what’s wrong with gordie?

A few months ago, remixed movie trailers started showing up all over the place, the best of them being The Shining redone as a romantic comedy.

This morning, I saw a trailer for Stand By Me, which remixes it into something rather different than the film we made twenty years ago.

(Thanks to everyone who sent me the link.)

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  1. Fabulous!
    The whole thing just reminds me how adorable you were (not that you’re not now, of course) and that I need to watch that movie again. For, like, the thirty-seventh time. But it’s been a while.

  2. Mwahahahaha! I love it!
    You should include this as part of your show-reel (if you have such a thing), so you can start picking up some angst-ridden psycho-killer roles.

  3. Will,
    This must be very surreal for you. It must be strange enough seeing yourself on tv/movies, but to have made one thing and see it completely recast as another must be truly bizarre.
    It’s Will Wheaton with a beard, if you know what I’m saying.

  4. hah. that was hilarious. My first thought was that screencap makes you look like whats-his-name (ack! I cant rmemeber. HELP :p) from Children of the Corn.

  5. I just watched SBM a few days ago with some friends, loved it just as much as the first time. It’s in my collection of must see movies for my kids when they’re old enough. We’re close to the same age and I remember the Teen posters of you, River, Keifer and Corey being everywhere (yeah there were several on my bedroom walls too).
    Side note: Who’d have thought that “Vern” would grow up to be “Detective Woody Hoyt”? I had to pull up iMDB the other day to prove they were one and the same to my friends.

  6. You look so much younger than I remember. I’m the same age as you, so when I watched the movie the first time I thought it was so cool that you had a gun. But now I’m a Mom and it just freaked me out to see a little kid with a gun.

  7. This is a great animation that utilizes screenshots from the Sims, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, and the awesome music stylings of DarkMateria. Wil, I think you have a cameo. I saw your rainbow shirt.

  8. I’ve seen Stand By Me an embarrassingly large number of times (Thanks, Wil!) and I never would’ve thought to do something like that. Of course, maybe that’s because I’m not creative.
    I always thought if any of them had snapped, it would’ve been Corey.
    Nice trip down memory lane, but when did I get OLD? :(

  9. That’s fantastic. Thanks for turning me on to these things Wil. I never would have thought to remix films like this. There’s some crazy creative folk out there. I heart the internets :)

  10. That was just too cool. One of my favorite movies turned on its head. I think I’ll add these redone trailers to my Starz Bunnies need-to-watch list.

  11. That was so cool! Here is hoping casting agents see it with your other stuff and say let’s get that Wil Wheaton guy.

  12. That was awesome. And I agree with Shadowspun: They turned that flick absolutely on its head. Neat idea though–and you were adorable, sorry. 😀 Even as a scary Damian-esque Gordie.

  13. Oh that’s funny! Not the same SBM movie that I saw. My Grandma bought it for me for Christmas because I rented it so much from the movie store. Then, I watched it so many times, I’m shocked there’s not a hole in it. *lol* Now, my kids want to watch it. (the oldest is 13)

  14. LOL. I forgot how damn cute you could be. Yeah.. I had all the “BOP!” magazine pics of Gordie and Chris Chambers all over my walls back then. Ahh.. those thin little arms. That bony chest. gggrrrooowwwll Heh heh. It was such a moral dilemna because Chris and Gordie were best friends..but ..they both were cute. Who to pick? Who to pick? Sadly..my friends and I even wrote our ‘own’ version of the movie, including ourselves as characters. I can remember typing it out on a real typewriter – one with ‘delete tape’ built in. So cool. Yeah.. we were big time geek fans of Wil and River. Thanks for the memories. Whatta little hottie in those tidy whities. hee hee

  15. Stand by Me was a Fave of mine too.
    Azu..thanks for the great link. I’m still singing it “Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise.” e-e-e-e-e-engage!

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