2012 Montreal Comicon – Day One

A few pictures from Day One of Montreal Comicon, for your entertainment:

The Millenium Falcon I always wanted

If you’ve read my story Blue Light Special, you know how much I wish I’d been able to save up for one of these.

In fact, I made a stupid cell phone video to go with this picture:

This con is filled with awesome artwork and things made by people instead of machines. Today, I bought a d20 keychain for Ryan, and a Batman light switch plate for my nephew, who would be named Batman if my sister had listened to me. I’ll try to get some pictures of some of those things tomorrow.

Until then, here’s a couple of awesome things I saw at my table when I was signing things and meeting people:

Bat'letH Earring

The best part of this is the next picture. The second best part of this is that I knew how to spell bat’letH from memory.

So this lady was really nice, and I didn’t want to hassle her too much, but I couldn’t get my camera to focus correctly when I was trying to take the picture on her face (while cropping out most of her because not everyone wants their face seen by millions of people on some nerd’s blog, you know). She’d brought this comic for me to sign, though, so I knew exactly what needed to happen:

Wesley's one bat'letH-wearing rebel.

I’m pretty sure that this is going into my Sparks McGee headcanon.

There was this print, which was done by a local artist called Kanthara:

Lost Bet by Kanthara

Big Bang Theory is even more popular here in Canada than it is in America, and almost as popular as it is in Australia. I got to talk to a lot of kids who love it, and the FAQ of the day was “Will you do more episodes?” The answer is, “if they ask me, I will say ‘yes.'”

I also had a wonderful discussion with some college students who wanted to talk about getting treatment for Depression after they read my post via Reddit. I’m so glad that I decided to speak publicly about it, and how I deal with it, because when they left my table, I felt like I’d helped a guy make a decision to get help for himself so he didn’t have to suffer any more. I sincerely hope that he’s not the only one.

Finally, I made a pair of custom Cards Against Humanity cards.

I got the question pretty quickly, but I couldn’t come up with an answer card, so I asked her who her favourite celebrity was:

I had to remind her, “you asked me to do this.” She seemed okay with it.


25 thoughts on “2012 Montreal Comicon – Day One”

  1. My older brothers had to share the one they got for Christmas. They hated having to share it, until I broke it that is, then they hated me.

  2. I’m glad you seem to always introduce your embedded Youtube videos, because they are invisible when I read your blog in Google Reader (they weren’t when you were at Typepad).

  3. I bet you could trade an autograph for a Millennium Falcon. Imagine how happy your 12 year old self would be if you could tell him about trading your signature for the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

  4. As a Boston Bruins, fan, I am contractually obligated to loathe all things Montreal… but for gawd’s sake don’t leave without trying some real poutine if you’ve never had it. #ouiiwouldlikeaheartattackonaplate

  5. $200 – is that just for the box?! Man. If I wanted another MF I’d totally pony up that $200. Do it, Wil! You know you want to! Then you could take it on tour with you and show it at the end of your story about it. That way you could write it off as a business expense too! :)

  6. Dear Wil, Thank you, thank you, thank you , thank you, thank you. I am so glad that you posted this depression post. After i read your post, i had to cry a little bit, because i am struggeling with some depression, too the last years and i can imagine how difficult it is, to speak about it especially in public.
    I am absolutely certain that you will help so many people with your honesty. You never spoke about it in the public but i felt that you had a tough time the last years. You can really be proud of yourself.

  7. He is not the only one. I am also one. Sometimes society’s uneducated pressure of needing a ‘reason’ to have depression just adds to the overwhelmingness of it. Education about the disease is too slow. I read your story and I felt less alone.

  8. Hey! I’m the silly Fimo Beverly girl (silly being Beverly of course). I was very happy to meet you today at the CC (I’ve actually talked to you once each day, but you probably don’t remember the first time :P). So… I have a very *cough* pertinent question; where have you seen the MF? Don’t worry, I don’t want it. What I might want is the plastic Beverly. That way, I’ll have both a Fimo and a plastic one. Very cool, right?

    Thanks in advance! And I might see you again tomorrow, ’cause I’ve got new friends coming! lol *stalker*

  9. I have a question about Cards Against Humanity. From the link that you included, it seems to be a version of Apples to Apples essentially. Am I getting that right? Where did the custom, getting other people to create new cards, thing come from? I’m a big fan of Apples to Apples, and would love to know more about this game.

  10. Ever read the Oxford DNB entry for Stephan Batman (ca.1542–1584)? It opens with “Batman is not credited with a university degree in surviving records” and just gets better.

  11. The Star Wars toys made me remember how hard it used to be to get this stuff. You could get a lot but it always came with these inserts that had even more cool stuff that was never available here. Laserswords for example. My kids have a few but back then you couldn’t get any. I was very excited when a store had a stormtrooper gun and my mother bought it for us. The Jawa sandcrawler I could only admire on paper. I actually wrote letters to figure out if companies would send it to Europe. Yes but the costs were enormous. I lost those letters at some point, still sorry about that. It was a nearly mystical time to be a Star Wars fan outside the US. Many things were hard to get and having them was nothing short of a miracle.

  12. I don’t comment often on your blogs (because I am unworthy, lol), but I just had to on this one. I actually HAD the Millennium Falcon (well, my brother and I did) when I was growing up. I say had….because unbeknownst to me, my mother gave the ship to my nephew (sister’s oldest boy) when he was younger…..and he broke it. *eternal sad face* I’ve come very close to bidding on one on eBay to replace it….but it just wouldn’t be the same. :'(

  13. Thank you so much for speaking out about depression, Wil. I don’t feel like I can express how important it is for people to get help with this disease, and to get it as soon as possible. If I had received treatment sooner, I could have saved myself 25 years of agony, and would have had a completely different life. Instead, I self-medicated with alcohol, as many, many do. The only other advice I have for people that think they might have depression is that if you see a doctor and it just doesn’t feel right, keep going to other doctors until you find someone and something that works for you— you’re worth it. I know getting medical treatment in the US can be a battle, , but use every resource you can, get angry if it helps. — fight for your life.

  14. It is so awesome that you appreciate the things your fans do for you. I was the guy who colored the picture that started “Wesley Crusher Evolved” and when you retweeted me (therealtrekkie) I was completely floored. Thanks for making yourself so accessable and being down to earth. (consequently, I would highly enjoy the chance to mail you that picture for a signature so I can get it properly framed and appreciated)

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