Tabletop’s Castle Panic Gag Reel

This whole thing makes me laugh a whole lot.


Thanks for watching! Hope you get to play some games with your friends this weekend, because that's what I'm doing on Saturday. Yaay!

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  1. This weekend? How about all week? :) I’m heading to the beach for summer vacation on Sunday, and coming on the trip are Puerto Rico, Dominant Species, Race For The Galaxy, 7 Wonders, and Twilight Struggle!

  2. We’re having friends over tonight who are looking for a new game they can play together as a couple. We can introduce them to Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Pandemic, and various Fluxxes for starters. Wooooo!

  3. Wil, I have to tell you… this show series has been really awesome for me. I’ve always wanted to really get into the tabletop games, but I really didn’t want to have to be thrown in with experienced players and struggle to learn and keep up during play. Being able to sit at home, watch these and get a better understanding for the games and how to play them, without having to feel like such a newb, has been amazingly helpful!
    I’m totally excited to get some of these games and start playing them now! I just need to find some friends that are actually in the Phoenix area now.
    *Maybe* I won’t be too shy to get into a game with you at a con somewhere now even. 😉
    Also, I love seeing Anne more! Even if/when she is destroying boards… she’s still totally adorable!

  4. Wil,
    Loving Tabletop and have bought Munchkin and Ticket to Ride as a result. Got to play Ticket to Ride with my Dad and my 5 year old and we had a blast. My son isn’t quite ready for the full Ticket to Ride game, so we modified the rules a bit. Each player got one destination ticket. Each player’s turn involved drawing a train card and placing trains on any route of that color or any gray route (we didn’t use the wild cards). When you completed your destination ticket you got a new one. No score, and we mostly enjoyed marveling at the amount of trains on the board when we were done. It really showed the versatility of the game and the board, and was a great way for my son to play on his own.
    Thanks again. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  5. I love that you modified the game so your son could enjoy it. When Ryan and Nolan were little, I gave them my Heroquest and told them to make up their own rules, because the official rules were for grownups. Within about 20 minutes, they'd designed a game that they both loved.

  6. A bit off topic, but I know it has been asked by a few others in the past. I sent in a question to TableTop about the music used during the explanations of gameplay and I just got a response back.
    “We had all of our music composed by Andrew Volpe (@andrewvolpe) and Marc McClusky of the band Hot Problems”

  7. So this is off topic Wil, however i thought you would be pleased to know that The Guild Fawkes edition was/is the top Selling comic of the month here
    I told you i would sell that thing to bits and so i have although its not hard with a face like yours and felicia’s backin it up =D
    p.s. i enjoyed the issue very much good writing as always =D

  8. Yuri is fantastic. He currently voices one of my favorite characters in Guild Wars 2 – Lord Faren, who is your BFF if you play as a human noble. He has a line where he says “but I AM loveable in OTHER ways” that I just snortlaugh like a doofus every time I hear. It’s amazing, Yuri just KILLS it. So much awesome. :)
    Also, thank you for this show – I’m really not a boardgame player, but this shows me what I’ve been missing, and what I should invest in. And it’s fun as hell to watch. Thank you, Wil!
    (P.S.: Would it be weird if I brought one of your books for you to sign at PAX? Because I assume you’ll be there. PAX ain’t the same without its catchphrase originator!)

  9. Damnit Wheaton now I have to get ANOTHER game that my kids want to play. Every time a new episode comes out we gather around my computer and watch it. I already had Munchkin before you started the series but my kids got MORE interested after watching all of you play it. We bought Tsuro, I cant find Zombie dice anywhere. And now Castle Panic is the must have game.
    All of this “Family time” is really cutting into my “self absorded online gaming time”. Next time I see at a Con, and I hope you come back to Calgary, You and I are going to have words. Maybe even a hand shake and big thank you. Maybe even a reach around if you ask nice.
    But seriously thank you for putting out an OUTSTANDING show that has got not only my kids interested in games but my wife as well. You dear sir, Rock

  10. Hi Wil,
    I’ve started looking into purchasing some of the games you have played on Tabletop at my local games shop. Ticket to Ride was AU$70 (way over my budget at the moment) but Munchkin was only AU$40 so I think I am going to start with that – Zombie Dice are on order so when they come in I will buy them next.
    Thanks for all the games recommendations!!

  11. @Wil, I don’t know if you already knew about this (you probably did), but here’s David Hewlett attempting* to play Pokemon, and giving you a shout out about 2:12 into the video, haha!
    *I know he’s probably faking for the sake of humor, but it doesn’t make it any less funny to me, since I’ve never understood the rules (I’m really lame like that).

  12. Now that you’ve got the itch, you’ll most likely go the way I went about 8 years ago. I was an IT guy that got together about every three months for a day of LAN gaming. After going to Origins one time in 2004, I bought a small game called Station Master (which BTW Wil, perfect for the show). Since that game, I’ve amassed a collection of over 300 games and my online gaming has been diminished to some FB games and a small spattering of Flash games on Kongregate as a time waster.
    Once you go cardboard, it’s hard to go back to the digital realm.

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