Tabletop’s Dragon Age RPG Outtakes (Part One)

When I do my gag reel intros for Tabletop, I always get them to my producer on Tuesday, because they need to be edited and uploaded by noon on Wednesday for a release on Thursday.

And you just thought it all happened by magic! For shame. For shame.

I’ve been so busy lately, with various secret projects and w00tstock at Sketchfest and preparations for JoCo Cruise Crazy next week, I completely forgot to record my intro for this week’s gag reel. Nick, my producer, emailed me yesterday morning to remind me that I hadn’t sent it in, and that we were running out of time to get it done. I looked at the clock, realized that I didn’t have time to really put myself together and record it, so I asked Anne if she’d just shoot me for a minute or so at our dining room table.

This was also not as easy as it sounds, because she was doing online traffic school thanks to an epic bullshit ticket (70 in a 65 on the Interstate, no radar, she fought it and lost. Shasta County is corrupt IMHO) and could only take short breaks during the day. (By the way, she aced it: 100% on each section and the final. That’s my girl!)

Well, after seeing this all cut together, I can confidently say: worth it.

Watch Tabletop’s Dragon Age RPG Gag Reel (Part One)

10 thoughts on “Tabletop’s Dragon Age RPG Outtakes (Part One)”

  1. Oh good lawd, the man bits…my husband ALWAYS tries to embarrass me in public when he has to adjust his man bits. Though, I still had to laugh.

  2. Hey Wil, I am sure you are too busy to get this. I wanted to share something with you

    You and your colleagues made a huge impact on my life. Growing up me and my step father watched Star Trek together. He taught me about everything you guys were doing and got me interested in Science and space. Where school had failed me.
    Watching the show was how him and I bonded together. When he passed away when I was in the 7th grade a huge part of my life was gone. He was my world as a child. The moments spent watching your shows was the best times of my life.
    We used to play Star Trek all the time. I was always playing Wesley! He taught me that age was nothing when it came to science. That being young was actually beneficial because the world had not yet stolen the innocence of wonder and imagination from me.
    I wish I had known about this site sooner. I would have loved to express my thanks to you way long ago.
    You and your friends allowed me the childhood many did not get to have. Its because of people like you that I am who I am today.
    I wanted to become a scientist but lacked the money. So I joined the Army to help with pushing that option for me. Till I was hurt in Iraq and can not work any longer or go to school. But my wonder and amazement is still there.
    Because of Star Trek my memories of my step dad will never go away. Everytime I watch it, he is beside me again.

    So I wanted to as formally as I can, tell you thank you so much for the positive impact you have made on my life! You may have thought it was just a cool ass show to be on. But it was actually helping make memories with people like my step dad and I. You and others impacted people that you will never know about. But you deserve to know the gratitude is there for you by me!

    Thank you so much!

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