I am on vacation

I’m looking at this:

And doing a little bit of this:

But don’t worry. Until I get home, I’ve left this guy in charge:



14 thoughts on “I am on vacation”

  1. What if your “replacement” needs to find the ANY key? Then what, huh, Wheaton? I bet you didn’t think of that! You just go ahead and enjoy your IPA, or whatever skunk beer you’re imbibing… we’ll just deal with the meltdown without you…. sigh.

  2. I think the drinking bird is hitting the “Y” as in, “WHY ARE YOU TEASING ME WITH BEER THAT I CANNOT HAVE??!!”

  3. I might have thought leaving Archie (of Archie and Mehitabel) was more your speed as someone to leave in charge. Maybe it’s more MY speed, and I’m getting mixed up again.

  4. Good to see you are enjoying life. This is my first time posting here, but you know – you being “just that guy, you know” I know of you. :) Too many knows I think. Anyway – just got one of your books on my Kindle – great read.

    Just felt compelled to write – I wish you and your family much happiness. I have enjoyed all of your work and following along on your blog.

    Hope the rest of your vacation rocks.

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