The Real Batman v Superman

We made a thing for last night’s Wil Wheaton Project, and I think it’s pretty great.

As of today, we have one episode left. We won’t know if Syfy is going to order more episodes for about 5 or 6 weeks. We all need the break (it’s a lot of work to make this show, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a little worn out), but I’m sad that we’re going to take the break now, when I finally feel like our show is firing on all cylinders.

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  1. I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for SyFy not geo-locking your highlights when posted on YouTube, like most other networks do. Being from Canada in frustrating when being tantalized with all that American content.

  2. I am really hoping you get picked up for more episodes. I try to watch it when it airs but it’s on my permanent DVR list too. The husband and I have found we really enjoy it. You always manage to make us laugh no matter how our days have gone. Great way to unwind. Thank you, the crew and Syfy for giving us this show. Looking forward to many more!

  3. I’m sorry, but we need more of this show. I get that it’s a lot of work, but I’m going to need more of this. How do we make SyFy get that? What if I watch each episode three times?
    Ok, fine take a break. shoves hands in pockets and kicks an imaginary tiny stone

  4. Good luck Wil! I have enjoyed watching your show; each one has been better than the last. You can tell that you and your staff have really been getting into the groove. Fingers crossed you come back for season 2!

    1. I’m sure they have a general email address for that sort of thing on their contact page. Thanks for watching us!

  5. This was definitely the funniest episode to-date – not that the others weren’t, but this one raised the bar for me :)

  6. The last episode you did was, in a word, stellar. From beginning to end, I felt like everything worked: the tone, jokes, timing, just EVERYTHING. I’ve enjoyed all of the episodes so far, but when this week’s episode ended, I thought, “This has fully become the show that Wil conceptualized.” My second thought was, “Please let SyFy be smart enough to keep it going!”

    Thank you and everyone at the Wil Wheaton Project for doing such consistently good work in your first season. I really hope I get to watch many future episodes!

  7. I am gamer with few gamer amigos. Watching the show is like being in the game. Love it. These episodes are great for breaking a new player into a game or peeping you for a rules read.

  8. I love the show. I’m not a gamer and I don’t know some of the topics you joke about, but you and the show make me laugh every week.

    I also like it when SyFy lets (makes?) you comment during their movies.

    Fingers crossed for a renewal.

  9. My husband and I look forward to your show every week. If we miss it live, we watch it the next night together and every night he asks me “do we have a Wil Wheaton to watch (with the proper Stewie Griffin emphasis on Wil Wheaton)??” I will be writing, tweeting, and generally annoying Syfy so they renew you. Best stuff on tv, so funny and fresh and amazing. Thank you!!

  10. Wil,
    We love the show, and we desperately hope it gets picked up. But as you yourself said on the show, Long Island Medium has been on for 6 seasons and Firefly got ONE.

    Seasons are nice, but quality lasts.

    Which one do you think will be remembered? If your show lasts only this long, go out knowing you kicked ass.


  11. Whether your show gets picked up or not (and, of course, we hope it does), you should feel satisfaction because the run was a fun, entertaining success.

  12. You should call George Takei (we all know you have him on speed dial) and ask him to mention the petition above on his Facebook feed. You’ll hit 5000 signatures the day he does that.

  13. I know the point of the post was to talk about the show, but I’m sorry…your Batman v Superman footage…it was just brilliant! I grew up watching the Super Friends, so I got a good giggle out of it.

  14. Your show better get picked up for another season or I officially give up on syfy. There are only two other shows I watch on it and it is not even their shows, they buy them Canada. So I will not even miss the channel if they cancel you. They can turn it in WWE channel for all I care.

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