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Tokyo Disneyland on one dollar short a day

Ben and Mena Trott are the amazing people who wrote Moveable Type, the blogging software that has allowed me to take what’s in my head and share it with the world.
Mena is also one hell of an artist, as illustrated by these pictures from their recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

Hoo boy!

As if keeping this site updated isn’t enough work, I keep a journal at Slashdot. I wrote in it just now!
I also just found out that those fabulous babes at The Screen Savers, Morgan and Megan, awarded Nemesis the coveted “B-M-W-N-S-B-W-W-W-I-I” (that’s the “Best Movie We’ll Never See Because Wil Wheaton Wasn’t in It”) award.

A Very Special Episode . . .

On January 23rd, we are doing a Very Special Episode of the J. Keith vanStraaten Show over at The Comedy Central Workspace!
Unlike most Very Special Episodes, this one will not feature any soft lighting and important lessons on life, nor will it feature any retarded children saving a cat from a tree or putting out a fire.
What makes this Very Special Episode very special is the cost: FREE!
That’s right. All you have to do is RSVP, and show up. We’ll take care of the rest.
If you’ve been wanting to see your old pal Uncle Willie live, in person, giving up the funny, now’s your chance.
Here’s the info:

Comedy legend Fred Willard!
Comedy Sensation Zack Galifinakis!
Musical Guest Nina Gordon!

  • Me
  • Adam And The Chesters
  • 100 smoking monkeys*

January 23rd 8pm
Comedy Central Workspace @ The Hudson Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

I will be wearing The Shirt. Hope to see lots of WWDN readers there!
*(monkeys will only appear in your imagination)


A quick update on outstanding 8×10 orders:
I just found out that my email client may have eaten a few orders. If you ordered a photo between December 13th and the 23rd, and you haven’t gotten anything yet, or heard from me, would you please email me, so I can check my records?
I want to make sure that everyone gets the stuff they ordered.
Those of you who ordered pictures for the doggie shelter in Brooklyn RAWK! Between Tom Tomorrow’s site, individual donations, and the $350 I gave them from 8×10 sales, we have raised over $4,000, and it looks like the doggies are going to be just fine. :)
Finally, I have about 10 pictures sitting here from people who placed orders, but never told me what to write on them. If you ordered, and never told me what to write on your picture, please email, too. I’m going to hold on to these unsigned pictures for a few more days, and then I’ll sign them to the buyer, and send them off.


The first thought in my head this morning was, “man, I have to pee!”
The second thought was, “where the hell did the year go?”
2002 was an amazing year for me. It was a year of discovery and a year of transformation. I am very grateful that I have been able to share this time with all the WWDN readers. You have all been an integral part of this year. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Happy New Year, everyone. Please be safe tonight. See you in 2003.


I was reading my pal Tom Tomorrow’s weblog this morning, and came across this:

“So Andrew Sullivan spent a week or so rattling the tip jar on his blog and apparently fattened his bank account by some eighty or ninety thousand dollars.
“And it kind of makes you do a double take, if you’re keeping a blog, especially a blog with a substantial readership. Hey, you think, maybe I should start rattling the tip jar. Hell, why shouldn’t I try to get paid for my work? (And, to be honest, you think: eighty thousand f**king dollars? Jesus F**king Christ on a crutch!)”
“So what if we take that impulse and channel it in such a way that we can actually make some small specific difference in the world? Something more important than fattening an online yuppie pundit’s wallet?
“Specifically: there’s a non-profit here in Brooklyn called Hearts & Homes for Homeless Dogs, which, as you might surmise, cares for and finds homes for abandoned and abused dogs. (Brooklynites have probably seen them out finding homes for their charges at Seventh Ave and First Street on the weekends, or at Court and Montague all week long.) If you’ve been reading this website regularly, you might already be familiar with the story of my own dog, the happy fellow in the photo below, who was abandoned as a puppy with scabies, and is alive today only by the grace of someone who cared enough to take him in and nurse him back to health. So the work they do at Hearts & Homes strikes a personal chord with me.
“Of course, since this is the internet, I’m sure I’ll get email from someone saying, why a dog charity, when there are so many other problems in the world? Well, I’m starting with this particular charity–and I hope this is only a beginning–because I support the work they do, and more importantly, because they are facing an emergency situation, and they need help, right now:

‘Unforeseeably, the shelter/home where Hearts and Home Inc. has worked from for the past 7 years has recently been sold. And now, they have only 2 short months to find adequate and affordable space

Must. Swim. Faster.

I am currently drowning in Christmas shopping and driving around, and filling 8×10 orders (sent out about 40 yesterday, I hope the lab will have my prints ready tomorrow morning so I can get the rest of the orders out by Saturday.)
However, I have a moment to raise my head above water, draw a breath, and share the following:
1. Saw Two Towers last night. Loved it. Darker and scarier than Fellowship. I’ll write up a full review when I have more time . . . in 2004.
2. Just found out that “The First Duty,” which I think is one of Wesley’s finest episodes (even if he *is* the Narc Of Nova Squadron) is on TNN tonight, at 8PM Eastern.
3. I have been totally overwhelmed with e-mails and comments from people who saw The Screen Savers. Thank you to those of you who took the time to let me know that you liked what I did. I had a blast, and I will go back any time they ask me.
4. I haven’t seen Trek X yet, so I can’t give it a review here. However, the emails I’ve gotten from people are pretty much split 50-50, love it and hate it. Based on the box office, I think it’s a safe call to assume that the TNG movies really are finished.
I am ready for the “sitting around the fire with friends and family while drinking egg nog” part of Christmas to begin.
Are we there yet?

Look ma, I’m on TechTV!

I love that I can sit here in a hotel in San Francisco, scan for an open WAP, and update my website.
Now, if I can just have my damn flying car, the future will finally be here as promised.
So this is just a reminder that I’ll be guest hosting Screen Savers on TechTV, tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th). I’m off to enjoy this amazing city with my wife.
UPDATE 12:09 PM 12.17.02: Attention Farkers: I will be wearing The Shirt.
That is all.