Your move, Fan Fiction Writers

This is Safe for Work.

As Chris Hardwick says, I think I'm going to buy this, and skip the naughty bits so I can see the story.

(There are a bunch of NSFW behind the scenes pictures from actress April O'Neil — who is a gigantic geek, apparently — right here.)

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  1. I was just looking at some of the behind the scenes pics from the filming, and the amount of loving detail put into this production is incredible, right down to the model of the Stargazer in the conference room!
    IIRC, the BATMAN XXX DVD had a “no sex” option for those who just wanted to watch the story. I hope this has something similar. Yes, I am wishing for a no sex option on a porn film. Yes, I turned in my man card yesterday, thankyouverymuch.

  2. I was just avoiding this on i09 because I thought it would be naughty. Thanks for letting me know it was ok to watch at work, Good Wil Wheaton!

  3. This is totally going into my porn library. Right along with a Pirate story that a friend of mine watched. She fast forwarded through all of the porn bits just for the story XD
    Also, there’s a Batman XXX DVD? WHERE WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED?!

  4. YES! Now I have this, the Avatar parody (“This is how sky people connect.”) and the Simpsons parody to buy. Personally I think the Flintstones, Big Bang Theory, and Scooby Doo parodies don’t look that great from the trailers.
    @Lilacwire, I’ve yet to come across a porn parody trailer that isn’t visually safe for work (the audio might contain references that aren’t, but headphones will deal with that). I’m not saying there aren’t any, I just haven’t seen them. Also, if you watch them on youtube it should let you know it’s NSFW before watching it.

  5. Apparently, from this thread, no need to hand in the man card. There are so many movies I wish had a “no sex” option.

  6. I’ll have to check this out. Video slash! I have been living under a rock, because I never knew things like this existed. It’s pretty easy to write slash, but a Real Job to produce a work like this.

  7. One of the first “Adult” films I ever saw had Randy West in it…it was called Star Trek: The Next Penetration. And the sequel?
    Star Trek: The Search for Sperm.

  8. They’ve put quite a bit of effort into that, haven’t they?
    I’ve actually challenged the guy playing Picard to a Captain-off once. I think he might have won due to actually looking like Picard while I was trying to pull off a female version of Mirror!Kirk.

  9. That’s got a surprisingly high production quality. And they actually understand the lore of ST:TNG! I’m absolutely amazed at this.
    And yes, even though I like porn, I’ll probably skip the sex scenes for this. I’m more curious to see how they run with the story.

  10. Gah – stupid network filtering system. Youtube – blacklisted. But the nsfw type still pictures aren’t. Have to wait till end of business day to watch the movie.

  11. I am duly impressed. These guys are clearly fans. They’ve got Tasha Yar (a clone?) in a Romulan plot, Sela, what appears to be Leah Brahms, one of the better fan made/low budget replicas of the D’s bridge I’ve seen…
    Yeah, count me in for “skipping the sex, watching for the story.”

  12. The first time I heard of the Batman Porn was back in…May, I think? It was awhile ago.
    Um…I’ll just copy and paste the link to the trailer here. It’s MOSTLY SFW, aside from some animation at the end which I deem NSFWish. Warning: it is absurd.

  13. Considering your well-documented former crush on Marina Sirtis, how weird and/or awesome is it going to be for you to watch Counselor Troi get boned? :)

  14. I can’t remember the “parody” rules, but I’m still thinking that Paramount is fastidious about their copyrights. Someone’s going to get spanked…and not in a pornographic way.
    Or am I imagining that those clips are not “borrowed” from copyrighted footage?

  15. Wow, they seem to have put more effort into the plot than I would have expected. That said, I don’t think I’ll be watching, sex or not. It’s kind of an uncanny valley effect. Seeing a bunch of people who look like, but aren’t, the TNG cast.
    It doesn’t look like there’s a Wesley in this, if there was, would it feel weird for you Wil, or would you be okay with it? (let’s assume an 18+ Wesley, otherwise, well…that would be just wrong)

  16. There were actually two Batman parodies. One that was a silly throwback to the original show and the other was a dark and creepy version of the newer (last 25 years) version of the character. Apparently, the newer one is really good and could be borderline official.

  17. Oddly enough, it looks like evil-Wesley Crusher does have a part in this, and about to get it on with Ensign Ro.
    If that’s the case…I’m going to be so proud of my my home-boy Wes!

  18. Uhmm… I’m thinking that might be Worf with Ro.
    I agree with all of the other compliments.
    Except that Tasha wig is extremely distracting. I keep wondering if it’s going to slide around while Data is interfacing with her.

  19. This gives me great and awesome giggles. I worked at a call center and my nickname was Tasha Yar because I always thought Data was the perfect man :)

  20. In the video, yes, but on that April’s page, there’s a pic of an Ensign with a striking Crusher resemblance holding Ro’s boob.
    i never thought I would utter that sentence in my life.

  21. No need to worry about all the work of skipping the sex scenes. If you’re into that sort of thing. Word on the street is that it will include a bonus “party version” disc. The “party” disk allows you to view the film without any of the adult content, with nothing in it above a PG-13 level…..

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