In which Rock Paper Scissors is played at the Montreal Comicon

Yesterday at the Montreal Comicon, a guy asked me if I would play Rock, Paper, Scissors with him. Of course I said yes.

I read him as a paper guy, so when we counted to three, I went scissors. He held up three fingers.

“What the hell is that?!” I may have almost shouted, every fibre of my being offended by the deviation from accepted Rock, Paper, Scissors norms.

“That’s the W,” he said. “It means that you automatically win.”

Just as quickly, I abandoned my blind adherence to the aforementioned norms, thrust my arms into the sky in the universal pose of victory, and made shouty noises about how I was so great.

But then … then … then it got awesome. He pulled a roll of duct tape out of his backpack, and he wrote my name on a piece of the tape, just like I do at the end of every episode of Tabletop . He held it out to me and said, “Now, for the rest of the day, everyone who sees you will know that your name is Wil, and you’re a winner.” (Just like I do at the end of each episode of Tabletop).

I shouted again, jumped out of my chair and asked him to take a picture with me, and then shouted some more.

I’m incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful that people care at all about the things I make, and it never fails to blow my mind that so many people, like this guy, do awesome things inspired by the stuff I do.

The picture below is me, wearing my winner’s tape, sitting in the Montreal airport while I wait for my flight home to board.

I’m sure this will be a FAQ, so: I am wearing my Bobak FerdowsiNASA Mohawk Guy Fan Club” T-shirt. It is awesome.

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  1. There’s a philosophical point of view that there is no greater good than the ability to inspire others to do good acts. This is like that, except replace “good” with “awesome.”

  2. I rock paper scissors with my kids and they often defeat me by employing things like bombs, slingshots, machine guns and what have you. I don’t complain about them not following the rules of rock paper scissors because, well, they’re kids and also because it’s awesome when my six-year-old kicks my ass by miming a bomb.

  3. This is so awesome :-)

    While we’re at T-Shirts: the girl with the braces and the Sparks McGee T-Shirt she made herself that you linked on Tumblr replied to my reblog.

    Let me conjour the ghost of Chris Hardwick and make all of us feel instantly shitty. Ready? Here goes.

    She wrote that she’s 13.

    You know what that means. She was ONE when we all celebrated the new Millennium.

    But isn’t that total awesomesauce that she’s that young, loves you Wil but not only you but also your Sparks McGee meme AND makes us all grin like idiots when we see that picture. Tee hee hee 😀

  4. when I was waiting for Comiccon to open on Sunday I saw a Sparks McGee in line, and then later in the day I saw him waiting in line for your autograph. Was he everything you hoped for and more? :)

  5. Your enthusiastic blog posts about your visit to Montreal are awesome too, can’t wait till next time you’ll come see us! Next time I’ll be less shy and tongue-tied, but in the meantime hoping you’ve enjoyed those beers! :)

  6. around here rock, paper, scissors has an optional fire & water. You can only throw fire once in your life, it beats everything but water. You can throw water anytime you want but it loses to all but fire. Fire is made with the fingers up (which is what I thought you first described). Water with fingers down.

  7. My son, Noah and I were blown away by how you were so sincere and nice. He is a huge BB fan and ST-TNG is my favourite show, period! It was fun to see the bright kid I met more than 20 years ago in Lake Tahoe, now all grown-up. You are a rarity, a child-star who always was and will always be a down-to-earth, warm-hearted and intelligent human being! I had great seats for your panel, and was wondering if I could send you a couple of the photographs I took of yourself?

  8. Hi, Will, I know this is totally off topic, but I thought it might mildly interest you. I work with a group where we are trying to help build the next generation (I made a pun! :p) of “Wesley Crusher’s”. If you have a minute, please check it out (no, I’m not selling anything–honest!)

  9. RFC (Request for Change): create alt text (akin to xkcd) for the banner image to provide a location/date/event, mini-story, or some other reference to help us place it. Some of these are piquing my curiosity (namely, Nesting Wheatons, backlit Wheaton, and — currently — Proudly Wheaton; these last two I’m guessing were from Montreal).

    Thank you for considering.

    1. An interesting and worthwhile suggestion. I’ll see if this theme supports alt text for the header images.

      In case it doesn’t: the silhouette is from PAX. I thought the background looked like Mars, and Anne thought it looked like parmesan cheese. The current picture is of me watching someone perform on the most recent JoCo Cruise, and was taken by my friend Atom Moore. The nesting dolls were a 40th birthday present from Molly Lewis.

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