Make your own Zombie Dice Brain Counters

One of the most frequently asked questions about Tabletop is: "How do I get those awesome brains you used as counters in Zombie Dice?"

They were made by our AMAZING art director and prop master, Nick, (who made the show look incredible, and still came in under his budget) out of some kind of foam that apparently kills you if you eat it, so I can't exactly tell people to go and do the same thing we did.

…but look at what Mel From Hell showed me on Twitter just now!

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This was made with Sculpey, and is awesome. So now you know how to make your own cool Zombie Dice brain counters. 

Get Excited and Make Something!

33 thoughts on “Make your own Zombie Dice Brain Counters”

  1. I have a block of Sculpey I will start work on the brains, thanks. I also suggest taking a mixed-shot for every shotgun you get hit with. 3 shotgun rolls do 4 shots, 3 brain rolls give shots. You’re welcome.

  2. … out of some kind of foam that apparently kills you if you eat it, so I can’t exactly tell people to go and do the same thing we did.

    Because if you’re playing Zombie Dice and properly getting into character, then you WILL be snacking on the brains you collect.

  3. Nick said, "I know you're going to want to put these brains into your mouth and chomp on them like you're a zombie. Don't do that. It will kill you."

  4. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that, but I could definitely do that. Here’s the basics though:
    1. Take sculpey and cut along the premade lines.
    2. Roll out (like making a snake from playdough) so that all four are the same thickness.
    3. Cut a section the size you want your brains to be. Use this as a template and cut the snakes (I cut all four at a time) so that you have a bunch of little nubs all roughly the same size.
    4. Take a nub. Roll it into a ball. Use a sculpting tool or pencil to make indentations to make it look like a brain. Use a flat tool (think shape of a flathead screwdriver) to make the hemispheres.
    5. Place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
    6. Bake for 15-30 minutes at 275 degrees F.
    7. Let cool.
    8. Play Zombie Dice.

  5. And for the photo they look like those nasty mints you’d get for like Easter….that taste like chalk. Should come with a warning: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.

  6. Speaking of getting excited and making something, it occurs to me that I didn’t ask you which model of Kindle you have. Thanks again for visiting Polaris!

  7. Spencer Gifts carries a line of plastic zombie-themed pint glasses that make pretty good replacements for the original dice can…(unfortunately, I can’t provide the link from work…must be all the naughty underwear they sell). If you hunt around on their website in the glassware section, they’re pretty easy to find.

  8. When we got the game from, the can came packed in these pink packing peanuts. They vaguely resemble brains, so we just went ahead and used them.

  9. So Wil, i thought i would once again bring you news of your influence in the game market of Minneapolis, you have single/multi- handedly Run our entire town out of Zombie Dice, I sold my last one Saturday and as far as im aware i had the last one in our entire metro, our distributors do not even have any. I even conversed with several other store managers in town. Good job sir
    Good job =D

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