Welcome back to WIL WHEATON dot NET

After six long years, I can finally say:

Massive thanks to Mysterious Kevin for all his help making my return home easy and painless. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

Please note that the first time you comment (whether it’s with a WordPress account, or your Twitter, Facebook, or Google login), you’ll get tossed into moderation while it waits for me to ensure you’re not a robot or a dick. This should only happen once.

106 thoughts on “Welcome back to WIL WHEATON dot NET”

  1. Not sure I like the fact that it has a very stringent password criteria, but I guess it’s for the best…anyhoo, welcome home!
    House warming party?

  2. I wanted to leave a comment using my WordPress account, but it wouldn’t accept my password. I am fairly confident I entered the correct password. But I was overjoyed to see that I could login with Google, Facebook or Twitter. I am happy to have other alternatives!

  3. WOW!! All this, AND cleaning out the garage. I wish I had your energetic drive today (me, not so much).

    Congrats on returning to your roots, Wil. I followed you through the rabbit hole (exile) and back again. Thanks for all the fun along the way. Keep on doing your thing. :)

  4. I got considered a dick on Twitter because I said something towards you that you were saying on the Nerdist podcast. I’m not a dick. I’m sad. My life isn’t complete now.

    I’ve been to several w00tstocks. I’ve been on the nerdist podcast (talking about Wikipedia). Can I appeal a “dick” judgment?


  5. Welcome back.

    One odd thing, I was going to post by using my google account, but the authorization window said that your site was requesting permission to manage my contact list. That seemed a little excessive.

    The twitter “terms” for authentication looked much better.

    1. Eewww that’s gross.

      I didn’t write the plugin, so I don’t know what exactly the permissions request is about. I’ll look into it and see. Until then, I promise not to do anything with whatever information or access it grants me or WordPress.

      1. The social login plugin may not be the best for your needs. Depends on what your needs are though. Considering you have it set to require logins to register, that is one option although there are others. If you want to discuss it, email me and I can make some recommendations. The Jetpack plugin has a pretty neat multi-authentication comment system that doesn’t require registration, which you might prefer. Alternatively, you can setup various service specific plugins. I use FB/Twitter/Google myself, but also allow anonymous comments as well. You can get by without spam moderation too if you use the right combination of plugins.

  6. So, did you lose the old database from when it went FUBAR, Or have to recovered it?
    If I recall the exile site was due to a database thingy wasn’t it – gosh it’s been so long ago! LOL

  7. Looking good and authenticating via twitter was no problem. I would prefer an option to log in with OpenID (my blog on dreamwidth which doesn’t contain lots shallow spur of the moment comments) but it’s fine as it is.
    The archive works, too, just the style changes back to the original in posts before it was broken.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that on posts imported from typepad, replies to comments aren’t nested properly which is a bit confusing when you read back.

  8. Mr. Wheaton,

    Welcome back. I am neither dick, nor bot (that I know of). I am also about to watch the episode where you meet the Ferengi for the first time (both your characters meeting, and my watching). So, yeah. That’s fun.

  9. I feel like I should have brought a bottle of wine, maybe a plant, this is kinda like a house warming party right!?! Or like a “you were gone for a long time now you’ve moved back” party. Oh hell, beer will do.

  10. As far as I know I am not a robot (unless my programming is really good, so not my fault), or a dick (of course I could be a robot with really bad programming, so again not my fault). But I do love reading your blog so hopefully that will count for something! 😉

  11. Glad to see you back home. I love what you’ve done with the place. Maybe it’s time to give that frantic construction worker a break so he can go see his kids. Anyway, very awesome, I’ll be back often. I love your writing.

  12. So happy to see you back in your interwebs home where you belong! There must have been quite a bit of clutter and dust to clean up. And maybe some smells.

  13. …you’ll get tossed into moderation while it waits for me to ensure you’re not a robot or a dick…

    My Roomba is very disappointed that it will no longer be able to comment on your blog. Now its only solace in life will be cleaning dog hair up. :'(

    (Welcome back to your home URL!) 😉

  14. Welcome home. Bringing over a hot dish would be appropriate, but computers are picky about this sort of thing…

  15. Lookin’ good! This site makes my eyes happier than the exiled site did. I’ve been reading the blog in its various iterations since around 2003 (the early Moveable Type days, I think) and was a Soapbox regular for a couple of years. Some of my current online friendships began in those forums. Welcome to your new (old) home.

    What does one get a blogger as a site-warming gift?

    P.S. I couldn’t login via my WordPress account (it seemed to want separate credentials related to your account) so I logged in with one of my two Twitter accounts. This works.

  16. Welcome home, Wil. I got to know you from Monte Cook’s old web site, and I started reading your books and your blog before I started watching ST:TNG. And my Big Bang Theory addiction is also thanks to you. Kudos from Denmark!

  17. Hi, I’m also not a dick (although I do possess one).

    Congratulations on the new site, and thank you for taking the trouble to make it seamlessly accessible without even having to amend my Livefeed bookmark. I like the nice clean look, too. Well done, Mysterious Kevin!

  18. I normally read on RSS hence the late comment – but alas I am both a robot and a dick – I am unsure exactly what moderation is going to do to me. I think perhaps I will click through more often though – the new digs are more attractive.

  19. It’s been a long time, but I think it’s great that the old URL is back. What’s more important, though, is that you got excited and made something! (a shiny new blog.)

    Wil, thanks for being awesome.

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