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A typical day on the set at Tabletop

This is from my Tumblr Thingy. I thought it would be relevant to some of your interests.

QUESTION: Hello, I have a question about Tabletop (don’t worry, it’s not “when will you make more 😋). When you would film an episode, when would the interstitial commentary from the players be filmed? Because it seems like they should be like, during breaks in the game, so that people can give their thoughts as they come up, but during extended episodes I can’t see where that would cut and film them and rejoin, so maybe it was after? I can no longer sleep at night, this question haunts me. Ok bye now 😊

Tabletop: CODENAMES!

Look at these fancy people!

As a general rule, I do not enjoy party games. Codenames is one of those delightful games that is the exception to the rule.

Codenames is an incredibly fun communication game that can support up to around five players per team before it starts to get messy. I highly recommend it.