice, and I’m looking forward to getting The Wil Wheaton Project on the air so I can spend more time making the show and less time talking about making the show.

After my interviews were finished, I went to the office and watched some of the test show we taped last week so I could get feedback from the other producers and one of our consultants. It was sort of like what I imagine watching game day tapes would be like on a Monday morning. I’ve developed this skill over the years that lets me watch my work without feeling like I’m watching myself, so I can objectively critique the performance, and my overall impression from the tape was that this guy is having fun, he likes the audience, he’s relaxed, and I wouldn’t mind watching him be funny for the next twenty minutes. Hopefully, the rest of the audience will feel the same way, and in eight days, we’ll find out if they do.

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  1. Earlier today I remember to set up a season pass on the DVR for your new show. Looking forward to it!

  2. Glad to see you’re back! It wasn’t just your blog though – I got that on a couple of others I tried to access today. I thought maybe it was something glitchy with my laptop.

    I don’t have cable, and I only subscribe to Netflix. I don’t suppose your show will be viewable on SyFy’s web site…?

    1. I too would like to know if we can watch your show on Hulu or something similar, I don’t get SyFy directly… all my TV viewing is accessed through the internet.

  3. NY misses you. There may have been less paparazzi if you came up north a bit. We have trees and grass up here. Glad you had a safe trip.

  4. Welcome back! The site was down for maybe 3 days. I can’t wait to see you at Hop-Con and Wootstock. I’m flying out from Minnesota just to go to those 2 events. I’m soooo looking forward to it.

  5. Learned how to program the dvr just to make sure I wouldn’t miss the show–congrats and looking forward to it.

  6. Welcome back :) I was getting a white screen all day yesterday trying to access your blog – and isitdownrightnow was telling me your site was down for everyone, not just me, so I started to feel less paranoid. Looking forward to the start of TWWP!

  7. I’m not interesting to any paparazzi and still hate them! I try to avoid looking at these kind of pictures or nowadays videos. It’s not easy because I still like to read about the people I admire or whose work I admire. I need a paparazzi-filter, like now!

  8. I’m surprised the paparazzi care.. which I realize as I type it sounds like a dickish thing to say, but what I mean is, you’re so normal and Just This Guy, You Know? that I’m surprised you have stalkerazzi.

    It would be like walking down the street with a group of friends, and there’s these assholes with cameras following us around because one of my buds is like, famous or something, but I just know him as That Guy Who Owes Me $5 From Last Week’s Pizza & Game Night And Kicked Our Asses At Catan, Ha!

  9. Sorry off topic – my previous comment says that it is awaiting moderation. What does that mean? I am new to the blog world and I don’t want to break the rules. I hope I didn’t say anything offensive.

    Is it because I am from NY? ;0) my apologies for the paparazzi. Although if I ever saw you Wil I might try and hug you. Fair warning.

    Maybe I do need moderating.

    1. That happens from time to time, you probably entered a keyword that might be used in a negative way, and a troll filter caught it. Just requires a human to look at it and make sure you are not someone who is hating.

        1. Yea, not sure of the rules, and doubt we will get to know them because then it would make it easier for trolls to get around them. Seems to me like links seems to cause this at times, as well as some words. Wil is moderating this himself from what I understand instead of an army of monkeys (gotta love geeks who do things themselves) so it might take a while, but hey, that is what makes the site so great, it is by Wil, of the people, for the people.

          1. Wil have a long history of managing his own website. He was on this site for a long time, moved to (WWdN in exile, a 3rd party site he did not have to mange but where he could still post) and then back to here. If you got the time, I would suggest going back and reading some of the older stuff. Many of the chapters in his books began life as a posting in these blogs.

            Many great things are happening in Wil’s career, and I am glad that is happening for him, but a part of me is sad that his writing is taking a back seat to this. He is one heck of a writer. Miss the chapbooks. “The Day After” was great, a collection of short stories.

            I would strongly suggest anybody interested in Wil’s writing click the books link about. Some free samples, some short stories, some chapbooks, some books, and even audio books.

  10. I didn’t notice the white screen, and I’ve been checking your blog. Glad you made it back with your sanity intact (or as intact as its gonna get).

  11. Welcome back Wil (to cyberspace anyway; I’m in WA not CA). So looking forward to next Tuesday! It will be the perfect way to end a long weekend with visiting in-laws! 😀

  12. I just got back from NYC too although I was on the 8th floor in a run down hotel in the garment district. I shook hands with Al Roker, saw Dolly Parton, Wicked, a concert at Carnegie and visited Obscura Antiques. A grand time! And not a single paparazzi.

  13. I don’t know if this is related to the white screen but RFB and Futurecast were not working yesterday. Today they are…kind of…working. It was all working fine on Friday (16th).

  14. I really really want to watch this show!! But I do not have a cable television subscription. I suspect many others are in the same situation. I really hope that syfy puts this up on their website for all of us to watch. I would love for my viewership to be counted so you can continue to make this show.

  15. Went to the Wil Wheaton Project page.

    Not sure if I am digging the suit. It looks good, and Wil looks good in it, but for some reason, it just doesn’t seem like “Wil” if you know what I mean. Like seeing your college buddy at a formal event in a suit. They look good, but they don’t look like themselves.

    Oh well, I had to wear a dress shirt and a tie for a job at one point, so I guess we do what we have to.

  16. I loved your Larry King interview! I think he was slightly unprepared for your geek-superpowers, though – he would get you on a topic, and you would get really passionate about it, explaining everything about it (like geeks do when we love something, as you said) and he (unless this was the editing) would change the subject. Reminds me of talking about Battlestar Galactica to my parents – the uh huh, great, so what time is your dentist appointment on Tuesday? reaction. That is why we need you to show us the way of the Geek!

  17. Nice blog …..
    you obviously have strong writing skills and entertain concerns
    and nice to see how you’ve developed since the years of STTNG and if you went own way.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  18. Did not know you are a writer too. Is that why your Project killed Tuesday night? Funniest thing on t.v.. Laughed hard dude.

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