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A couple quick things before I leave for work:



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  1. LOVE that you’re brewing more Wootstout! Hopefully some will make its way to Houston. Speaking of awesome beer, I saw on your tumblr that you actually request local craft beer in your rider. Back when you were at Fitzgerald’s in Houston with Paul & Storm in October of last year, my friends & I put together a local craft beer gift basket for y’all including a Belgian home brew by my friend Jen Mathis. According to your wife, Anne, on twitter, y’all received it. However, did you ever drink any of it? If so, what did you think? My contribution was the Karbach Brewing Yule Shoot Your Eye Out.

  2. Indiegogo campaign Day 1: “I should totally contribute!”

    Campaign hits first benchmark: “Aw, I should totally contribute to get those extra episodes”

    Campaign hits second benchmark: “You know, I should still get in on that, the RPG series might be fun.

    Campaign breaks a million dollars: “Wow. Good for them. I guess I’d still like the backers-only episode.”

    George sends you a dollar.

    ZOOM IN to Joe in his office. CUE MONTAGE a la Ratatouille. Joe with son and wife watching Tabletop. Joe with son and wife at local game store, at Columbus game cafe. Family playing Castle Panic on the floor, King of Tokyo at the table. The little boy grows up noticeably.

    DISSOLVE TO Joe in his office. His lip quivers.

    Take my money, Wil Wheaton! Take it and play more games!

    And thank you.

    1. I have, yeah. Thanks for noticing! I’ve lost 22 pounds since November, and I have about five pounds to go. I’ve blogged about it somewhere here recently.e

  3. Any idea on a ship date for WootStout 2.0? As far as I know, I got the only case that hit PA. I shared a bottle of it with my brother in OH, so he may have gotten the only bottle in OH. PA kind of sucks that you have to buy a case at a time for something like this, but I’m going to see if the Stone distributor for PA will get me 2 cases of 2.0 since I LOVED the first round so much.

  4. The only thing I get frustrated about is that I have to wait for DVD’s to catch the latest episodes of TBBT. At least when you were in The Guild & Eureka, they were on Netflix Streaming (and we loved all of it!).

  5. Was wondering how we specify T-shirt size on the TT S3 campaign. Do you know is extra large tall (XLT) will be available?

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