Keep Calm, and Don’t Be A Dick

People have been asking me for a T-shirt like this for a long, long time. Like, maybe a year, which is a long time if you’re a caterpillar because holy shit man you lived a whole year? Caterpillars usually live for a few weeks. What are you, some kind of Licherpillar? I cast magic missile!

My friend Joel and I have been kicking this idea around for almost as long as people have been asking for it, and when he put it on cartoon me in a comic, we finally decided to make it happen.

Another quality T-shirt from the mind-Voltron of Wil Wheaton and Joel Watson

26 thoughts on “Keep Calm, and Don’t Be A Dick”

    1. Perhaps he should also produce some “censored” ones for the work place. Or maybe just one with “KCaDbaD” on it. Make people wonder what it means, or better yet, “Kcad bad,” and watch as people try to sound it out and then ask what a Kcad is and why it is bad.

  1. > I cast magic missile!

    Don’t be ridiculous, Aeofel is not a wizard. I think you mean “I swear my Oath of Enmity against you, foul Licherpillar, for your defilement of this many-toed child of Melora!”

    (do caterpillars have toes?)

  2. Where do I get one? I hated that whole “Keep Calm” format, until about 30 seconds ago. Also, is there anywhere to get an Aeofel Lives shirt? If not, may I have your permission to make my own and wear it proudly?

  3. I don’t know where you can get an Aeofel shirt, or if I am allowed to give permission to make one, but I certainly can’t (and wouldn’t) do anything to stop you.

    1. Thank you. The “wouldn’t” part is the important thing to me. When I get it made, I will always give credit to the genius that made the Aeofel Lives shirt possible: Scott Kurtz.

    2. Thank you. The “wouldn’t” part is the important thing to me. When I get it made, I will always give credit to the man who made the Aeofel Lives shirt possible: Scott Kurtz.

  4. I love me some Wil Wheaton. I also love the whole Keep Calm thing. I also love the Don’t be a Dick thing. What I dislike is this being made into a shirt that will be worn in public in plain view of kids. Not appropriate.

    1. I have to agree. This is my only real issue with Wil’s stuff. My kids are big ST:TNG fans and I think they’d get a kick out of Memories of the Future, but it’s not appropriate for them because Wil has a potty mouth.

      1. Not everything I do is appropriate for kids. That said, I’m working on some kidsafe versions of a few things, including this, for the Mysterious Future.

        1. Awesome news! Thanks for the response. Incidentally, even if I can’t read them to my kids, some of the “potty mouth” entries do make me laugh out loud – “We’re Starfleet! We save the world and fuck the green alien chick before breakfast!”

    1. I second the motion. I teach in a high school and we often wish that kids had been taught this principle before coming to us. I once showed some kids the website about “Don’t Be a Dick Day” and while they understood the notion, the school tech. teacher who walked in at that time didn’t find it quite as educational.

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