45 thoughts on “Wil and Anne Wheaton Steampunk Kiss”

  1. Nice Picture. Since you asked, I clicked your link but you need to know I enjoy what you have to say so much that I actually get your Tumblr Tweets and Facebook posts. My kids even get your Tumblr as well! It’s a family of geeks thing. I was a tad surprised though to learn I am not really all that much older than you, considering I clearly remember being an adult and watching you on STNG. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. The best of luck to you. And if you ever need a hand from just an average pleb I would be honored to give it.

    1. Thanks! I sometimes post NSFW content on my Tumblr, but I always tag it, so if you have safe dash enabled, your kids won’t be exposed to material you may not want them to see.

  2. You two are so adorable! I’m a new Facebook follower – so I came here from the link – but I’ve been following you and linking to your blog from Twitter for quite a while.

  3. Love this pic so so soooo much! (and the other one where you two are standing with the Tardis)

    As reference to type of person I am…. I was a fan of yours on TNG (you were a big part of why I actually gave the show a chance and got hooked right from the get go). Being a teen myself back then, I loved that I had someone to look to and relate to on the show. I’m actually the same age as you (think you’re about 5 months older than me or so). I believe it was several years ago when I signed up for Twitter and some other person I was following retweeted something of yours. I started reading more of your tweets, read some stuff on your site and listened to a few pod casts… needless to say, I was hooked after that. You have such a way with words and telling stories. It’s always so much fun to read what you have to say and to listen to you. The whole GEEK thing totally plays into it, of course 😉 hehe

    I’m yet another person that you have also inspired to start doing more table top gaming with my husband and daughter. We even went back and watched the Last Night on Earth episode again just so we could try to figure out some of the rules (a lot of them are so vague and kind of hard to follow) when we played last weekend. Btw, we already had the game way before the TT episode. The daughter is a zombie nut, so we had got it for her the previous holiday season =)

    I’m definitely looking forward to the second part of the Dragon Age one!
    Keep up the great work. You ROCK, Sir Wheaton!
    p.s. LOVE seeing your pets…. Marlowe is so freaking adorable! =D

    1. We did this when we were shooting for Clockwork Couture. We hadn’t planned to shoot with the TARDIS, but when we saw it just sitting there, we had to use it.

  4. Visiting from Facebook! I, like many others have stated, also follow you on a few other social networks. I’m most active on Facebook, though (I haven’t quite gotten the hang of things on Twitter, yet).

    Anne is stunning. The two of you make a very sweet couple!

  5. Wil, nice pic! You need to find Chris Marney and his 1950’s British Police Public Call Box (AKA T.A.R.D.I.S) – both of you get more pictures standing in its doorway.

    aka nomasteryoda

  6. Love the picture! I clicked the link because you asked me to, but I also follow on Twitter, FB and Tumblr. I feel a little creepy saying that, like I’m some kind of stalker, but I simply enjoy what you have to say. :)

  7. To cute. Met you at GENCON 2012, your amazing! My husband and I love Table Top as well. Loved the you played Ticket To Ride, laughed till we cried when Anne hit the table when counting longest train. We went out the next day and bought the game. But anywho we love you and your shows.

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