Your move, Fan Fiction Writers

This is Safe for Work.

As Chris Hardwick says, I think I'm going to buy this, and skip the naughty bits so I can see the story.

(There are a bunch of NSFW behind the scenes pictures from actress April O'Neil — who is a gigantic geek, apparently — right here.)

85 thoughts on “Your move, Fan Fiction Writers”

  1. Uh yes, I too will buy this DVD to skip over the naughty bits to watch the story. Just as I continue to pay $5/month for my subscription to SuicideGirls for the articles Wil continues to post there every week…

  2. BUT WHO IS FLYING THE SHIP!?!?!? I’m curious if you’re not just a little offended you’re not even mentioned? I’m not saying Wesley has to be a “participant” but c’mon, he was a pretty integral part of the bridge crew….depending on which season you’re watching. It’s all about staying true to the source material people, even in porn……..ESPECIALLY in Porn!

  3. hey, I love TNG, it’s awesome, the best show on Earth ever, and TNG was trying to direct mind to higher things, not stupid genital sensation, darn, but Will- you are still awesome! I so wish there would be one more Star Trek movie with some twist that all TNG crew would be there . Is it possible to write a script like that? Wil, is it? is it? Wil?

  4. The definition of parody shifts a bit, but Hustler Magazine vs. Falwell pretty much cemented the bulletproof position of porn, and Hustler obviously lifted much of its material from actual advertising copy for an alcohol company, publicity shots of Falwell, etc.

  5. That guy playing Picard looks like him a lot – I had to do a double take. Troi is hot too…I see her in a whole new light now. I think the actors need to go see Ivan Markota though.

  6. No, it’s not. That’s the impressive thing. It takes the results of Yesterday’s Enterprise about a time paradox that results in Tasha’s kid from that episode being a Romulan in the regular show’s ‘timeline’ in later episodes and adds a second paradox where that doesn’t happen.
    Pr0n guys they may be, but true geeks wrote that thing.
    *EDIT* Can you believe that ‘Romulan” is not in the Firefox default dictionary? Pathetic!

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